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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – Ease for Idle Millionaires

Orphan Black
Ease for Idle Millionaires

Original Air Date: Jul 8, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Another week and second week now without Alison and no Felix and Adele for that matter, too. This week’s episode is all about science to tie a lot of the Neolution stories together. Maybe too much science, but it’s a nice change of pace and there’s still even a funny moment. Let’s get to what happens in “Ease for Idle Millionaires.”

Cosima: Cosima extracts DNA from the tooth and it reminds her of when she found out her own DNA restricted intellectual property of Dyad. Delphine was there and reminds her they don’t have everything of her and then they make out and then Cosima wakes up. There’s commotion outside in the village as the “monster” (really the first human test subject gone bad) has attacked another person. Revival by now know it’s most definitely not a bear and it’s time to hunt it. So the village goes on lockdown and a group go out. Mud tells Cosima that he wasn’t always so dangerous and how he even had his own room, but after a new round of experiments he was locked up in the basement and she couldn’t bear to see him like that and set him free.

Delphine is back on the island and Cosima’s a little upset that she didn’t come see her first. Delphine can’t reveal what she’s doing on the outside too much. The two of them figure out the connection between Aisha and the experiment gone wrong. It was something to do with Lin28A, the same gene Leekie was studying in spiny mice. When she learns about the other experiment, Delphine urges Cosima to not dig any deeper as PT knows what she is up, too and that Kira is not being experimented on. PT’s messenger arrives and says Delphine’s presence it requested at the house. Cosima invites herself, but he says she’s not invited. At the last moment, Cosima blurts out that she knows about Lin28A and so the three now head to the house. When they arrive, the messenger says PT requires that they dress appropriately for the meal and take them to a room full of formal wear. Delphine urges Cosima to “play along” and Cosima agrees and after exclaiming “frock that” to a dress, she dons a tux instead in probably the one lighter moment of the episode.

Delphine is asked to speak to PT alone, while Cosima enters the main dining area where Susan and Ira are. During dinner PT asks Cosima about her parents, who we learn are professors who live on a houseboat and still think she’s in school. She admits she hasn’t talked to them in awhile, but it’s not unusual, and that she’s not ready to tell them the truth about everything. Rachel arrives and Cosima realizes that Rachel found Lin28A in Kira. Rachel then gets up to leave, PT reveals that Delphine ratted Cosima out about the “monster” and Delphine has to go to Geneva. Everyone leaves the dinner, while Cosima confronts Delphine about ratting her out and what is going on in Geneva. Delphine says that Felix and Adele are there to work on the “end game,” but that’s all she can say. Delphine also reminds Cosima of the promises they made when Cosima learned when she was sick and that still holds true – that Delphine would protect her and Cosima would defy them. PT wants to divide them and they need to play along. The two kiss and make up and depart.

Cosima goes back to the diner table where PT and Susan still are and confront them again about the gene – PT’s fountain of youth gene. PT gives some background saying they found him in a Latvia orphanage and that he was their first Lin28A subject. Susan says she synthesized the gene and put in the Leda genome hoping they would have the accelerated healing power, which they didn’t, but it did manifest in the second generation of Kira. This makes sense because Helena’s babies have it, too. Their discussion is cut short when Mud and hunters come in saying the “monster” – who attacked a hunter but stopped short of killing Mud – is not in the house.

Susan and Cosima are taken to a room with Ira. Cosima asks about Kira and Susan reveals the plan of how Dyad plans on harvesting Kira’s eggs and to test it on 1,300 surrogates they have at the ready. Cosima points out that Kira is just a kid and wants Susan to stop it, but she says it’s better to keep PT in line than fight it. So Cosima leaves to go stop him herself. And is that Ira glitching when Cosima leaves? Cosima runs into Mud who gives our monster a name – Yanis. Mud says it’s all been happening because PT isn’t well. Music starts to play and Mud tells Cosima not to go to the basement and then runs away.

Cosima goes to the basement and finds PT there and Yanis, who has been injured, chained up. PT says he only wanted to come home. Cosima points out that PT is dying and that Yanis is his legacy and why have all this suffering when all PT wanted was to extend his life. PT picks up a gun he received earlier gives it to Cosima to point at Yanis to do the “ethical thing” to end the suffering. Cosima can’t and says “You gave me life. I know you can take that away, but you can’t take away my humanity.” She then goes to apologize to Yanis and then introduces herself when PT shoots him square in the forehead. Seriously, how much does Cosima have to endure with deaths? And now she’s trapped in the basement

Sarah, Kira, Mrs. S: Sarah asks Kira that if she can teach her that connection she has with the clones, Sarah will tell her all the grown up stuff that is happening. Meanwhile, Mrs. S tries to put all the pieces together with her timeline that the guys are working on. In addition, Mrs. S makes special note to focus on men who may have died in the 1950s because that’s the same time Neolution was revived. Could the current PT not be the same from the 1800s? Maybe! Later Sarah tells Mrs. S that Kira wants to be in on what is happened. Kira admits she wants to be a “hussler” too to help gain Rachel’s trust. And how does one do that? You figure out what they want and give it to them without them knowing it. But what does Rachel want Later that evening, Delphine visits Mrs. S again and gives her a flash drive with all of the details of Dyad and what they are doing with Kira. She asks if Mrs. S’s deep throat who led them to Coady can be trusted (so not Delphine who told her!) and says it’s all happening soon.

Rachel: Rachel is given Cosima’s treatment by PT as a “thank you.” PT then urges Rachel to see her mother and the two are briefly reunited – and with no knives around! Susan tells Rachel she needs help with the new cloning project with Kira, but Rachel says she’s still in charge.

What are your thoughts? There are only five episodes before the end, so I think we’re setting up for a good final five. Share your thoughts below.

Next week: Manacled Slim Wrists

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