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NCIS – Recap & Review – Devil’s Trifecta

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
Devil’s Trifecta

Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2012

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

FBI Agent Tobias Fornell is at the drive thru after a long day at work when a mysterious stranger walks up to him and shoots him through the windscreen. Thank goodness he was still wearing his vest, so Fornell shoots back and kills his attacker. Later, Gibbs turns up at the scene and Fornell thanks him for coming. Gibbs teases that he had no choice. The killer was Navy.

The killer was found with a matchbook on him with the description and license plate of Fornell’s car. It was a hit, but at least the killer was helpful enough to write it down on something that would provide a lead in the investigation. Gibbs and Fornell check out the bar the matchbook was from, have a drunken man explain that the killer was a rough bouncer for the bar… and then bump into their ex-wife, Diane Sterling!

Diane tells them she’s there doing an audit but the manager wants to continue their conversation about her potentially buying the place. He also addresses her as Diane Fornell. Gibbs and Fornell bring her in for obstruction of justice.

She proceeds to terrify every single male at NCIS before Vance comes and announces that Diane is to be released. Dianne is now a special Agent for the IRS and was working undercover at the bar, trying to uncover the source of multiple identity thefts which were then used to file fake tax returns and get refund checks. Vance takes great delight in telling Gibbs, Diane and Fornell that they need to work together on this case.

Diane sends Gibbs and Fornell in the opposite direction whilst she and Ziva go to the place where the refund checks were cashed. The guy there, Gordon Fremont, is surprisingly helpful, but that could be because he’s chatting to two very pretty women. He tells them that the guy cashing the checks is an Oliver Lambert, an accountant, and the security cameras also shows him, usually with a gambling slip in his pocket.

Since there’s a hit out on Fornell, it’s safe to assume that Diane is in danger too so she can’t go back to her apartment. Gibbs and Fornell argue over which one should take her. McGee foolishly makes a remark during this fight, and he ends up with Diane.

Poor McGee. Diane rambles about her husbands, and confesses that her current husband is thinking of leaving her. Then she demands a hug. McGee is reluctant to give her one, but Diane always gets what she wants.

Cut to the morning, and Gibbs is in McGee’s apartment, staring at the couch. McGee and Diane are fast asleep on it, together. Gibbs stares in silence at his Agent and his ex-wife, but when Fornell enters asking what the hold-up is, he gets very angry at what he sees. McGee insists they were just talking and fell asleep. The sad thing is, I believe him.

He’s still in Fornell’s bad books, even when they check out Oliver Lambert’s apartment. They don’t find Oliver Lambert, but they do find a load of frozen fish, and in one of the ice containers, there’s a human body, belonging to the drunkard at the bar from earlier.

Poor McGee still can’t catch a break. Tony is still pestering him for the details about him and Diane, and when McGee goes down to autopsy to check on the dead guy, even Palmer and Ducky tease him about it. The dead guy’s story is pretty unhelpful. It seems he was working with the guy who took a shot at Fornell in an attempt to cover up the identity/smuggling scheme, but their only living suspect, Oliver Lambert, is in the wind.

Abby is a genius though, and she finds cell phones hidden in all the fish. It would take forever to go through all the phones, but they are part of the same batch so she searches them electronically and finds out that one fish phone was used to leave Oliver Lambert a voice mail. She’s also able to isolate the location of the sent call.

Our NCIS boys go undercover at the location, expecting to find nothing but they do indeed find Lambert. He confesses to stealing the money from the IRS to pay off gambling debts, and then he keels over dead from stab wounds. Lambert clearly wasn’t the brains behind the scheme, and someone is killing off loose threads, but I’m looking forward to our FBI, NCIS and IRS trio to wrapping things up.

Diane has been able to use her contacts to get the shipping manifest for the fish. Lambert’s client is Avis Boyle. Diane comes up with a way for her and Gibbs to meet him whilst undercover. I have a feeling Gibbs is going to regret agreeing to it.

It’s a wedding, and Gibbs insists he doesn’t remember how he proposed to Diane. Diane says that she doesn’t either, before arranging a meeting between her and Boyle but it becomes clear he’s not the guy in charge. Boyle points her to the guy in charge. It’s Gordon Fremont, the man from the check-cashing place, who knows Diane is an IRS Agent!

Fremont secretly holds Diane hostage in the middle of the party by slyly holding a gun to her back. She looks for Gibbs, but he’s vanished. He’s busy causing a distraction in a most un-Gibbs like manner. He’s making a wedding toast, and, to get her away from Fremont, he publicly proposes, using the same speech he did when he genuinely proposed to her. It works, and Tobias and the others are there to arrest Fremont.

Very nicely done. All that’s left of official business is for Vance to comment that Gibbs, Fornell and Diane worked so well together that perhaps they should become the official team for inter-jurisdiction cases. Vance is posing that question to an empty room though, because they’ve all split by then.

Diane later turns up at Gibbs where Gibbs give Diane some hard-learnt advice. He knows of her marital difficulties, and recommends that she moves on and loves her husband for the man he is, and not constantly judge him compared to the memory of someone else. Gibbs assures her that is isn’t too late with her present husband if she’s willing to try. Diane asks Gibbs if he thinks there’s someone out there for himself, or is he destined to be forever alone. Gibbs’ response? “I’m not alone.” Awwww.

Do you think Gibbs has finally moved on from his deceased wife and found a family in his NCIS team, or do you think there’s something more to it? When will Fornell get his own FBI spinoff? Do you think McGee will ever live this down? Oh, and what are your thoughts on the fraud/smuggling case? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents about the episode or tweet me over on @MariaTV101.

  • burneggroll

    The smuggling case is bullsh*t. Would you keep frozen fish in your house in stacks of Styrofoam crates? They are cashing forged tax refund checks to finance smuggling goods into countries banned by trade sanctions? They are stealing from the IRS to send tuna stuffed with cellphones, DVDs, and luxury soaps to fishing villages in China? Why would a Chinese fishing village need American tuna, American cellphones, American DVDs, or American soap? Oh, I remember NCIS is a comedy !

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