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NCIS – Top 6 Moments – The Admiral’s Daughter

photo: cbs
photo: cbs
The Admiral’s Daughter

Original Air Date: May 6, 2014

Maria – Staff Writer

Tony DiNozzo is sent to France on a special assignment. His cover is an internet security seminar, but what he’ll really be doing is keeping tabs on the Admiral’s wayward daughter. Except, when he goes to look for Amanda Kendall, the Admiral’s daughter, he finds a crime scene with 5 dead bodies inside.

Let’s take a look at my favorite top 6 moments of this weeks NCIS, in no particular order.

1. Dirty Cop – I find it slightly sexist that DiNozzo is allowed to flirt and be arrogant at work, but if a woman does it she turns out to be corrupt. Inspector Cheblis reveals herself to be the bad guy early on when she steals Tony’s belongings and frames him for the murders she committed, but Tony has no way of telling that to his team back at Washington, until he gets more creative.

2. Symbolese – Symbolese features heavily in this week’s episode. At first, it seems a humorous little plot, with Ducky getting addicted to the symbol app game, but then it becomes a method of communication for Tony to reach his Autopsy Gremlin, Jimmy Palmer.

3. The Body in the Septic Tank – The team have a dead body closer to home to investigate, inside a septic tank in Norfolk. Abby identifies the body as Zach Martin, but he was tortured before being stuffed in the smelly tank. When NCIS visit his office it is definitely suspicious. Martin’s secretary has never, ever seen him, and the office doesn’t look used since it was set up. Abby does what Abby does best and does some detective work to find out that Zach Martin was actually Zachariah Hassan, who went to school with Amanda Kendall.

4. The Admiral’s Daughter – Amanda Kendell first seems like a party girl chasing a boy, Amir. As Tony gets to know her better, he realizes she’s more than that. He confronts her, believing her to be an Iranian spy. He’s half-right, but she’s a member of the Defense Clandestine service, for the USA. Hassan was her handler, and Amir is a contact whose trust she’d managed to win over, but now she’s worried for his safety.

5. True Bluff – Tony manages to get word to Gibbs to ask him to look for Hassan, but he can’t say more than that. When Tony and Amanda do find Hassan, he’s been badly beaten and Amanda’s party-girl friend Lila is there, seemingly trying to comfort him. Inspector Cheblis is there too, but Lila reveals herself to be working with Cheblis, and she holds Amanda hostage. Tony bluffs that there are snipers prepared to take Lila out, but then there suddenly are snipers. Never underestimate Gibbs. It’s Tony who gets to shoot Lila though, straight in the head when she makes a move. Inspector Cheblis is arrested, and Amanda is reunited with the Admiral, the truth now out in the open. A happy ending.

6. Bun in the Oven – An even happier ending when Breena, Palmer’s wife, sends him a message via Symbolese. It’s clearly a bun, and an oven, but Palmer doesn’t get it at first. If there’s anybody in the audience who doesn’t get it either, there’s lullaby music playing in the background. Breena is pregnant! I’m so happy for them, especially as we’ve followed them through their adoption for a long time, only for the mother to then not want to give up her child. Palmer is going to be an awesome dad!

A really tight episode, where everything connected. I am a little upset Inspector Cheblis was corrupt, because she seemed a lot like a female Anthony DiNozzo. I could have liked her, if she wasn’t a killer. I loved how useful Symbolese was, as well as being highly entertaining. Having the Admiral’s Daughter being such a hero was a little cheesy, but worth it for the happy ending.

Did you believe Amanda’s party girl act or did you suspect there was a lot more to her? Did you think the two cases were related, and did you figure out how? What was your reaction to Breena and Palmer’s bun in the oven? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents.

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