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Nashville – Top 10 Moments – Crazy

photo: abc
photo: abc

Original Air Date: Apr 2, 2014

Jules – Senior News Editor

A most appropriate title this week because it’s indeed crazy for our Nashvillians. Less like the Patsy Cline song above crazy for loving someone, but more about actually being crazy or acting crazy. A lot if revealed and hearts broken and just a crazy a day all around actually as we move closer to the end of season two.

Here are the top “Crazy” moments from this week’s Nashville in no particular order.

10. The truth is out! It was bound to happen and if you even saw any of the previews, you knew that tonight was the night and things do get crazy. Rayna gets a call from Bucky telling her to turn on The View, where they ladies are talking about the new “Maddie Claybourne” video that’s gone viral and everyone knows Teddy’s not her real father. The only thing is, Rayna and Luke had their kids remove the videos from the internet, but apparently friend of a friend reposted. So cut to getting the girls out of school and lots of paparazzi. Are there really that many there? With the truth out, they should respond by telling their story to change the conversation. Rayna insists Deacon must be a part of it. But where is he?

9. Deacon’s making a mess of things at the home he bought Rayna years ago. We see him searching the house for booze and are worried. But when Rayna and Luke go searching for and find Deacon and the bottle and confront him, Deacon reveals that he poured the bottle out immediately after he found it. So Megan’s words worked and he didn’t drink a lick and he may be crazy right now, but definitely sober. Rayna then breaks the news to him that the world knows about their daughter (since he thought she was there about Megan’s infidelity). He’s a bit shocked and wants to do something, but not with Teddy.

8. Maddie and Daphne share a musical moment. Daphne gets a bit more screen time this week as we get to see her reaction post reveal, since she never knew. She’s mad and won’t talk to her sister, but Maddie knows how to get to her heart. With music. After acknowledging she screwed up, Maddie sings Ho Hey and Daphne eventually chimes in and it’s adorable and the two sisters are back on speaking terms.

7. Gunnar gets his second royalties check and it’s insane! Over $400k! For just two songs! Gunnar wants to be spontaneous with Zoey and the money (dinner in Paris?), but Zoey lowers him back to earth and eventually is the inspiration for his first justified and necessity spend with this royalty check. Getting Zoey to record a professional demo. She thinks it’s crazy, but she sings so great.

6. With a professional demo and headshots, Zoey can now get into the music world. But alas, no new auditions for backup singers in Nashville, but LA, has it all. So Zoey considers it, which makes Gunnar more sad, as he loves to perform, but bookers want the band, not just him.

5. Juliette needs radio play and goes to Charlie Wentworth for help. Juliette thinks it’s crazy at first, but she needs something to get back into country music’s good graces and radio play is key and Charlie just happens to own a few stations. And since he’s also in Chicago, which is where they are on tour at the moment, it’s the perfect opportunity. Juliette only makes up her mind after talking with Avery, who says it’s a good idea. Juliette meets with Charlie and he agrees to helping her, but misinterprets the meeting and kisses her and says he missed her. Juliette sets the record straight saying she loves Avery and even tells Avery about the kiss later, but only says Charlie tried to kiss her.

4. Scarlett’s mom is here and it bad. Crazy bad. Beverly (Dana Wheeler-Nicolson) arrives unannounced at her daughter’s current tour stop and seems decent and super happy to see her daughter, reminiscing about her dreams of singing and then singing with the band at sound check. But Scarlett’s apprehensive the whole time and we realize her mom is as unstable as she revealed earlier this season. Beverly gets severely angry when she learns of Deacon having a niece and Scarlett knowing and not telling her. Later, Scarlett dedicates Black Roses to her mom during sound check, letting the song to the talking. Mom’s not happy. Upset about how her daughter sees her and chews her out again, leading to Scarlett having a flashback to how poorly Beverly treated her growing up. It’s all hard to watch actually and makes me understand a little why Scarlett is the way she is and makes me feel sorry for her.

3. Scarlett loses it on stage. Post all that happened, Scarlett asks Juliette for a night off and even though Juliette understands where she’s coming from, denies it and tells Scarlett to tough it out. Well Scarlett is not that type of person. So instead she mixes alcohol with her pills and it’s a dangerous combo. Avery notices something is wrong right away, but isn’t able to stop it. He is able to stop Charlie from hitting on his ex though. So Scarlett goes on stage and immediately starts seeing her mom’s disapproving face everywhere in the crowd and starts to break down, ending up curled up under the piano. Avery saves her and Juliette’s “Oh my God” reaction says it all.

2. The Good Morning America interview where Deacon speaks the truth. Yes, Deacon who refuses at first, but shows up last minute, speaks the truth about what happened, including him not knowing at first and admitting he was a drunk back then. He even gives Teddy props for raising Maddie. They all shake heads when asked about a debut album from Maddie. Ha!

1. Final Rayna and Deacon talk was heartbreaking. Rayna was right she didn’t do the right thing, but when Deacon did find out, he got himself drunk and almost killed Rayna. so there. So Deacon can be mad all he wants about not being told the truth, but there was a reason behind it. It’s a nice and long-overdue talk.

So there it was. Other points: knowing Luke has a sore spot when it comes to Deacon, but maybe not anymore after the post watching the interview punch into the car backseat. Cute text from Juliette to Maddie to be helpful or someone to talk to anytime. So what did you think? Share your TwoCents below as we wait four weeks until a new episode!

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