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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – Beneath Her Heart

Orphan Black
Beneath Her Heart

Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

After seeing very little of Alison in the first two episodes of the season, this week is all about Alison and her role in the sestra-hood and some flashbacks to get more of a background on one of the original sisters.

Alison flashbacks. Alison and Donnie are having dinner with neighbors Aynsley and her husband Chad. If you’ve forgotten, Aynsley is who Alison suspected as her monitor, slept with Chad, and then Aynsley died when her scarf got tangled in the garbage disposal and Alison didn’t help her. Beth is calling Alison to get her to accept the whole clone issue, but Alison blows it off saying they just happen to look alike and that’s it. Beth thinks seeing another clone may help Alison believe better, so she contacts Cosima to drop by. There’s one issue thought. Aynsley and Chad brought over “magic mushrooms” and Donnie refuses, but Alison decides to go for it. High on mushrooms, Alison gets a text from Beth to go outside where she meets Cosima. It trips Alison up a bit seeing Cosima in a heightened sense, but after starring at her a bit, Alison goes back inside the house, but not before Cosima calls her out for being high. Still high, Alison delivers one amazing monologue to Donnie about why she has the face and life she has and the meaning of it all. Specifically to Donnie (who is not high), she adds “sometimes, you look at me so strangely, it’s like our entire life is a lie.” That’s pretty spot on now knowing that Donnie is in fact Alison’s monitor. Not showing nervousness, Donnie explains this as the mushrooms will wear off in a couple hours. Later, Alison and Aynsley are on the lawn when Alison asks her friend is there is more to life than suburbia. Aynsley says that if there is a bigger purpose for her, tries to explain it away as a bad trip, but she gets existential again laying on the lawn with Aynsley. “Do you think this is all there is for us, Bailey Downs?” Aynsley replies that their lives are good in this little suburb, but if Alison believes there’s a bigger purpose for her, she should trust that.

Alison present day. Donnie is back with Alison and says he has no idea where Helena is. With nothing to offer, Neo guy Mr. Frontenac hones in on what Alison’s value could be (Helena and Sarah are fertile and Cosima is a great scientist) since MK had more than she at the moment. Sarah, Kira, Mrs. S and Felix have a wake for MK, which Alison and Donnie watch video video chat. Down on the dumps, Alison goes back to her “useless life,” but Donnie convinces her to go to the Fall Fun Fair since they are the entertainment. Before they head out, Alison finds a bottle of prescription pills in a cabinet and pockets them.

Alison goes to the fair and is immediately met by new organizer Nona, who doesn’t want Alison to undermine her. Alison walks away and sites down to pop one of her pills and thus breaking her sobriety. She then pours the whole bottle of pills into a full juice bottle. Alison offers said bottle to Nona as a peace offering since she may get thirsty. Before Nona takes a swig, Alison takes it back when the priest sees the two o them getting along nicely. Alison then runs into Chad and his children. He laments that maybe if he wasn’t thrown out of the house, he could have saved his late wife, while he know what Alison didn’t do. Things are going south for Alison, so when she sees her former dealer Ramon, they end drinking and smoking in the car. Alison has completely relapsed to the point the pair take over the kid’s bouncy house.

In a move to get Helena’s whereabouts, Rachel issues a search warrant for Maddie and Art to search the Hendrix house regarding the deaths of Portuguese gangsters and a bloody paper cutter (aka death of Pouchy that Helena committed back in season 3). When they show up to the house, Donnie’s all dressed and ready for his Highland dancing later, but has to let them inside as he goes to the fair, but does let it slip to Art to keep the police out of the garage. Donnie later tells Alison this, who is just as upset as before as they explain away all their actions up to this point, from the dead bodies and each of them having killed someone, from Leekie to Aynsley.

Later, Art does spot Maddie in the garage and sees her planting evidence, but she knows Helena did the crime because of the clone DNA. Maddie then notices that there’s a grave possibly in the basement so she starts jackhammer-ing. In case you forgot, Leekie and a dead castor clone are in there. Back at the Fair and after his moment with Alison and using her phone, Donnie calls Sarah, who is at Felix’s where he’s making her sit for a painting. Donnie tells them who Alison’s relapsed and the Neo cops are searching his home. Felix and Sarah drop everything to go help out, while a little more relieved, Donnie downs the entire juice bottle that Alison poured the pills into earlier. This won’t end well.

Chad and Alison talk at the Fair where Alison tries to admit that Aynsley’s death was her fault, but Chad defends her saying she can’t change what happened and to honor Ainsley, they must move forward. Alison cries and says Thank You. Donnie performs his Highland dancing just as Felix arrives. All is well until Donnie falls down and backstage Alison sees the empty juice bottle. Eventually Donnie face plants on stage and passes out. Alison and Felix rush to the stage, calling it a medical condition Donnie is having. After Nona makes a snide remark about the couple, Alison calls her and everyone in the audience hypocrites and how many of them bought pills from her. Alison then mentions how she’s part of a bigger sisterhood none of them would understand, but Felix pulls her offstage before she can say anything more.

Back at the Hendrix house, Art is now digging when he sees Sarah in the window. Art eventually gets Sarah to divulge who exactly is buried in the garage. Sarah explains that it was an accident and that Rachel can’t know. Sarah talks with Felix, Alison and Donnie about what to do next. Donnie then promises to tell where Helena is and while Alison is upset, she doesn’t want Helena’s whereabouts to be given up. So Alison comes up with a plan and leaves saying she’s going to make herself useful for once as Maddie has found the squishy in the garage. Eek.

Alison goes to see Rachel – the two’s first meeting believe it or not. And what has Alison brought Ms. Duncan? Dr. Leekie’s skull! Alison explains that it was an accident and “Dr. Leekie pushed Donnie over the edge and he didn’t have basic firearm safety.” Rachel says that if they tell her where Helena is, her group will ignore the dead bodies in the garage. Alison says fine, but knows that all lines lead back to Rachel and Dyad, and that can’t be good for her new boss. So Alison orders Rachel to call off the Neos from her home. Rachel calls Maddie, who has now found the dead headless body. Art is standing over her with a fun pointed at her while she answers the phones. Once Rachel tells Maddie to discard the bodies discretely, Art pulls back and Maddie is not too happy. But yay for Alison!

Donnie is happy Alison went toe to toe with Rachel and didn’t give up Helena and won! Alison then tells Donnie that she needs to go away from awhile to see the kids (because where are they???) and find who she is. Then the Hendrixes performs the duet they didn’t get a chance to at the Fair.

Elsewhere in the episode, Rachel shows Kira a mouse who is able to grow back his own skin and fur for protection. Kira takes this mouse home and doesn’t say anything to Mrs. S about the Rachel sessions. After Mrs. S leaves, Kira pulls out a pocket knife from a drawer, but what for?

The episode ends with us seeing where Helena is. She’s with a nun, writing in code into a journal.

What did you think? Enjoyed all the Alison context and was glad to see more of Mrs. Hendrix this week. Share your thoughts below!

Next week: Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil

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