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NCIS: LA – Recap & Review – Black Budget

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
Black Budget

Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2014

Colleen – Senior Reviewer

Our episode begins tonight with employees of a company getting ready for lunch. Most of the office heads out, with a couple staying behind to eat at their desks. One of them gets up to use the bathroom, and while he is in there, the office is invaded by a bunch of mask wearing men. One of them heads into the bathroom and shoots it up before leaving. What was all that about? Was this guy a part of the plan, but plans changed and they wanted him dead instead? We are about to find out.

We find out that the man from the bathroom has disappeared. He was seen leaving the building from a security camera mere minutes from the attack that left three of his co-workers dead. So far there is no motive for the shooting, but it just happened and the investigation is ongoing. Funding from this office funnels into NCIS as well. Of course, Deeks wonders if there are funds to cover them being paid.

The man that went missing was found on the border of Mexico. Well, at least his car was. So one can assume he is there. NCIS is being sent to Mexico to locate him and bring him back. But since there was no real permission given from the Mexican government, they are going in blind and could be prosecuted by the Mexican government if they are arrested. Sam and Kallen are tasked as the ones to head south of the border. Eventually, the man is found in a brothel not far from where Sam and Kallen had arrived.

There is trouble brewing once they arrive. At first glance it looks like they are being attacked – until it is discovered that this group is DEA. The DEA agents take their guns, cell phones and ear wigs. First thing is that Kallen wants to get a burn phone so that they can inform Hetty about what is going on. What is the DEA doing in Mexico and why do you think Kallen and Sam were treated this way by them?

Upon investigation, it is found that there are several of the servers missing. There were many documents of a budgetary nature that were contained on these servers. So apparently this was a robbery and the people stay in for lunch got in the way and needed to die. But why? Is it thought that maybe know something they should not or could identify any of these mask wearing men?

Sam and Kallen head into the brothel posing as the DEA agents. He says that the man was there recently and to talk to the girl he was with earlier. She lies and says she has never seen him before. She recants it and asks if he is in trouble and then tells Sam and Kallen that he headed outside. When two SUVs pull up, they get the woman out of there, fearing for her life. A firefight ensues outside of the brothel with the men from the SUVs. They are able to get out of there by taking a taxi – and by taking a taxi, I mean really taking a taxi.

Eventually they come to the home of this young woman that they helped escape the brothel. The man that Kallen and Sam have been looking for is there as well. They tell him that they want to protect him and take him back to the States. This woman says that he is her fiancé and that he was to take her, her sisters, mother and grandmother all back to the United States. Whatever is going on with him also concerns her. Is this woman covering for him because she does not trust the American government?

This guy is claiming that the United States government is the ones trying to kill him. Not having guns, badges or cell phones is not helping matters. Why does this guy think that the government is trying to kill him? There is a Delta Unit (Code Name Duster) that is hunting him down. They were the ones that stole the servers, which contained covert operations that were bogus in nature and worth over $40 million dollars. Nell and Eric have done some research and digging. They found the author of the documents. Both contained information that they needed. Both House subcommittees had no clearance to look into the matter, so nobody questioned it. So in other words it sounds like someone was embezzling.

Deeks finds the missing servers. They are in a burned out car that is found in a parking garage. As a matter of fact, they found two burned out cars; both of which were stolen. Did they download the information beforehand? Most likely not because it occurred too soon after the servers were taken. It is thought that those that stole it just wanted to rid of the information and not use it. What do you think?

A few moments later, the men from the brothel show up. Sam tries to use the cell phone, but it’s not working. Another cell phone is tried but the same thing happens. They want to talk, but only by walkie-talkies. Unfortunately they are the ones that made it so no phone calls can be made – the cell phone tower has been destroyed and it will take days before it is operational again.

These men want the man that they were looking for at the office. If he is given up, the men go away and life goes on. If not, well you don’t want to know what will happen. They have guns – and not little ones. These are LARGE guns!

Granger is headed to Mexico. There is a group of men who seem to be rogue and wanting to do what they want and go where they want. Apparently these are the same men that did the shooting and are outside the house where Sam and Kallen are held up. We all know that Granger, Kallen and Sam will not go down without a fight!

Deeks and Kensi are questioning the head of the department where the shooting happened. They ask about a Swiss bank account but he claims he knows nothing. They even threaten to send him to a prison in Colorado. But as they dig further, Nell and Eric find the photo of the owner of the Swiss bank account. It is not the man they are questioning, but one of the men in Mexico!

Before we know it, the man has turned on Sam, Kallen and the others. He agrees to give himself up. But the mother attacks him with a frying pan before that happens and knocks him to the ground. The men outside give those inside fifteen minutes to give him up or everyone dies. When they do not give him up, they attack the house with a flood of bullets and everyone takes cover. After it is all over, Sam discovers that they are moving in on them. Sam and Kallen attack with bullets while the women attack with firebombs made from bottles and machetes.

In the end, Granger and his team move in. It turns out that the Delta force team that they were up against was not the Duster team that they thought they were but an arms dealing team who was laundering money from the man that they had been looking for. The REAL Duster team arrived with Granger and they were happy to have helped.

The women were happy to have had these men (Kallen and Sam) stand up for and defend them. They invite them to stay, which Granger says they are needed home, and tell them they can come back any time. When Granger asks how much money is the bag, it turns out it is $8000. There was more but some of it has gone missing, but Granger won’t tell that it was given to this family whose lives they saved. Would you have done the same thing?

What did you think of this action-packed episode?

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