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Nashville – Top 10 Moments – They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore

photo: abc
photo: abc
They Don’t Make ‘Em Like My Daddy Anymore

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2014

Jules – Senior News Editor

Welcome back from a few weeks off Nashville fans! You’ll remember that we last left with Rayna finally learning her father’s misdeeds and Deacon moving forward with his musical career while Juliette tries to rebound from the low of hers. And Lamar had a heart attack in Teddy’s office.

As the title suggests, there’s some daddy issues to deal with tonight and not just from the obvious one. Let’s get to some of the top moments from this week’s episode.

10. If you didn’t get it from the promo before this episode and the title, Lamar’s dead. Teddy breaks the news to Rayna, who seems to be devoid of emotion and stoneface all episode. Such is not the case for Tandy, who breaks down instantly, even after everything that’s happened. She clearly was daddy’s girl. Although the episode seems like it’s a focus on Lamar’s death, the burial scene is only seconds long. The impact of the death is; however, felt throughout the episode.

9. Scarlett and Liam. Please, no. Getting this out of the way first. After another late night recording another great song, Scarlett and Liam do dinner and bond. Liam thinks it means he’ll get some and gives her a kiss, but she stops him. Scarlett says it probably isn’t a good idea, leaves and Liam looks rejected. Later, Scarlett crashes at the studio (more on why below) and Liam finds her in the morning. Again they kiss and he says it’s not a good idea, and yet they continue with it. Bad idea!!

8. Juliette’s performance of “Don’t Put Dirt on My Grave Just Yet” at the Opry catches the eye of a New York Times reporter (they call her a real artist – took only trashing her career for someone to notice) and subsequently a big producer in LA. So it’s off to LA for her and Glenn, but not after Glenn catches Juliette and Avery mid-act. Avery’s reaction was priceless. Los Angeles is nothing like sunshine and fairytales while Juliette tests the potential water as a cross over artist with mega producer Howie V (Michael Chernus). They re-record her song (Avery had produced his own version that was amazing) with full orchestra, have a crazy photo shoot as Howie D dangles the idea of a Rolling Stone cover. Sounds like a lot in just a day.

7. Glenn, feeling like the odd man out of this trip, resigns as Juliette’s manager. I was super sad Howie was so mean to Glenn asking him to get coffee for the crew! Who does Howie think he is! Juliette fights for Glenn to stay, but he says “I gotta get out of the way and let you be a superstar.” Awww!

6. Deacon and the amazing trio of Gunnar, Avery and Zoey. After booking a gig at a great club, Deacon needs to find a full band, and our trio volunteers to help out. They even stick up to him when he’s bumped for The Wild Feathers and instead has to perform near close at midnight. It all works out because the owner loves him and wants him back in the future.

5. Gunnar, Avery and Zoey singing together was amazing! Both times. Yes, they sung as a small group at home, but also at the Bluebird. Scarlett sees them at her old stomping grounds and it basically breaks her. Zoey’s building up her resume nicely. And since the trio isn’t just amazing, they vow to do it again soon and decide to start a band! Hurrah!

4. Deacon and Rayna talked and there was a moment there, no? And yet Rayna is still stoneface, no tears shed, just anger over Lamar’s misdoings. “Sometimes, people do the wrong things for the right reasons,” says Deacon, who should know…

3. Teddy tells Megan that he watched Lamar die and did nothing. I only include this moment because I wonder if there is more going on with them…

2. Juliette hires Glenn back! Yay! He’s the only person who’s allowed Juliette to be herself, while Howie and Jeff just wanted her to be someone she wasn’t. What Juliette wants is not tween stuff, she wants stuff with grit. She’s not willing to pull her strings from country music yet. Also, yay!

1. Rayna finally breaks down. It took all episode as I suspected, but Rayna finally breaks from her stoneface all episode and it’s not a pretty one. When she’s pours herself a drink in her father’s study, Rayna ends up smashing the decanter, the glass and a few other things. She falls to the ground, sobbing as Teddy and Tandy appear to find her saying through the sobs that the lying has to stop!

Great way to end the episode. Solid on all accounts. So great to see Juliette finally finding her footing to move ahead. Also great to see Avery, Zoey and Gunnar happy and working together. I don’t know how long it’ll last, but it makes sense to put this trio together, even if it seems to make Scarlett not happy. I don’t like seeing where she’s going, but I hope Rayna and/or Deacon can steer her back if it’s not too late. Speaking of Rayna, Connie Britton was amazing in the last scene and all episode. Lamar’s death may have ended certain things, but there will be repercussions I suspect. So there’s my TwoCents, share yours below!

Next week: Guilty Street

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