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Once Upon A Time – Recap & Review – The Song in Your Heart

Once Upon A Time
The Song in Your Heart

Original Air Date: May 7, 2017

Jules – Managing Editor

The much anticipated musical episode is finally here! And guess what? It doesn’t disappoint! The musical numbers, written by Alan Zachary and Michael Weiner, weave nicely into the storyline and the whole reason they are singing is even explained in the episode.

Let’s first quick review the plot points then review the catchy musical numbers that moved the stories along nicely.

In Fairytale land that was, Snow and Charming wishing and hoping for their daughter to have a happy ending leads Snow to make a wish that Emma will have what she needs for a happy ending. This explains the whole singing part as we learn that any emotional moment leads to the characters to sing. The Charmings go find Captain Hook to give them safe passage to the Evil Queen, who really isn’t enjoying this whole singing spell. The Evil Queen goes to Rumple to stop the song spell, but Rumple wonders if he chose the right witch to mentor since surely that witch could stop the spell. Apparently, Evil Queen may have not been since Zelena is the one who concocts the antidote the Evil Queen just happens to find. Finally, we learn from Blue that though the music is gone, it can’t go away completely. The singing was created not for the Charmings to use against the Evil Queen, it was for Emma. According to Blue, Emma will one day face a battle that no one has faced before and will have to face it all alone. But she won’t as she’ll have the voices of the people she loves inside her heart and hopes she can conjure it when needed. And to explain how no one remembers the singing, this antidote also erases all memory of the songs come morning so they stay safe.

In Storybrooke, it’s a rocky wedding day for Emma and Hook as Emma prepares solo to stop the Black Fairy. The group figures out that the Black Fairy, aka Rumple’s mom who wasn’t vanquished from the realm, plans on releasing black fairy dust to separate them all with a curse go out when the clock tower strikes 6 p.m., the time of Emma and Hook’s wedding. Regina vows to save Emma’s wedding since she ruined her parents wedding day and with help from is eventually able to concoct a potion, with Zelena’s help, that will stop the first curse from happening in the first place. Meanwhile, Hook knocks Rumple out with some dream shade so Emma can defeat his mother, but Black Fairy’s there to nix that idea and Rumple is able to steal the potion and uses it on the team instead. At the same time Emma confronts the Black Fairy, but it disheartened to learn of her family’s fate in being frozen. Henry gives Emma a pep talk saying she’s doing the right thing. Later, Emma goes back to the Black Fairy to have her take her heart, but Emma’s not dying. That’s because of the song inside her heart. It’s not Emma who figures it out, but Henry who finds these new storybook pages and shows Emma about how her song is her gift. Singing her heart out, Emma is able to break the frozen curse and get her heart back. She and Hook are able to exchange vows in a lovely ceremony. In her vows Emma says that even though she came from true love, doesn’t mean you’ll always find it, but now she has. Awww! The episode ends with the black fairy dust being released into Storybrooke. Hook asks “Where will it take us?” Emma responds with “Wherever we went up. We’re gonna win.”

Musical Numbers

“Powerful Magic” – Prince Charming and Snow White. A cheeky, cute, catchy and up-beat tune from the Charmings about love being a weapon. It gives an expository of why they are singing and it’s so catchy I’m still singing it. “Love is the most powerful magic of all!” Dallas has some soaring vocals and having this as an opening number set a good bar for what to expect from the rest of the musical numbers.

“The Queen Sings” – Evil Queen, Magic Mirror, Dwarfs, Geppetto, Granny and Charmings. This is a brief interlude song that is listed separately than the next song that also includes an excerpt from the previous song. It shows how upset the Evil Queen is at everyone singing in the kingdom after the Magic Mirror explains what is going on.

“Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance” – Evil Queen. This is the Evil Queen’s rocking solo. It’s fun to see the Queen dance and rock out and travels to all the characters saying that love doesn’t stand a chance. Lana Parrilla knocked it out of the park in the only song that is rock inspired.

“Revenge is Gonna Be Mine” – Captain Hook and Pirates. Hook’s solo in the tavern after the Charmings come to find him. After verse one, Snow asks what revenge on who and Hook tells her to wait for the second verse. Ha! Enjoyed this enertaining number with pirates, swords and more choreography than the previous songs. The song staging reminded of the “Gaston” number in Beauty and the Beast.

“Wicked Always Wins” – Wicked Witch Zelena. It’s another fun and catchy song. “Evil may be powerful, but wicked always wins.” We see Zelena roaming around Oz and scarring townsfolk a bit. Mader’s voice doesn’t allow for soaring and belting-ness, but that’s ok because the song was written with her voice in mind. It also weaves the storyline together when she stops to create a new spell to swoop in to show how amazing she is to Rumple. It never happens though.

“Charmings vs. Evil Queen” – Charmings and Evil Queen. This is the face-off in song featuring the music from their previous numbers. A double reprise! It works on so many levels, from moving the story along to explaining what’s happening. I quite enjoy them facing off with the Queen not happy and the Charmings happy the spell i working.

“Emma’s Theme” – Emma Swan. After Henry comes to Emma saying she’s had the music inside of her all along, Emma breaks out in song to awaken her family and friends. I learned that the music for this song was based on Emma’s theme music since the series started, which is so cool. Morrison has a nice, sweet voice that lends itself well in this moment that then crescendos when she again needs to find her strength within to hold off the Black Fairy (for now).

“A Happy Beginning” – ALL. After the wedding, Emma says it’s not a “happy ending,” but a “happy beginning.” The big musical number to close the episode was just darling with lots of singing, dancing and smiling, happy faces. I liked how Regina’s voice is different from when she was singing as Evil Queen. I loved that everyone chipped in a line or so for this very catchy tune. “Leave the past and all it’s scars, a happy beginning now is ours.” One thing though, when the clock rings and the curse is released, how did the Charmings get baby Neal so quickly?

So what did you think? Did you enjoy the musical episode as much as I did? Were the songs catchy? Have a favorite? I can’t choose, they are all still stuck in my head, but I think the final song is most stuck at the moment. The songs are also available for download on iTunes! Share your TwoCents below and the season finale is next week!

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