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Nashville – Recap & Review – Not Ready to Make Nice

Not Ready to Make Nice

Original Air Date: Jun 29, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

This week’s Nashville is brought to you by a Dixie Chick’s song, “Not Ready to Make Nice.” There is anger abound this week from the tabloids, sibling rivalries, and Juliette jealously. Also, when will the characters learn that the internet is not your friend?

Scarlett and Gunnar: The pair are getting gas when Gunnar wonders how life would be great if they just drove to somewhere far away. Scarlett says she tried that before, but he stopped her – so true! This was one of the lighter moments between the two as things so south from here. On the gas pump screens Access Hollywood has a an exclusive photo of the couple and a possible baby bump. Let the rumors fly. They go out shopping and are met by avid fans and it makes them uncomfortable, but they still take photos. Gunnar and Scarlett then look at the internet, learn what “shipper” means and what names people want to name their baby. Scarlett does an interview with a reporter about the music video. Halfway through the reporter claims she had an affair with Damien when she was interviewing him few years back. It takes the reporter a few minutes later to make the assumption that Scarlett also had an affair and that her baby isn’t Gunnar’s. Scarlett denies it, freaks out a bit and then leaves the now smirking reporter. Soon after, the article runs and no one is happy. Scarlett says she didn’t tell anyone and how she figured it out herself, but it doesn’t matter. Damage done and it’s all over the entertainment shows and tabloids. Later Scarlett talks to Deacon about it, while also revealing she’s having a girl! Scarlett wants to be the mom her little girl deserves to hae and wants to be able to protect her, but admits she doesn’t have it. Deacon reassures her that she’ll be a great mom and that he has lots of ineptitude in that category at the moment, but it’ll come to her.

Maddie, Daphne and Deacon: Bucky’s sticking around because he’s now Maddie’s manager. Yay! Good news soon turns sour when Maddie realizes that it was Liv who made that mean gif that went viral online. Maddie then kicks Liv out of the house in front of a crying Daphne. Daphne apologizes, but Maddie’s past upset. When Deacon discovers this news, he knows some sort of punishment must be had and in a an emotional hurry he decides to take Daphne’s cell phone away from a month. Maddie doesn’t think it’s punishment enough, while Daphne becomes more upset. Deacon seems to like just leaving Daphne’s phone on and in front of her and Maddie wonders if her dad will cave. I did like Daphne trying to sneak the phone away from the counter, but when she turned it on there was a text from Deacon saying no. Meanwhile, Maddie’s receiving more interview requests and while good for her burgeoning music career, it seems to emotionally drain her when she sits and cries in her car after one. All things get really heated during a dinner when each sister takes multiple stabs at each other and it seems neither is ready to make nice again. Eventually Maddie goes to Daphne to apologize for being mean and selfish and how she hurt her. Maddie speaks candidly to Daphne that everyone talks about all the great things in her life right now, but all she wants right now is mom and how she’s not here. Maddie adds she can’t lose her sister too and that she needs her too much and to help her figure things out because she’s so confused. Daphne confesses the same and that she needs her sister as well and thought she was already gone. Not gone at all and the sisterly love is back. This whole exchange really got me with its true emotions. The sisters then go to find Liv. Daphne wants Liv to come home with them and Maddie apologizes. Liv wants to have everyone to come too since those are her friends. Liv says this is where she belongs and chooses to stay.
Deacon returns to the house to say they need to be a family because they all need each other. Maddie and Daphne show Deacon they’ve made up because Maddie’s letting Daphne use her phone since he took hers away. Daphne and Maddie then record a lovely song and Deacon is all smiles.

Hallie, Juliette and Avery: Hallie’s having so much fun in the recording studio with an upbeat bluegrass tune and Juliette is so confused about what happened to the song she wanted to be Hallie’s demo. No worries Juliette, they got it done an hour ago! Hallie gets upset, but not about that, she tells Avery that George left her. Hallie does express her feelings to Avery that her demo song doesn’t feel like her, while Avery reassures her that everyone is trying to be as helpful as possible. Juliette plays the “Who I Love” demo to Deacon who also questions it not having the magic and authenticity of the Hallie he signed to the label. Juliette’s speaking big picture, crossover appeal and beyond. Deacon would be more comfortable if Hallie was there to explain, but Juliette says she’s handling the business side. Deacon asks Avery his thoughts and while he initially backs both Juliette and Deacon’s feelings, he eventually sides with the fact that this isn’t the right first song for Hallie. Juliette doesn’t want Hallie to fail by doing what she loves while using herself as an example and getting upset with it all she leaves. Avery thinks that if Hallie fails on her own merit, well so be it. Deacon agrees and Avery and Hallir get working on a new song that’s more to her styling. It’s slower and lovely and definitely showcases Hallie’s gorgeous voice. During the recording Juliette sees Hallie smiling at Avery and takes it as Hallie trying to take her man. Avery is appalled by her feelings and actions and tries to defend himself, but Juliette’s already made up the whole story in her mind. It makes me a little mad thinking Juliette had changed, but these actions just confirm she’s just as bad as she was in the beginning. When Juliette expresses these feelings in front of Hallie, it gets her more upset and Hallie tells Juliette straightly that Juliette can’t take her problems out on the people she loves. Avery is worried and wants Juliette to think about what’s happened and that it’s not all about you, but Juliette may be too far gone.

What did you think? Disgusted by Juliette? Excited the Jaymes sisters are singing together again? Share your thoughts below about the episode.

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