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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – The Few Who Dare

Orphan Black
The Few Who Dare

Original Air Date: Jun 10, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

It’s the beginning of the end for Orphan Black as the fifth and final season premiere aired. If you can’t remember what where we last saw our clones, click here> In summary, Rachel attacked Sarah, Cosima and Delphine reunite, and Alison, Donnie and Helena are still in the woods.

Cosima: Cosima wakes up in her hut locked inside, no Delphine or medicine, just a note she finds saying “Whatever happens, follow my lead.” She’s soon met by Mud, who shows Cosima around the self-sufficient village known as “Revival.” She also informs Cosima she can’t talk to her sestras, that Susan may be ok, and that the compound is to genetically improve the human race. Cosima soon finds Charlotte, unharmed and has to listen to a Rachel speech about that sacrifice of over 200 years of Neolution. Fun insight, Sarah sees part of this speech, too. Delphine returns and explains that the island is the heart of Neolution created by Westmoreland as a pro-longevity study. She also tells Cosima that she’s going to Sardinia and tells Cosima to follow the science and that the meds are in the medical trailer. Cosima sneaks inside the trailer in the night and is soon met by Sarah who has made her journey here. Sarah tells her that she wants to take Cosima home, but she wants to stay for them to work with Neolutionists. Sarah doesn’t fight it and leaves, while Cosima tries to stick her medicine inside herself while being searched for in the village for running away. Before Cosima can do it, she’s found by Rachel who confesses she knew some of the cell line was missing (that Cosima stole) and says she’s just as invested in the science as she is and agrees to stick Cosima and does.

Sarah: Sarah is severely injured and still hobbling along on the island. She manages to make one last call to Felix to tell him that Ferdinand has Mrs. S and Kira and that she won’t get off the island without Cosima. On the phone Ira is able to tell Sarah about the boathouse next to the village. Sarah and Felix are notably surprised there’s a village on the island. Sarah is in survival mode and needing kindling and on her last match, she must use a photo of Kira to start a fire. She then uses a tampon to contain the bleeding on her leg. No time to rest as she’s soon attacked by a crazy man or other in the middle of the island woods. In the morning she comes across the boathouse, but there are men searching for her to bring back to “Revival.” Sarah continues on her journey across the island and stumbles across a dead animal while the men are still on their tails of her. Apparently it really isn’t safe out in the woods solo. Eventually Sarah finds Cosima, but she won’t leave. Sarah returns to the boathouse, now abandoned, but is soon found and shot with a tranquilizer. And Rachel appears saying “It’s a new day.”

Felix: Felix goes to the safe house and Art goes there, too. Their encounter with one another is quite entertaining for a second. A bloody corkscrew indicates Mrs. S likely got a piece of Ferdinand before being taken away. Go Mrs. S! Art tells Felix to have the Hendrixes stay put. Eventually, Felix and team agree to reach out to MK while he yells at Ira to pick a side when he holds back intel on Revival. Felix’s return trip to the safehouse ends with a face to face with one Mr. Frontenac who is on Rachel’s side.

Art: Art gets a new work partner, Maddie Engers, and it looks like we won’t like her.

Alison, Donnie and Helena: Still camping in the woods and when Alison and Donnie get word from Felix to stay put what does Alison do? Pack! Donnie and Helene bird calling to communicate was awesome, but when Donnie hears maybe a warning sign, it’s too late. Two guys in all black kidnap Alison and all Donnie does is run away with suitcase in tow! Apparently the kidnap was orchestrated by Maddie, who is a Neolutionist. She and Art interrogate Alison on Helena’s whereabouts which ends with Maddie putting a gun to Art’s head, threatening him if they don’t say anything. This will not end well. Meanwhile, Donnie finds the van, but is then met by a man with a gun, but there’s Helena sneaking up on him. Donnie’s “Oh jesus” was just priceless when he sees Helena. While they are able to knock the bad guy out, Helena gets stabbed with a stick in the belly. Uh oh.

So what are your thoughts on the premiere. A lot to process and a lot up in the air. The final season should be one crazy ride. Share your thoughts below!

Next week: Clutch of Greed

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