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Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – The Outsider

photo: abc
photo: abc
Once Upon a Time
The Outsider

Original Air Date: Jan 13, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

How will the beast keep his humanity when facing the man that stole his wife? Will the beast lose the little compassion he’s gained? Can true love save the beast? Let’s see, shall we?

In pre-curse Fairytale, Belle is talked into joining a hunt for the Yaoguai – a lion-ish monster with mane of fire terrorizing villages in a far off land – by Dreamy, now known as Grumpy. Dreamy gives Belle some fairy dust as a sendoff gift for talking him into eloping (bad advice).

Belle uses her books to track down the Yaoguai – she’s able to translate Chinese. Unfortunately, she can find the monster but can’t defeat it. She ruins another hunter’s chase – Mulan. Belle offers her tracking service as penance but Mulan declines. Mulan saves Belle from brutes that think bullying a woman is fun. Warrior needs help finding the Yaoguai after all.

They stalk the Yaoguai together but Mulan is hurt from saving Belle. Now that the Yaoguai is spotted, Belle needs to kill it. She uses her brains – girl is tough. She employs the village irrigation system to extinguish the Yaoguai’s fire. Just as she is about to kill it, the Yaoguai starts writing in Chinese – it needs help.

Belle uses the fairy dust on the Yaoguai. The monster turns into Prince Phillip – Maleficent’s curse. He thanks Belle and agrees to help the hurt Mulan – they meet (the start of a sad one-sided love relationship). Belle leaves to save her monster, her beast – she’s saving Rumpel. Unfortunately, Regina captures Belle. Boo, bitch.

In Storybrooke, the passing of Archie hits Henry hard. He’s sad, withdrawn, and calls Archie’s office to hear his voice (creepy). To help with the loss, Emma brings Pongo to live with Henry. Henry seems to be out of his funk. Sadly, the town is in a mighty funk. They want to go home. Now that Storybrooke isn’t as safe as once thought, they want the comforts of home – they’re homesick. Also, what if someone from the outside world comes into Storybrooke and sees magic?

Emma and Snow don’t want to go back – it’s dangerous in Fairytale and no outsider has come into town yet. They want to make Storybrooke their forever home. Snow is thinking of finding a house – the loft is getting tight with three adults, a child and a dog. She’s excited but Charming wants to go back. He knows it’s dangerous in Fairytale but he wants to fight for his home. Snow doesn’t want to fight anymore – she’s tired. I’m with Snow, they have a home and fighting can be tiring. It seems the couple wants different things.

In other Storybrooke news, Rumpel uses Smee as a guinea pig. Gold enchants Smee’s red hat and throws him over the Storybrooke townline. The potion works – Smee is able to remember which means Rumpel can go out and search for Baelfire. Rumpel shares his findings with Belle who’s happy for him, Rumpel is going to use Baelfire’s cloak to enchant. She can’t go with her beast because he has enough potion for one. She understands because she’s perfect!!

Belle goes back to work at the library and is cornered by Hook. She remembers him as the man that broke into her cell at the Queen’s prison. That’s going to be a great flashback! Belle locks herself inside the elevator and calls Rumpel for help. Rumpel rushes over to find Hook gone.

While heading back to Gold’s shop, Rumpel tells Belle half-truths on the Hook/Rumpel rivalry. It is implied that Milah was forcibly taken by Hook and her death was a direct result. Gold’s shop is ransacked and the cloak missing. Rumpel gives Belle a gun for protection just in case Hook comes back. Rumpel is out for blood. Belle doesn’t like to be sidelined – we’ve seen her need for adventure. Belle finds a knotted rope that Hook left behind and using books, realizes it’s used on a ship.

She ventures to the docks and finds the invisible ship. Belle saves Archie, tells him to find Gold and inform Rumpel about the ship. She stays behind to search for the cloak. Hook finds her and she knocks him the hell out. In the process, Hook gets her gun but she gets the cloak.

Rumpel arrives to give Hook a royal beating. Hook had informed Belle how Milah died and he now wants Belle to see Rumpel’s true self. Belle pleads with Rumpel to stop – there is still good in him. Rumpel is touched and stops – the crocodile doesn’t eat the rest of Captain Hook. Belle was right, there is humanity left in the monster.

Later, at the Storybrooke town line, Rumpel enchants the cloak and walks over. He remembers!! He and Belle share a sweet farewell. Alas, it’s a real farewell because Hook shoots Belle and it propels her over the town line. Rumpel is livid – Belle no longer knows her past and it seems like the loss is irreversible (not even with water from Lake Nostos?).

As Rumpel is about to kill Hook with magic fire, a car comes careening into Rumpel. Gold and Belle dodge the car but Hook is hit. As we pan away from the scene of the accident, we see the license plates of the car…it’s from Florida. I guess outsiders are starting to visit and there better be some awesome reason for being able to shoot fire from your hands.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Belle is tougher than she looks. She fights for what she believes in – Rumpel. Now that she doesn’t remember Rumpel, how is the beast going to be saved? Will their love survive? Will this keep Rumpel in Storybrooke for now?

2. How come Lake Nostos cannot recoup the lost memories?

3. Wasn’t it cute that Emma wants to live with her parents? Sweetness

4. Archie is alive and is able to tell Emma and Henry it was Cora and not Regina that’s the faux-murderer. Regina has been vindicated. Now they have to find her to tell her she’s innocent after all. Oops.

5. I think Charming needs to reevaluate his life. I understand the need to go home but sometimes it’s tiring to fight. Now that the whole family it together, isn’t that home? Home is where the heart is – shouldn’t that be with Snow, Emma and Henry? Dude is just infuriating!!!

The plot is chugging along. Cora is missing, probably plotting how to further ruin her daughter’s life. It seems after the curse is broken, outsiders can visit. This is going to lead to trouble. Will Belle survive? (Yes) Will her memory loss lead Rumpel to lose more of his humanity? (I hope not!!) Will Charming and Snow see eye-to-eye on returning to Fairytale? Who do you side with – Charming or Snow? Discuss away!!!!

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