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Nashville – Recap & Review – Leap of Faith

Leap of Faith

Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Another week, another new episode. I’m really happy that the show is back and brings us relief with beautiful songs and our characters building from week to week. So what happened this week? Read on to find out.

Juliette and Avery: Juliette wants to move faster on her recovery, but you gotta crawl before you can walk says her physical therapist Allyson. Juliette wants to also use this special walking-assistance device she learned about, but Allyson says she’s not ready, so of course Juliette goes over her head to the medical director to get to use it. Meanwhile, Juliette’s stopped attending her psych sessions. When Juliette tries to walk in the new apparatus she starts reliving the accident in flashbacks and has a panic attack and hyperventilates. Allyson talks her down saying it’ll take time and references a personal traumatic event, but Juliette is determined to move forward. She’s now able to move her foot off the ground, but after a bathroom fall and refusing Avery’s help, he realizes she’s not taking her paint meds (Juliette’s explanation is risking getting addicted again) and they have another one of their epic fights and ends with Avery yelling and walking out. Juliette visits Hallie’s church and asks the pastor how to pray and then asks God “Why me? I’m lost, please help me.” When both return home later, both apologize for their earlier fight and Avery reminds her that he wants to be there for her. The two then kiss and then go to have sex, but Avery backs out because he feels like he needs some time. It’s not long later when Avery comes back to Juliette to start off where they left off. Javery’s back ya’ll!

Will and Kevin: The pair are looking for a new place to live and Kevin’s found a place he loves and wants Will to check out. Will ends up going solo and the guy showing the place seems to be hitting on him. Will freaks out a bit and then lies to Kevin about turning in the rental application. Will has a conversation with Avery about this experience and that he thinks about what would life be like with someone else. Avery says he has “FOMO” aka “Fear of Missing Out” syndrome. When Kevin realizes what’s transpired with the application and Will confesses he doesn’t want to live together, it’s the beginning of the end for the pair. Kevin dumps Will’s things on the porch and Will cries backstage before his latest gig and then sings a ballad he wrote with his “first love.” Awww!

Rayna: She wants to find a good director for The Exes new video music video. She also comments media director Randall for his latest work and he’s just a little too excited. Bucky says he’s just eager to please. Probably that and then some. Tech billionaire Zach Wells is back in town and Rayna and Deacon invite him to The Bluebird to hear The Exes play. Love the song they performed. The next day, Zach has a proposal for Rayna and Highway 65. It’s what you expect from a tech billionaire – enough money Rayna needs to stay afloat, he gets 20% and she retains control, but takes in his consultation. Zach hopes to help Highway 65 flourish like it should. Rayna is iffy about the deal and brings it to her lawyers who don’t see any unforseen loopholes in the contract. While this is going on, Rayna also gets an unmarked envelope that I can’t believe she opens! Inside is a letter and rose petals from her stalker. Apparently she used to have one in the past and a lady sending socks, but it’s been awhile. Who is it? We still don’t know. Before making a decision, Zach recommends a movie director for The Exes music video that owes him a favor and just lost a recent job. The Exes meet with the director and he’s kinda crazy with the imagery he sees, but they don’t hate it. In the end Rayna signs the deal and just hopes what she wants is what Zach wants and I really hope he’s not the stalker.

So what did you think? Share your thoughts below!

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