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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – Clutch of Greed

Orphan Black
Clutch of Greed

Original Air Date: Jun 17, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Episode two picks up where we left off and important decisions need to be made, mostly by Sarah and we also get to finally meet PT Westmoreland in the flesh. Let’s get a recap of the episode and update on all the clones.

Sarah: Sarah’s now in the hands of Rachel, who wants her to “behave” and come over to the Neo side. Rachel even gets live video messages from Cosima, Alison and Art for Sarah to come in. Eventually, Rachel reunites Sarah with Mrs. S. and Kira and with their encouragement, Sarah agrees to the deal and they’re taken home and all reunited with Felix. Ferdinand tells them that Kira will go to school and after day one, Rachel will pick her up for testing at Dyad, but the second he leaves, all these agreements go out the door and Sarah wants to get out of it all. Despite the house being constantly watched and Mrs. S’ people too, Felix sneaks out (since he and Sarah were masters of sneaking out of Mrs. S’s) to help set up a plan, while Sarah takes Kira to school. Sarah ends up working with M.K. to set up an escape plan and involves Sarah dressed as Rachel to take Kira. Sarah won’t leave without M.K, too, but she refuses (more on that later) as Ferdinand is closing in. When the whole group meets up for Sarah and Kira to leave, Kira refuses and wants to go with Rachel. She wants to know “why I’m like this” and Mrs. S even backs her up saying they can’t run from it any longer. Visibly upset, Sarah agrees and they turn themselves in again. Ira is reunited with Rachel and off Kira goes for her testing. As much as I and I’m sure all the clones want answers, this was an emotional moment for Sarah.

M.K.: After being found in Felix’s loft, M.K. reveals to Sarah and Felix that she’s been sick and for awhile and that Rachel wants to start human cloning. M.K. is a great resource helping Sarah out during the Kira escape, but her refusal to go is because she wants to stop running and just let go. Her goodbye with Sarah, apparently taken in one single take, is just heartbreaking. M.K. was just getting integrated with the clones and now she’s choosing to stay behind. Her bursts saying she wants to know about Westmoreland and how he builds his power and everything if just everything we want to know, too. M.K. buys Sarah some time as they switch clothing so M.K. is dressed as Rachel as Ferdinand comes up the loft walk. Sarah sneaks out, as Ferdinand busts into the loft. He recognizes M.K. as they do have a history (Helsinki) and he takes the opportunity to get all his aggression out on both M.K. and Rachel at the same time. He yells about getting the last surviving member of Helsinki and the person who stole his money and the woman who hurt him while stomping on her chest, killing her in a most brutal fashion. We will miss you M.K.

Cosima: With the trials underway, Cosima is curious about one of the new kids, Aisha and her ailment that brought her to Revival. Charlotte introduces her, but before Cosima can fully examine Aisha, she’s met by Mudd and unnamed Revival man. Mudd takes Cosima to the mansion to meet Westmoreland. Did anyone take anything from Mudd saying she lives here as in at the mansion? Cosima sees a photo of Westmoreland with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and apparently one of Darwin’s tortoises from the 1800s. And then the man behind it all, PT Westmoreland. He looks like a normal older gentleman, but who he is and why he’s still alive is still a mystery. He shows Cosima her first results from the trial and it’s looking to be effective. He tells her that she can also have full access to the lab to cure herself and her sestras. Westmoreland also asks her about continuing her work after the trial is over here on the island. What will Cosima do?

Rachel: Rachel exercises all the cards she holds on Sarah in this episode, getting her to cooperate and getting what she wants, which is Kira, to study her. Rachel also has a strong hold on Ferdinand as she continues to want to keep all the clones intact and is none too happy when she learns Ferdinand disobeyed her and asks him to leave.

Helena: In the hospital, Helena, acting as Alison gets the impalement out, but the wound on one I of the babies seems to be no longer visible. It’s “remarkable” and it seems Helena’s babies may be special, too. The neo-natal Doctor wants to take a look and Helena thinking that means Neolution is worried and doesn’t want any doctor doing anything including the amniocentesis. Before the procedure Helena whispers something to Donnie about a secret meet up place he swears not to tell anyone but Sarah. Donnie gets taken away by police for questioning while the doctor meets with Helena to do the amniocenteses. When Helena sees the needle and is scared the babies’ DNA will be taken you know something bad is going to happen. Helena ends up stabing the doctor with the needle through her cheek and tongue and to the examining table. Oh my!! Then Helena runs away. As Donnie sees what happens, he quietly runs away to look for Helena.

The episode ends with a knock on Mrs. S’s door and it’s Delphine. She doesn’t want anyone, especially Sarah to know she’s here and speaking with her. Mrs. S agrees to hear her out.

Next week: Beneath Her Heart

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