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Nip/Tuck – Recap & Review – Christian Troy II

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Christian Troy II

Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2010

Tom R. – Sr. Staff Writer

“He kept saying plastic surgery was over, and he didn’t want to be the last one to turn the lights out.”

If McNamara/Troy is an indication of that comment, the death of the industry may happen with a fade rather than a blackout.

Maureen and Marshall Ayers have tracked Sean and Christian from Miami to LA. Their plastic surgery has backfired, and they are losing real estate clients. They want their surgeries reversed, and want Sean and Christian to pick up the tab, eventually suing them for “loss of income due to misrepresentation and malpractice.”

After learning of the retirement of a younger plastic surgeon (see above quote), Sean looks to add a dermatologist to the practice, since the business seems to be shifting away from surgery in favor of injectibles like collagen and botox. Sean is ready to hire Dr. Jill Jacobson, until Christian shows up at her office and steers her entire waiting room to traditional plastic surgery. He describes injecibles as promoting repeat business, and this is intercut with Sean’s return visits. After the third treatment, Sean’s face is a mess, and Dr. Jacobson is history.

As he fixes Sean’s face, Christian asks Sean to give him a facelift. Once under the anesthesia, Christian goes through an interesting psychological odyssey. He is left in the cold as Joan Rivers interviews Sean and his new partner, Curtis. He is potential dinner for Joan van Ark and Donna Mills, two of his early Beverly Hills clients. He has a consultation with himself, followed by Sean highlighting his every flaw (Christian has been doing this since he met Kimber in the first episode, but here the flaws are all emotional). He meets Kimber on a deserted beach, where she tells him the high percentage of silicone saved her from drowning. Finally, before he lands back in the OR, he has a violent confrontation with his father (Robert Davi). He comes to with a realization that he is afraid of change, afraid of things ending.

Liz endures more heartbreak when she meets Dani, the new pharmaceutical rep. Dani is separated from her husband and describes herself as “about 75% sure” that she is gay. They have an awkward first date, but end up forming a connection. Dani has not had an orgasm with her husband, and is extremely tentative about her first lesbian experience, but gives in to Liz. When she becomes overly excited, Liz is a little put off, and Dani is ashamed and confused. Liz goes to her, hoping to salvage the connection they made, but finds that Dani has returned to the safety of married life.

Christian’s scene with Liz in the recovery suite is one of the highlights of the episode. Between the sterility of the medical procedures and the outlandish storylines, it’s easy to forget that the show can generate some warm, beautiful moments when the characters let their guards down. Roma Maffia has long been the show’s unsung hero, whether she’s putting the boys in their place or holding their hands.

The final moments are equally impressive. Christian has videotaped the facelift procedure, hoping that a viral video can put their names in the public eye, deflate the Ayers suit, and generate new clients. But the reaction seems to echo the fear of plastic surgery being passé. As Christian looks over the comments, the camera finds single words to punch. “Barbaric” is the key word. Christian sits alone, knowing the end is near.

“The truth is, you’re just like me. You want life to be easy and clean. And that’s a damn shame.” – Christian

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