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Nashville – Recap & Review – ‘Til I Can Make It On My Own

‘Til I Can Make It On My Own

Original Air Date: Jun 8, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

Another week, another Juliette moment or two or three with some flashbacks thrown in, Daphne and Liv become closer friends and Scarlett must face Damien as Nashville celebrates Music City Music Week Festival.

Scarlett: Damien’s back so Scarlett meets him and tells him she’s pregnant and the baby’s his. Scarlett also tells him that she’s keeping the baby and Damien doesn’t seem so excited about it, but instead asks what she needs and to make it easier. Scarlett sees meeting up with Damien as a mistake and walks out. Later, Damien calls back Scarlett and wants to make things work for the two of them and their baby. This should all be interesting as Damien watches on while The Exes perform at the festival.

Deacon: Ever since last week when Deacon found out that Zach wants to find a different opportunity for Bucky, Zach cant stop bugging Deacon about it and that Bucky’s traditional publicity models may hurt Maddie’s first single release. When Deacon has to tell Bucky that Zach wants him out, it’s clear to Bucky what needs to happen. Later Bucky tells Deacon he quits, even though Deacon still wants him to stay. In an emotional scene, Bucky tells Deacon that he won’t let him sacrifice the company and the family just for him. Bucky does give a warning saying he may just be the first in changes at Highway 65. I hope this isn’t the last we’ve seen of Bucky.

Daphne: Daphne goes to hang out with her new friend Liv and the homeless group who make plans to go to the scrap yard to find stuff to sell. Daphne chooses to stay outside while the kids squeeze through a gap in the gate. They are soon caught by the yard owners and it leaves Liv badly injured as she decides to jump a barb-wired fence. Daphne wants Liv to go to the hospital, but Liv is adamant not too and ends up yelling at Daphne. Liv later apologizes and then Daphne wants to take Liv home with her. Then after Daphne asks, Liv reveals that both her biological and foster parents are drug addicts and have basically abandoned her. Liv does end up going home with Daphne, which leads to her hiding Liv in her room and sneaking around for a bit until Deacon figures it out. He’s upset with Daphne and keen on not letting Liv stay, but once Liv offers to voluntarily leave and realizes she’s only 15 with drug addict parents, Deacon lets her stay for the short-term. Daphne and Liv share an evening of Daria watching and popcorn and later in the evening when everyone’s asleep, Liv looks at the photos of the whole family together and cries.

Juliette: Juliette is set to make her first big performance post accident at the music festival, but the rehearsals aren’t going so well. During the first one, Juliette falls while performing and then goes into anxiety shock. The doctor says he’s a psychological defense against trauma – the plane crash, but Avery suggests it may be due to Juliette’s father dying when she was four and so she should avoid stress including canceling the performances. Juliette won’t take it and tells Avery that it’s just because her brain can’t process failure. Avery suggests he cancel his music fest performances, but Juliette won’t have that. Avery’s festival performance goes great and he ends up getting a request to go on a mini-tour. Juliette also decides to cancel the choir from performing with her, blaming it on a “label” decision. Hallie and the church group are not happy with the change and it causes Juliette to have an episode and also flashback to times with her father and mother (kudos to show for having the same actor portray Juliette’s mom Jolene). Juliette does promise them a mini-tour in exchange for the cancellation – also a lie. The night before the performance, Juliette has a dream about her father and him heading off to get groceries. Later, when Hallie comes to pick up the music fest passes, Emily insinuates that the decision to cancel them wasn’t the label’s. This sets up Hallie calling Juliette a “selfish, narcissistic bitch!” Juliette replies that she had to do it and well, the damage is done. Juliette tries to talk to Avery about it, who smartly avoids the conversation about Juliette being selfish. Juliette eventually goes back to the church to apologize saying that tonight is it for her and that it’s a tough world they live in. She still wants to see it to the end and makes a last plea for them to come sing with her tonight. Minutes before her performance, no sign of the choir. It’s then that Avery tells says he can’t go on tour because Juliette needs him too much. In the end, the choir group is there and ready; Juliette is moved. Backstage, Juliette prepares for her entrance, which involves hiking up a long set up stairs in stilettos. As the choir sings, Juliette flashes back to her dad’s funeral and her having a vision of him in the woods. He says he’ll always be there for her and remembering this, Juliette cries in present time and then is able to make the steps for her performance.

What are your thoughts of the episode? Will every episode have Juliette be her old self and then come around? What will be of the Damien-Scarlett-Gunnar triangle>

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