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New Girl – Recap & Review – Katie

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New Girl

Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2012

Divina F – TwoCents Reviewer

Season 2 opens with two brand new episodes! Aren’t we lucky?

Now unemployed, Jess has too much time other hands. She’s cooking. She’s cleaning. She’s making felt collages. It’s making Winston anxious because his mom and sister are coming to visit. Schmidt is anxious because he thinks Winston’s mom doesn’t like him. (And he’s probably right.)

Keenyah Hill from some season of America’s Next Top Model is guest starring as Winston’s sister Alisha, a professional women’s basketball player, and the reason her mother doesn’t like Schmidt is probably due to the way he talks about hooking up with her. At any rate, he’s off to a bad start.

Meanwhile, Nick has a creepy encounter with a older guy at the bar. The man wears the same hoodie as nick and claims to be him from the future. Turns out he was just a crazy living in a cardboard box. He does, however, advise Nick to make Jess a drink and apologize for anything he might do in the future to hurt her feelings.

Jess’s unemployed zaniness drives her to impersonate someone at the bar when she’s confused for someone’s blind Internet date. She’s also juggling a blind date that Nick set up for her. It all climaxes in the bar bathroom, where Jess has to confront what she’s been doing. Surprisingly, though, the Internet guy – Sam – isn’t bitter over the lies. He comes back and sweeps Jess off her feet.

The episode ends with Schmidt getting schooled by Alisha in a game of basketball.

Favorite Nick Quote: If I’d lost my job a week ago, I’d be deep in a porn hole right now.

See you next week!

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