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Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – Dreamy

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Once Upon A Time

Original Air Date: Mar 4, 2010

Shannon – Associate Editor

This week is all about Grumpy the dwarf. He wasn’t always cantankerous, you know. Why’d he take a turn for the grouch? Let’s find out!

We open on some fairies flying in the clouds. The blue fairy gives the pink fairy some pixie dust saying it’s the most precious stuff on earth. Pink fairy is also kind of a klutz and some of the dust falls on a giant egg amidst a bunch of other giant eggs. That egg hatches a dwarf. Whoa, it’s Grumpy.

Grumpy aka Leroy in Storybrooke is eating breakfast in the diner. Sneezy/Pharmacist walks in and asks Grumpy to move down to make room for him and his friend. Grumpy won’t move so Sneezy/Pharmacist sneezes on his food. Grumpy is suddenly not hungry. Mary Margaret walks in and asks for volunteers to help her sell candles for Miners’ Day. Grumpy just wants to get by her but she asks him for help. He says that as the town drunk, the only one people in town dislike more than him is her. Mary Margaret feels she has to help the Miners’ Day celebration to get people to forgive her.

Leroy heads in town and the Storybrooke fairy equivalent, Astrid, drops stuff on his head. He is immediately attracted to her. They hit it off. He confesses to her that he wanted to be a sailor. Leroy actually smiles at her.

Emma is checking out Kathryn’s car abandoned by the side of the road. Sidney comes out to do some freelance reporting. Sidney offers to do some digging for Emma when David shows up.

Flashback to fairytale land, Grumpy is getting groomed and he asks about the fairy he saw before he was hatched. Another dwarf explains that there are no female dwarves, they don’t get married and they don’t have children. That’s why they’re hatched. Each dwarf is named by his own pickaxe. As soon as they touch the axe their name magically appears on the handle. We’ve got Stealthy, Happy, Doc, Sleepy, Bashful, and Dopey. Grumpy picks his up and it names him Dreamy. Hmm, that’s interesting.

Mary Margaret and Leroy team up to sell the candles when he sees Astrid getting a dressing down for over-ordering helium and accidentally spending all the nuns’ stipend. Yes, Astrid is a nun. Leroy assures her they will sell all one thousand candles while Mary Margaret watches in horror.

Back at the crash site, Emma questions David about Kathryn’s whereabouts. He says that he hasn’t spoken to Kathryn since the night before. Emma believes him. While that’s happening, Regina is printing Kathryn’s phone records for Sidney. I’m sure those are totally accurate.

Flashback to fairy tale land where the miners are hard at work and whistling. A machine grinds gemstones into fairy dust. Nova, the pink fairy, is struggling to shut off a fairy dust machine when Dreamy comes to her rescue. He asks her who she is because she’s the fairy he saw right before he was hatched. She laments being so clumsy and Dreamy tells her she can do anything as long as she can dream it. She tells Dreamy he’s her hero and tells him about watching the fireflies on the hill later that night.

Back in Storybrooke, the candle selling is not going well so Leroy suggests they go door to door. He says people hate them so much they’ll buy candles to get them to leave. It doesn’t work of course. Because people hate them and people also hate door to door salespeople.

The dwarves are sitting in a tavern when Dreamy laments the fact that he can’t sleep or eat. Belle overhears and tells him he’s in love and that’s his problem. She suggests Dreamy meet Nova on the hill.

Leroy tells Astrid that they sold all the candles which is completely untrue. Mary Margaret is horrified. Leroy has a plan to get the $5000 they need. He attempts to sell his boat to Mr. Gold in exchange for one month’s rent for the nuns. Mr. Gold won’t agree to the terms.

In fairy tale land, Nova and Dreamy watch the fireflies and kiss then agree to sail around the world together. They’ll leave the next night.

Astrid shows up to Leroy’s boat and she sees all the candles he didn’t sell. She is clearly hurt that he lied. What kind of person lies to a nun anyway?

Sidney hands over the phone records (fabricated by Regina) to Emma that show David and Kathryn having a phone conversation an hour before the accident. Sidney says that David is lying. If Emma’s superpower is knowing when someone is lying why can’t she tell that Sidney is lying right now?

Dreamy gets caught sneaking out. He confesses to his brothers that he’s in love and he’s going away. He gets stopped by the head dwarf. The blue dwarf shows up and tells Dreamy that if he lets her go, Nova will be a great fairy. She tells him the choice is his. Nova and Dreamy meet on the hill but Dreamy tells her he can’t go, that he can’t stand the weight of her happiness. While this is all going on you can see Dreamy slipping into Grumpy. It’s all very sad. Dreamy heads back to the mine and asks for his axe. He starts wailing away on a rock and breaks his axe. He asks for another and tells him his name is Grumpy.

Mary Margaret and Grumpy have a drink in the diner. He confesses he didn’t get the money. They get drunk and talk and her she needs to stop feeling sorry for herself and enjoy the memories of the good times she had with David. She wants to know what will end the pain. Leroy hits a power transformer with a pickaxe to knock out the power. Now he’s gonna go sell him some candles. They sell out! Leroy hands Astrid the money and promises she can be the first passenger on his boat once he fixes it up.

The mayor shows up in Emma’s office asking after Kathryn. Emma won’t give up any details and the mayor threatens to have her replaced. Emma finds David at the festival and takes him to the sherriff’s office for questioning. Mary Margaret sees him sitting in the back seat of the squad car.

Honestly, Grumpy has always been my favorite dwarf and it was really cool to see him and “Snow White” working together. I really dug his back story. This was a fun episode. I’m so into this show! What did you think? Leave your two cents!

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