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Nashville – Recap & Review – Somebody Pick Up My Pieces

photo: abc
photo: abc
Somebody Pick Up My Pieces

Original Air Date: Feb 25, 2015

Jules – Managing Editor

Sorry I wasn’t around last week, but I’m back and ready to get into Nashville. We left off last week with Rayna getting Maddie’s contract nullified while also taking sole custody of the girls, forcing Teddy to get help and getting Jeff fired from Edgehill. Elsewhere, Deacon turned a corner and stopped being all mopey about his cancer, and Gunnar needs a lot of cheering up.

This week we pick up where we left off and there are a lot of moving parts, so no wasting time.

Rayna: So not only did Rayna get Jeff fired, she also managed to force Edgehill to dissolve instead of finding a replacement. So while Rayna makes Bucky the head of A&R to find and sign new artists that are now looking for new homes, Sadie comes clean to Rayna about her ex Pete. They meet with Highway 65’s legal team, who reaffirms that they must spot production on Sadie’s album, and that they should also settle since Pete has a copy of the signed contract on a napkin. They do end up settling for half a million when Pete signs the agreement and he’s still a jerk about it all, but at least Rayna has Sadie’s back and I hope we never see him again. Back to the getting new talent, Rayna and Bucky meet with a bunch of potential artists and Bucky’s excited for some, but Rayna shoots them all down and instead wants to sign Layla believing she’s the kind of artist that will help the label. Layla herself wants to be on a label where she can be herself, and Rayna believes it’s about this passion and not just the bottom line. Bucky does ask if they can still make money and Rayna believes they can do that and still make good music, having also bought a bunch of music back from Edgehill and now that Sadie’s album is back in production. By the way, loved Sadie “toasting” her being back in the studio with donuts!

Jeff/Luke/Will: With the Edgehill downfall, Jeff is looking for a job and after talking to Layla, gets it in Luke’s head that he should buy the masters of his songs and release his own album, eliminating the middle man and where Jeff would be the president. With that, Wheelin’ and Dealin’ Records is born. Since Luke isn’t interested in Layla, he has his heart set on signing Will, who is being courted by other labels. After some thinking and talking with Deacon, Will signs with Luke because he thinks Jeff knowing the truth about himself will keep him protected (but wait, Luke doesn’t know!). Just as Will agrees to sign with Luke, Luke fires Jeff since no one wants to work with the guy who brought down Edgehill. And now Jeff is back to where he started with no job. But wait…Layla likes that Jeff believes in her (he’s the one who told her to go to Edgehill and wait it out) and vice versa, so she wants him to be her manager. On a side note, Jeff is still kind of blackmailing Teddy about the sleeping with a prostitute thing. Speaking of which…

Teddy: Teddy looks to be so screwed because he hunts down Natasha to come up with a “story” about how they met just in case people come a knockin’ after her. The only thing is that there is already surveillance happening in her house (video and audio) and you know this won’t end well. Whoever’s surveiling know it’s you Teddy!

Deacon: Deacon’s doctor tells him about an upcoming clinical trial, but if he enrolls it means giving up his spot on the donor list. After taking some time to think and being invited to lay down some guitar tracks by Avery and subsequently yelling at him about music, Deacon decides to stay on the current track and decline the trial.

Juliette: Juliette is still very pregnant and upset about a Vogue photo shoot. After being grumpy and annoying the first go-around, she goes again (after listening to Avery) and instead of wearing a moomoo (or as she calls it – a tent), she goes nude with strategically placed fabric and Avery loves it.

Gunnar/Scarlett: Will encourages Gunnar to change scenery to write and heads to the publishing house and runs into a sobbing mess Scarlett, who is having a tough time writing as well. To help cheer her up, Gunnar resurrects the SAG band to sing at the Bluebird. They sing a new song called “World on Time” and I instantly really like it. And just me, or is it still weird to see Scarlett singing in a band with both her exes? Because of where they all are right now, they all agree to go back to doing gigs as a band. Plus, the singing cheered up Scarlett so much that she goes back to Deacon’s doctor to ask him out and he accepts!

What did you think? Did Rayna make the right move with Layla? I think it seemed inevitable since Layla is working on a new sound and desperate to be herself, a big reason Rayna started her own label in the first place. Still crossing fingers we don’t see Pete again and Sadie can just be happy and back to her singing. And when will Deacon tell anyone about his cancer? It’s coming, right? And what about Luke and his label? How long will it last? And now we are for sure pitting Rayna and Luke up against each other again. And I think we haven’t seen the last of Jeff, but maybe the last of Teddy as Mayor? Share your TwoCents below!

Next week: That’s the Way Love Goes

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