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Nashville – Recap & Review – The Night Before (Life Goes On)

The Night Before (Life Goes On)

Original Air Date: Jul 13, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

There’s more emotion in this week’s episode as Deacon continues to deal with his grief and Scarlett and her pending baby. Let’s get to the highlights.

Deacon: Deacon gets a call from FosterMore – the charity Rayna was working with before she died) – and it seems Liv may have been placed with a good family. Also, Deacon’s playing at the charity’s next fundraiser concert and the group’s asked for Deacon to donate something of Rayna’s for the auction. Deacon’s obviously overwhelmed by this, but goes into the closet and just pulls a long sequined coat out. At Highway 65 Deacon runs into Avery who is about to head out on his tour. They have a chat about their lives at the moment – Avery finding it hard to leave his family and Deacon having a hard time about the auction. Avery then tells his friend that you can’t put a timeline on grief and that “I can’t imagine what you’re going through, I really can’t, but at the end of the day what’s on these walls, what’s in her closet, it’s just stuff, right? I mean the life that you shared, the music you wrote together, that’s a different story. Nobody can take that away. That stuff’s eternal.” You got it completely right Avery! Later Deacon tells Maddie and Daphne about the auction and the clothes and they are terribly upset by this and Deacon says he’s not going to go through with it until… the girls realize it’s the hideous coat and they change their minds because they were always telling mom not to wear it and that “sunflowers are dorky.” At the benefit concert Jessie Caine is there, too and seated next to Deacon, but she switches from seating cards. Also there is her ex Brad. He’s pretty jerky like and we see why she had to leave him. During the auctioning of Rayna’s jacket, Deacon can’t take it and steps outside to get some air. Soon after Jessie comes out too, but to get air, too and kick from trash cans. They chat a bit and Jessie admits she could never know the pain Deacon is in because “I’ve never had a love like that” and that she is slowly watching her son die because of all the bulling her ex is doing to him. Deacon says she’s tough and that she’s going to prevail and then heads back in for his set. At the last minute Deacon changes things up and sings a song “For Rayna” and it’s Waylon Jennings’ “Dreaming My Dreams With You.”

Daphne: Flynn invites Daphne to a party where they are supposed to be watching scary movies. When they get there it’s first a bunch of kids on their cell phones, but when the parents leave, it’s a couple’s make-out party. Flynn and Daphne and both equally uncomfortable about this turn of events and end up outside on the swings. They are pretty adorable just chatting and wishing the night was different. Back at home, Daphne chats with Maddie about the night and admits she didn’t ever kiss Flynn and wanted too, but also didn’t at the same time. Maddie says that mom says you just kinda know when you’re ready and they hug.

Juliette and Avery: Juliette’s prepping with a choreographer for a tour performance, while Avery is heading out on his tour. Juliette’s told not to overdo it, but in one rehearsal she falls. Meanwhile, Avery is hit on by a female bartender and he’s getting drunk and it all looks like it’s going to a bad place with Juliette upset she can’t get ahold of her guy, but guess what? Avery admits to Juliette on the phone that he thought he missed his “old self,” but he doesn’t. He likes his new life that has Juliette and Cadence in it. He’s even ready to give up on the yor after just one day. Juliette says she can’t let him come home because he’ll resent her for letting her do that and he needs to get this tour “out of his system.” Avery is still worried about missing out on something new by Cadence, but this is life and I’m happy this couple is on the mend.

Scarlett: Scarlett and Gunnar are getting a commercial pitch for a furniture company. Scarlett honestly admits that their furniture is hard to put together and that a lot of times they find themselves hiring Shiply to help them, but they’ve changed their processes and it’s easier now and that’s the idea. Scarlett also rather hide under a rock, but they do the commercial anyway. While filming what was pitched as putting together a table, the pair is now putting together a crib. When they are done doing this while cameras are rolling, Scarlett has an emotional break down moment and Gunnar comforts her. Later the pair are post grocery shopping arguing about what happened when three guys start bothering them to buy them beer. Gunnar tries to push them away but one has a gun, who knocks Scarlett over after she drops her groceries on him trying to help Gunnar. The gun gets pointed at Gunnar and one of the other guys tries to stop him, but in he end gun guy punches Gunnar in the face and they all flee the scene leaving Gunnar and Scarlett on the ground comforting each other.

Well that was not an ending I expected. What did you think? Share your thoughts below about the episode.

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