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New Girl – Recap & Top Moments – Operation: Bobcat

New Girl
Operation: Bobcat – s6e16

Original Air Date: Feb 14, 2017

Laura Linick – Staff Writer

It’s Valentine’s Day. Plus, it’s Schmidt and Cece’s first married Valentine’s Day and the Valentine’s Day in the middle of Winston’s 21-phase proposal plan. So how does Jess feel when Nick decides to go all out for Reagan when he never did that for her?

What Happened:
We learn she feels mad after Gordon Ramsey coaxes it out of her. This revelation prompts Jess to help Winston speed up his proposal plan. One bobcat costume and a concussion later, Winston and Aly are engaged.

Nick & Jess Relationship Meter: 2/5
Jess is still hung up on Nick and is visibly upset when Nick says he’s in love with Reagan. However, Nick is disappointed with Reagan’s Valentine’s Day gift. It’s possible he’s in love with a different Reagan in his head than the one in reality.

Top Moments:
1. The Cupid Shuffle opening to the episode.
2. “In case you’re wondering if I’m under budget, I am not, by thousands of dollars” – Winston on step 6 of his 21-step proposal plan
3. Gordon Ramsey’s pep talk.
4. Winston throwing away a helium-filled balloon in an open .

These were my favorite moments. What were yours?

Next Episode: Rumspringa

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