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Nashville – Recap & Review – Ghost in This House

Ghost in This House

Original Air Date: Jul 6, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

There’s a lot of emotion in this week’s episode. We have tears of sorry and moving on and things getting real. No wasting time as we get to the highlights of the episode titled “Ghost in this House.”

Scarlett: Scarlett meets with Alyssa to talk about how her fans hate her and what to do next. Alyssa wants to build Scarlett up and start promoting causes she cares about. So the Exes have a surprise performance with meet and greet after and promote it only via social media for their biggest fans. At the performance Scarlett meets former fangirl Nadine, who Scarlett remembers as the girl who asked to signed her cast. Nadine’s living a bit in her head having figured out Gunnar and Scarllet’s whole life, but now hates Scarlett for being a cheater. This prompts Scarlett, who’s still clearly trying to figure out this whole personification she is to her fans, to go to Mackenzie where she blames the reporter for ruining her life for saying she’s not perfect to her fans. Mac’s response is that “stuff happens.” Still confused and just not wanting to let it go, Scarlett finds Nadine online where she sees the girl has been bullied and invites her to meet up in person. Nadine admits that Scarlett is perfect and there’s no hope for girls like her, while Scarlett tries to cheer her up by saying her art is amazing. Later, Gunnar tells Scarlett to step back and stop engaging, while Scarlett explains he doesn’t understand how it is to be a girl and being called names. Gunnar responds that boys are called names, too. So Scarlett devises a plan for a meet up with her former fans and even invites Mackenzie. This get together allows Scarlett to share her insecurities when she was younger and how as a she shamed herself when being shamed. Scarlett did wish that when she was younger she had someone to talk to about it, so now is the time. Her stories allow the other fans and even Gunnar to share their insecurity stories. And then Mackenzie pops her head in to share a story about being in a body brace after spinal surgery and apologizes to Scarlett for what she did and then leaves.

Deacon: Deacon is being hit on by a neighbor and Daphne and Maddie think it’s pretty funny. Zach is thinking about adding Jessie Caine – the one Deacon sang with a few weeks ago at the Bluebird – to Highway 65 and wants Deacon to meet with her. Deacon is hesitant at first, but eventually meets with Jessie to talk about her personal history that has shaped her new sound and music. Jessie’s had it rough recently revealing she stayed in a marriage too long to her bully husband who also bullied their son and then left him and now he’s married to her best friend and former assistant. Deacon then talks a bit about Rayna and sheds some tears. The two seem to connect, but it ends when Deacon says he has to pick up the girls. Jessie promises to send him her music and the two part ways. Jessie later calls inviting Deacon to her next show. Deacon then meets with Alyssa, who still needs to do her research when she buys Deacon a drink and he doesn’t drink. Deacon admits to her that he’s helping run the label because he can’t see Rayna’s dream of a label for artists to die. With that line Alyssa understands why her friends call him the “handsome widower” and the whole time I can only still see Summer Roberts. It seems Deacon takes Alyssa’s words as that Jessie may have feelings for her. A little scared, Deacon calls Jessie and insinuates how he wants everything to be clear. Upset, Jessie makes it very clear that she isn’t looking for a relationship and definitely not interested in him, but there is a tension right? The end their phone call, but Deacon still goes to Jessie’s show. The song she sings “I’m still learning how to lose you” hits a cord with Deacon and me – I really like it and he leaves with tears in his eyes.

Will: Will meets with Budweiser advertisers who pitch him their ad idea where everyone loves Will and of course Will loves it and they go to shoot it. During the shoot Will runs into fashion designer Jakob Fine who insinuates to Will that Zach may be cheating on him since he as all the money in the world and can buy whatever he wants. Will asks if Zach is seeing someone else point blank and he says no. Later Will sees that Zach has a second phone and a guy named “Jeff” is calling him. When Will confronts Zach about it in the morning who says Jeff is fragile and a guy who loves him, but he doesn’t love him back and that’s why Zach hasn’t broken it off yet. Plus Zach says it’s hard for him to hurt people and before Will leaves Zach says he loves him. Will’s ad is not too bad with a nice catchy tune. Gunnar likes it, too. Zach calls Jeff to officially call it off in front of Will to prove that he only has feelings for one guy. Will calls the interaction “horrible” and thinks that Zach will one day do that to him. Ouch!

Juliette and Avery: Avery tells Juliette that Hallie has a new producer and she’s a bit upset about the move, but hey Juliette, you caused this. Hope it doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of Hallie. Avery later tells Juliette about the new tour and Avery says he has to go. Now Juliette is really upset at how Avery made the decision without consulting her first and Avery admits that she’ll be fine even. But in this moment, Juliette is anything but fine. Avery’s right though, he’s been taking care of everyone for so long, he needs to do something for himself now and this is it. It’s only seven weeks, but Juliette is going to hold it over him for awhile, but seriously, she has to chill out about it considering everything else she’s done.

What did you think? Share your thoughts below about the episode.

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