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Nashville – Recap & Review – (Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I

(Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I

Original Air Date: Jun 15, 2017

Jules– Managing Editor

Believe it or not, but tonight is Nashville’s 100th episode! It’s been a crazy bumpy ride for this show, but getting to 100 is an amazing feat. This episode focuses on Juliette moving on in her career, Maddie gets into a scandal and Scarlett needs to deal with Damien and her future.

Scarlett: Damien’s back and he’s all about “we’re having a baby” and hugging Scarlett and Gunnar. Of course, Gunnar hates it. It gets worse when Damien shows Scarlett (and Gunnar) a huge mansion he hopes to purchase to co-parent the new bundle of joy with. In the end, he invites Scarlett to live there with her and while his enthusiasm and excitement is nice, Scarlett is overwhelmed. In the moment, the pair kiss, but Scarlett still wants to think about it. Talking to Gunnar she realizes she does still have some feelings for Damien and talking to Deacon Scarlett still hasn’t figured out what to do. Best line of the night goes to Scarlett with her “I wish I was having puppies so I could give one to everybody and we could all go on our merry way.”

Juliette: Juliette’s looking for new songs to re-launch her career and can’t seem to find anything and realizes she just has to do everything herself. It’s Juliette back to her old self. She the meets with big wig publisher Travis Shroud who loves her, but it also more interested in giving Juliette a song, but not for her, for Maddie. And in another sign we’re back to the old Juliette – who does try to do the right thing – ends up listening to it, loving it, and lying to Travis that she played it for Maddie who didn’t think it was for her and instead she wants to record it herself. Juliette tries to write an email to to Maddie to apologize, but stops. I’m sure the truth will come out eventually.

Deacon: Bucky gets a call from the Bluebird to see if Deacon wants to play a set, but he hasn’t even picked up his guitar since Rayna’s death. Deacon again expresses his apologies to Bucky, who I’m happy was still around this week, and thanks him for everything. Deacon does eventually agree to play. He’s invited Liv and Daphne, too, but they want to stay up and watch a movie in their clown makeup. The girls promise not to burn the house down because you know, been there, done that and nothing happened. Deacon reluctantly agrees and luckily the girls don’t burn the house down, but Deacon does have to tell Daphne that Liv living with them can’t last forever. This upsets Deaphne a lot, but Deacon agrees he won’t kick her out, but they will figure it out. I don’t see this ending well, do you? Luckily, Deacon’s performance goes really well. He plays with Jessie Caine (Kaitlin Doubleday) an artist who took some time off and has returned. There’s also some flirting, but really from her end. We’ll see if we see her again.

Maddie: While singing a new song to Clay, Maddie gets many incessant texts from Daphne and eventually a call to tell her that her new single is on the radio. Maddie’s excitement is pretty awesome. Maddie gets interviewed by a radio station and the interviewer pushes her about her mother’s death and living up to her mother’s fame. Maddie doesn’t break down, but it’s clear she really doesn’t want to talk about it. Later on the drive home, Clay tells Maddie she can just let music play itself instead of doing interviews when a cop pulls their car over for rolling a stop sign. Maddie asks lots of questions that the cop cannot answer as she and a bystander film it all. Clay just follows all the instructions and is extra cautious with the officer, almost like he expects it and has done it before. Unfortunately, after Clay gets out of the car, Maddie gets out, too. Instead of listening to the officer to get back in the car, Maddie ends up getting arrested. Zach says they will figure this unnecessary press out and Juliette agrees that it’ll all be fine because Maddie knows she didn’t do anything wrong. But when the arrest ends up all over the internet and news, Maddie is horrified, Clay starts getting harassed on the street and ultimately, Clay realizes he and Maddie should just be friends. Maddie insists she was just trying to protect him at the time, but she doesn’t seem to realize they live in two worlds, Clay explains. During the stop, Clay lets Maddie know that he was just hoping to not get shot. Maddie didn’t get it until now.

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