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Olympic Viewing Guide – Saturday, August 4

Every day during the London Olympics, TheTwoCents will be posting viewing options of the games, including the main event of the day and an event that might otherwise be off your radar, and also something to watch if you get tired of the five-ring Olympic circus. It may not be your top choices of the day, but it’ll be what we are most looking forward to.

Main Event
Women’s 100m final – 8PM ET, NBC
OK, so it’s super Saturday at the Olympics meaning 25 finals are happening in 11 events. Crazy, no? So that means a lot going on that will be great. This is what I’m most looking forward too because seeing those women run that fast is crazy amazing. Don’t miss other finals throughout the day. Should be fun.

Other Events
Women’s Doubles Badminton Final – 1:45PM ET, MSNBC
Speaking of finals. Even before this week’s news about eight badminton players disqualified for intentionally losing (so not cool by the way) I would still have had this on my list. It’s my favorite sport to play, but don’t get me wrong, this isn’t your afternoon in the park game. It’s fast. And even with some of the top teams DQ-ed, it still looks to be a good match.

What Else Is On?
Mean Girls – 8PM ET, ABC Family
I know this movie gets re-aired a lot, but it’s a fun movie to watch when you feel you just need some high school girl drama to break up a day of watching sports.

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