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Nashville – Recap & Review – Speed Trap Town

Speed Trap Town

Original Air Date: Jul 27, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

This week’s episode emotion was sadness as the focus turns to Gunnar and his trip down memory lane. Let’s get to what happened.

Maddie and Juliette: Maddie’s been nominated for an American Music Award in the Pop/Rock category and she’s excited until she learns that Juliette is also nominated in the same category. Juliette’s nomination looks like a big leap forward for her career, but she knows that she stole the song she was nominated for and is less excited. Glenn tries to talk Juliette through it and even offers to bring the two ladies together to broker some peace. He also puts in an interesting perspective saying Maddie was singing about a tidal wave and Juliette’s song was about water rising, “How much water can one girl sing about?” I’ve missed Glenn. Juliette’s response is sending a congratulatory tweet to Maddie. Maddie’s response is perfect saying thanks and that she “wrote it herself.” Burn! Juliette doesn’t like the response even all that she’s helped Maddie with, but it makes sense since the general public doesn’t know Juliette stole the song. The episode ends with both ladies at the same press conference and not talking or smiling at each other.

Deacon and Jessie: Jessie’s written a new song and Deacon facetimes her so she can play it for him live because recording a song on your phone won’t sound as good. The two meet up later to talk about the song and Jessie claims she’s a little embarrassed about it, but Deacon really likes the song. Jessie plans on recording it with friends now that her ex took back a whole weekend she was supposed to have with her son. Deacon offers up time at the studio, but Jessie says no and Deacon tags along to her slot, but the group before her is going over and first attempt at recording ends with nothing. Later, shady ex drops by unexpectedly to get their son, but he’s elsewhere and Jessie is not happy he’s there. Jessie’s able to kick him out eventually, but is a little shaken from the whole encounter. Deacon calls Jessie to meet him at another studio to record and while she’s hesitant, she still goes to record, but is just not feeling it. Deacon insists he has all the time to let her feel it out, but Jessie just wants to come back tomorrow. The next day, Jessie still isn’t in the mood, but she realizes she’s projecting her feelings about her ex on to him and it feels like Deacon is just taking over making her mad at him. Deacon admits that all he wants to do is help give her a platform for her music and says maybe he’s pushing too hard to help, but that’s mostly due to the fact that he’s usually on the other side being helped. There’s forgiveness and then Jessie records he song.

Gunnar and Scarlett: Gunnar’s in Texas and since Avery is playing back to back shows, Gunnar has time to visit his hometown Aurora for the day. He first visits his grandmother in a nursing home, the only family member still alive and in Aurora. The meet up is brief and ends with her trying to light up a cigarette while in bed. After, Gunnar calls Scarlett to see how she is and it’s another brief conversation. After Scarlett hands up, she hears some noises and gets scared so she grabs a knife, but it’s just raccoon. It was enough to scare Scarlett to head over to the Claybourne/Jaymes residence for the evening where the sisters are excited to see their cousin. Maddie even ends up recommending Scarlett sign up for a self defense class. Scarlett calls Gunnar back, but it’s awkward as they both don’t entirely know where their relationship stands and if they are talking to much. Scarlett’s first self defense class doesn’t go so great, but after a Deacon cheer me up that she needs to accept help frmo everyone and a pick me up from the instructor after telling him her story of why she’s in the class, Scarlett goes crazy beating and punching the instructor as hard as she could. She seems pleased with her progress. Back to Gunnar. He runs into an old high school friend, Kelly Walker and isn’t in much of a hurry to leave and makes plans to catch up with her later at their old high school. The pair talk and then sneak into the abandoned school and there Gunnar gets a flashback to the day he was pulled out of class to learn that his parents had died. The next day, Gunnar drives by his old house and says it looks exactly the same. Avery calls to check up on him and also tells him to go knock on the door, so he does and a nice family lives there and the young girl shows him around their home, including her room she shares with her brother, the same one Gunnar and his brother Jason shared. We get some more flashbacks to the two boys singing and playing guitar and their grandmother butting in to tell them to stop. Jason then sneaks out of the house. There’s another Gunnar/Scarlett conversation that ends with Gunnar saying that being home is weird. Kelly goes to visit Gunnar at the motel after blowing their next meet up and asks what trouble they will get into tonight. Gunnar asks Kelly if he was a happy kid and she reminds him that just because nobody hit you doesn’t mean you don’t have scars. Kelly then goes in to kiss him and then admits…she’s married. Duh. Gunnar goes back to see his grandmother and blames her for not looking for him when he was little. She says she did her best. Before Gunnar says goodbye, he tells her he’s a really great musician now and plays a song he wrote the night before for her. It’s a nice, slow song about leaving and escaping. Gunnar leaves Aurora probably at peace with all the memories he’s leaving behind, while Scarlett is back at home and dancing around with a spoon.

Next Episode: Farther On

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