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Nashville – Recap & Review – Stand Beside Me

Stand Beside Me

Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

Ok well that was an emotional roller coaster of a Nashville episode I wasn’t expecting this week, just three weeks from the midseason finale. So let’s get to what happened.

Juliette: Juliette tells Hallie she wants to do a gospel album as her next musical venture and wants the church to participate. Hallie doesn’t think it’s a good idea and worries about potential backlash from the from the church. When Juliette tells the church choir about her idea, they don’t all agree and have lots of questions. Despite going to Bible study and being welcome to the church the past couple months, some members don’t think their music and religion should be a business, especially with someone who’s only been attending service for the same amount of time she’s been listening to gospel music and has no context or meaning with the music. It all drives everyone in different directions and Juliette has to leave. Next day Juliette returns to apologize for offending anyone from before. She’s honest about her bad past and that the church came to her when she needed it most and that God works in mysterious ways and that God gave her a gift: them, their music and Hallie and she wants to honor them and God and share it with the world. If they still say no, she’ll just keep coming to Bible study to keep working on herself. With that, Juliette’s repentance is rewarded and she’s welcomed back.

Scarlett and Gunnar: Scarlett tells Gunnar that she doesn’t want to be with anyone right now and needs time to be by herself to figure if she wants to be with Gunnar or not since currently she feels nothing for him. Gunnar’s hung up on on her just wanting to have sex with Damien part, but it’s not that with Scarlett. Unfortunately, it really is because Scarlett goes and has a “fun” afternoon with Damien.

Daphne and Maddie: Daphne gets her period for the first time at school and her first call is to Maddie, but she’s at work (wait is Maddie not in school anymore?). Daphne tells Maddie not to call mom, but she didn’t get the message because soon Rayna is at the school bringing her a change of clothes, etc.. Daphne then blows up at Maddie later about telling mom. Loved Rayna’s reaction by the way to this scene. Rayna talks with Deacon about what to do with Daphne and make everything better with her. His answer is to have a party. Oh Deacon.

Rayna: So crazy guy Hockney has bailed himself out of jail, but must still stay 300 feet away from the the family. Because of this, Rayna gets the entire family a security guard and Maddie is especially not happy about it. It doesn’t take long for Hockney to show up outside the gate of the house, which happens to be over 300 feet. His goal is to disrupt their lives and they can’t let it get to that. Deacon and Rayna agree to an evening recording session but first Rayna goes to see Clay sing, which is where Maddie is sans security. Rayna loves singing Clay so much that she wants to give him some work guidance at a later date. Later, Rayna goes to work at Highway 65 – after security sweeps the building. She’s listening to music at the offices when Hockney shows up with a knife and freaks Rayna the hell out. Hockney tells her that he just wants to talk to her and even puts the knife away. So how’d he get in? Wayne, as he likes to go by, says he hid in the broom closet since the day before. I think Rayna needs her security guys! He wants to explain how they are connected and Rayna tries to go along with it all, but he sees through her pretending to care and thinks she really doesn’t. So Rayna gives him her story of being abused by her dad and how he killed her mom and she deals with it by writing songs because that’s all she knows how to deal with the pain inside of her. Rayna even talks about Deacon and his dad whipping him and how they can’t give in otherwise the other person wins. It seems to be working, but Rayna’s not very covert about grabbing her cell phone and calling 911. This freaks Wayne out, but Rayna says she’s has two daughters to protect and tries to run out of the office. Wayne catches her with knife back out. OMG, I’m freaking out right now. Luckily, that 911 call got through and they call her security detail who goes upstairs with police just in time as Wayne has Rayna with a knife to her throat. Rayna reasons with him that she won’t get him killed and he finally lets go and drops the gun. The police handle him while Rayna is in tears. Rayna, now wrapped in a blanket, just wants to be taken home. She’s on her way home when she gives Deacon a call, crying so much she can barely get her words across. “Something terrible happened, but it’s OK. I’m OK. I’m coming home.” Deacon, understandably freaked out on the other end, responds with “Come home, baby.” And then a truck comes barreling down the street and T-bones the car Rayna’s in.

WHAT. WAS. THAT? How do you end an episode like that Nashville? You make us all think everything was going to be OK and then the second I saw Rayna get in that car and you shot from that angle as she talked to Deacon, I had a feeling this safe place we had gone too was not going to last very long and I was unfortunately right, but why like this? I’m worried and not happy. I’m more worried now that I read the title of next week’s episode. Anyway, what are your thoughts? Will Ms. Jaymes make it to the midseason finale? Share your TwoCents below.

Next Episode: If Tomorrow Never Comes

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