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Nashville – Recap & Review – Reasons to Quit

Reasons to Quit

Original Air Date: Aug 10, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

In the season five finale, some things are left in the air, while for others, things are clearly over. Let’s what to what happened.

Deacon/Highway 65: Deacon meets with Jessie’s ex Brad who seems interested in buying the label. Later when Deacon goes to the label offices later, the power goes out. Seems Zach has canceled their electric account and also emptied the bank accounts. So Deacon and the team set up shop at the Tracks Studio. Deacon’s called everyone in, while Will continues to get ahold of Zach and has Gunnar running around trying to physically find Zach. Juliette’s supposed to be in studio recording, but she’s stuck at home, so instead the girls, Kacey Musgraves (who happens to be wandering around) and the band have an awesome jam session while the team learns their credit cards have been declined. Jessie brings burgers and milkshakes when Deacon gets word that Gunnar’s found Zach. Deacon goes to confront Zach, who shares a sob story about being nice his whole life and all he got was everyone pushing him beyond his limit. Zach then says that he never loses and that he’s going to hold the label down by the throat while everyone comes begging him to be let free. Deacon’s response? “I never realized how small you were.” Deacon walks out as Zach tells him that he never really cared about the label. Zach and Alyssa meet with Brad, who proposes the idea to create a new multi-platform media company where they can create their own media, content, network, tour, etc.. with the demise of Highway 65. Zach doesn’t say no. Outside of the Bluebird later, Alyssa is outside smoking and tells Deacon that he needs to start living in the real life and that he doesn’t know what’s good for him. And then she kisses him! Seems she has a way of seeing the pain in people when she shouldn’t. Later, after being spooked by a call from our favorite gossip reporter Mackenzie Rhodes, Zach unleashes on Deacon again saying he can sue him for that and Deacon’s just confused because it wasn’t him. Zach seems really unhinged, but what Deacon sees is Zach’s smoke screen and that if he really didn’t care about the label, he would have cut ties already, but he hasn’t. Deacon calls Zach the loneliest person he’s ever met and that’s why there’s only been open threats and that Zach did find happiness while working at Highway 65. Deacon then proposes to make Highway 65 a true partnership where they make decisions together. We leave with no clear answer of the future of Highway 65. Also, there’s a moment between Deacon and Jessie after they embrace before he heads to LA for the awards and are their sparks now?

Juliette/Avery: The American Music Awards coming up. In Nashville Juliette is miserable because her AC is broken and bothers to call Avery to tell him about it. There’s also an awards party where Juliette and Maddie both attend. Deacon’s suspicious of the cold shoulder of the two women, which leads Daphne to reveal the whole stolen song thing. Deacon’s mad and goes to confront Juliette, who tries to run away, but she’s in heels. Juliette asks how she can make it right and Deacon says she can’t. He says he’ll keep battling for Highway 65, but not for her and that if there is still a label, she’s off of it. Juliette’s back on the phone with Avery thinking that there must be something she can do while Highway 65’s future is up in the air. It’s when Avery mentions how Brad and Zach are ego-driven jerks, Juliette gets an idea. She gets Mackenzie to spook Zach by pretending to write a story about how the billionaire fanboy destroyed the legacy of Rayna Jaymes and using some real life quotes. In return, Juliette gives her a real story she can write. While Avery is in his hotel room, Molly shows up to apologize for her actions/words where they learn what that Juliette story is. Juliette’s withdrawn her nomination and reveals the whole stealing song thing. Avery right then and there says he has to leave and get back to Nashville. Molly still doesn’t understand, but when Avery finally makes it home, seems Javery really missed each other a lot. Scarlett also goes to see Juliette to say how everyone at the label appreciated how she sacrificed herself for the company. Juliette’s not sure she’s redeemed herself (she hasn’t) and thinks she’s doomed to make the same mistakes again, but we’ll wait and see.

Gunnar/Scarlett: The couple reunited to perform a solemn song at the 35th Anniversary of the Bluebird that accurately reflect their mood. Gunnar unleashes some emotions about Scarlett always blaming him and admitting to her that he does have problems and that he’s willing to work on them, the couple officially break up.

Maddie/Daphne: Maddie’s stressed about the awards, while Daphne’s stressed about going to a pool party. At the party, Daphne’s hesitent to spend time with Flynn and ends up outside talking with Jessie’s son Jake. They bond over how 8th grade will suck next year. Jessie ends up picking up Jake and Daphne from the party because Deacon is busy and could there be sparks between these two young kids? Maddie performs her song at the AMAs and is amazing. She loses the award to Katy Perry and it seems she’s ok with it when on the car ride home, Deacon asks her how she is, Maddie’s response is “free.”

Also, Will breaks up with Zach, because you know, who wouldn’t after what Zach did to his friends and label.

What do you think? Share your thoughts below. Season six will premiere January 2018, which is a long time to contemplate the fate of our favorite record label.

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