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Oliver Drops a Big DC Name In This ‘Arrow’ Preview

Oliver is in the spotlight (again) for being the Green Arrow (again) in tonight’s Arrow. So what does he do? 

Deny, deny, deflect, and deny. The preview released by the CW on Wednesday gave fans just a hint of how things will be going for the mayor after that final scene in the premiere. While swarmed by the press at city hall, he gets asked about his comments on the Green Arrow.

Oliver’s reply, while a denial, also dropped a huge DC Universe name…Bruce Wayne! The name drop was fun and unusual for a CW Arrowverse show. The rest of his response was also something we wouldn’t have gotten from him even a year ago. So that’s something.

The questions and inevitable investigation set to begin also sets up Sydelle Noel’s debut as Special Agent Samandra Watson. But who set this all in motion by releasing that photo?

Check out a preview of tonight’s episode of Arrow!

Arrow airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. on the CW.

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