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Nashville – Top 10 Moments – On The Other Hand

photo: abc
photo: abc
On The Other Hand

Original Air Date: May 14, 2014

Jules – Senior News Editor

Another drama packed finale with a cliffhanger. At least it’s not like last season with lives hanging on the line. The promos seemed to have spoiled much, but in fact, it was nothing compared to what actually happened. So much to think about over the summer wait for season three.

So let’s not wait any longer. Here are the top moments from the season finale of Nashville.

10. Album launch time and Rayna’s having a tough time. Rayna’s gearing up for her big album launch opposite Will’s and she;s secured a performance on Good Morning America, but when she’s bumped in favor for Will due to Jeff’s convincing ways – that may probably include guaranteeing a spot in the future for Luke – Rayna’s not going to play nice anymore. “He wants a war, he’ll get a war.” So Rayna gets Teddy to book LP Field for a launch day concert with herself and Juliette, the latter of which arrives saying she wants out of her contract after another bribery call from Jeff. Rayna sets her straight saying “You don’t get this now, but you are seriously ruining my life!” Jeff fights back with securing 200,000 gift cards to be sold with a free Will CD download. Rayna later laments her business woes to Deacon, who says that she should do what she has to do to kick Jeff’s butt as the music biz has changed much since when they both started.

9. Scarlett plans her move back to Mississippi to go back to school. She spends the episode saying her goodbyes to Rayna and Deacon and Zoey, the latter of who she hangs out with one last time and gives her a flash drive from Gunnar. On it is the song her wrote her when she was in the hospital. Scarlett finally goes to Gunnar, who sings the latest song he’s written, “It Ain’t Yours to Throw Away.” Scarlett harmonizes on it and oh how I’ve missed Gunnar and Scarlett singing together, so magical. At the end of the song, Gunnar asks his ex “I really don’t think you should go.”

8. Deacon holds a charity event for the place that helped him get sober. Rayna, sitting next to Luke, is very touched by a speech Deacon makes about the place and how his present is pretty great right now. Zoey, Avery, Gunnar are also there to play the song Avery wrote for Juliette, “One Light Shining.” But alas, Juliette is nowhere to be found…well she’s backstage and just a tad drunk of all things! Deacon manages to pull her away from stumbling out into the stage to hear the song and before anyone can take any photos of her.

7. Juliette gets a pep talk. After seeing everything happen backstage, Rayna goes to Juliette to find what is up with her and Juliette manages to spill out “I slept with Jeff Fordman.” Juliette goes from that to throwing up in the toilet and Rayna holding up her hair. In between toilet sessions, Rayna urges Juliette to tell Avery before Jeff tells him, Juliette cries some more and how she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven, but Rayna says everyone does, including her, but not Jeff and to screw him and play LP Field. Juliette is all for talking to Avery, but it’s too late because Avery got Gunnar and Zoey to spill the beans instead. The scene ends with Avery saying to Juliette she has no idea how much he loves her and leaves.

6. Elsewhere in the episode Teddy knows he’s losing both daughters to Deacon and probably Luke. Maddie wants to join Highway 65 as an artist (both parents say no, and of course she accuses dad of crushing her dreams), while Daphne wants to learn to play the drums because Luke plays the drums.

5. Pre-concert time. Juliette comes to Rayna saying she’ll do LP Field. Jeff stops by, because apparently, he’s everywhere to gloat about, well, everything. But Juliette tells him that Avery knows so no blackmail there and Rayna has managed to one up him by getting pal Sam Boone to give away 250,000 gift cards and downloads instead of Will’s. Loved the look on Juliette’s face when opening the door for Jeff, the ladies high fiving and Rayna’s OMG I did it, I won look.

4. Will and Layla woes. As Will gears up for his album launch, Jeff surprises Will with major promo for the album in New York, where instead of answering a call from Layla, he’s vide chatting with trainer guy. Layla later tapes a video via the reality show about their marriage pains that Will watches and combats it about his album and shot at the big leagues. After the Boone deal goes South, Will goes to Gunnar (again) for sage advice because without the downloads, his album may very well flop. Always the voice of reason he is, Gunnar tells his pal, “You’re livin’ a lie, and I am the only person you can be yourself with. That’s not enough.” With that, Will finally goes back home and tells Layla in the bedroom and away from cameras that he’s gay and tearfully breaks down at her shocked face. As the scene ends, it pans up to a pretty obvious camera that’s recording the whole thing…

3. Ball and Chain! Concert time at LP Field. Juliette and Rayna sing their latest duet and the night ends with Rayna and Will’s duet of “Ball and Chain.” But that’s not just it. As the promos have shown us, Luke gets down on bended (and trick) knee in front of the screaming crowd to ask Ms. James to be his ball and chain. Rayna is surprised, but immediately accepts the proposal and the seven karat (!) ring. Seemed almost too easy there and the looks on Teddy, Maddie and Deacon’s face totally show their surprises and possibly disappointment?

2. Avery eventually comes back to Juliette after a pep talk of his own from Scarlett and he’s less angry than before. Juliette, through tears, talks about her past issues with guys and her upbringing and how she believes she deserves nothing and nobody and that she probably needs help, but that she also doesn’t want to be alone again. So are they together or broken up? We don’t know.

1. Deacon goes over to Rayna’s to talk post Luke’s proposal because he can’t do it in public. He says he knows how to love her now and how he can finally give her everything he should have before and yes, Deacon just can’t let go of his love. Maybe it’s too late, but he still goes up to her (Rayna resists for like a nano second and continues to shake her head) and says “You and me, right? It’s how it’s supposed to be. You know that.” Deacon goes in for the kiss and puts in her hand the ring he gave her years ago and then walks away saying “Don’t answer me now. This is yours. I never should’ve taken it back.” Rayna looks kinda absolutely torn.

And there it ends. Rayna gets two proposals in one episode! Will finally comes out to his wife and Scarlett may or may not change her mind because of what her ex says about not leaving. Luckily we have another season of Nashville (although there are rumors that it may be shorter, but still, another season is better than none) to sort things out. Do you want Rayna to accept Deacon’s proposal? And on that note, didn’t Deacon throw the ring away? Or should she just be with Luke? Share you TwoCents below as we wait for fall.

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