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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – Gag or Throttle

Orphan Black
Gag or Throttle

Original Air Date: Jul 22, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

We’re down to the last few episodes and things get heated this week as Rachel makes allegiances and we also finally get the return of Alison! Let’s get to what happened this week.

Flashback Rachel: In flashbacks we are reminded that Rachel was made self-aware at a young age and working with Dr. Leekie. Not only does she know about the other Leda clones, but she knows their special ID numbers in their DNA to tell them apart. These flashbacks also remind us how Rachel was basically a Dyad lab experiment and wasn’t exempt from experiments and couldn’t know her results. We’re also reminded that Rachel was likely never a good person. When she was older and had long hair, Rachel had a fellow clone killed so an autopsy could be performed to find out more about the Leda disease.

Rachel, part 1: Rachel has a meeting with the Dyad board and tells them how Coady is not the new lead scientist and that they’ve found their “modern day Eve” and introduces Kira to the board. Kira’s been at Dyad a day and has to stay at least another because hormone injections take some time to take effect. Kira wants to talk to her mother and vice versa, but everyone’s been denied, but Kira does make Rachel a friendship bracelet. Rachel take a brief leave as she goes to Revival to pay her respects to Susan, who is officially dead and it looks like Ira is too (his grave next to Susan’s). We get a more recent flashback that shows PT asking Rachel to run Dyad and how he sees her as a daughter and that he later made her sign a contract releasing her as Neolution property and how she’s now free. But in reality and present day, she’s not since right after Rachel meets Coady for the first time, PT has Coady examine her to check in on the effectiveness of Cosima’s treatments. Later Rachel gives PT an update on Kira and that they are ready to harvest her eggs in 24 hours. After the surgery, PT wants to bring Kira to the island. Rachel doesn’t want to, but PT insists and wonder’s who side she is arguing for. Before Rachel leaves the island, she spots PT’s tablet and picks it up, noticing that she sees herself holding the tablet. Seems PT has been keeping tabs on Rachel via her bionic eye. Is that creepy for ya?

Sarah and Cosima: Cosima made it off the island with Charlotte and the cure and is reunited with Scott and it’s wonderful. And as a nice ploy, Cosima ran the boat back the way it came so they can’t find out where she is. For Sarah, her denial to talk to her daughter has Mrs. S wanting to storm the gates, but they have to find another way and not lose their heads. Cosima then gives Sarah and Mrs. S the bad news about Dyad wanting to harvest Kira’s eggs and that they probably have one more day to get Kira back. Cosima also says they may have the leverage they need about seeing a photo of a young PT and how he’s a fraud. Lastly, Cosima tells them, including a beamed in Alison in California, that Coady is on the island and that it likely didn’t end well for Susan. So Mrs. S and Sarah look into the intel Adele’s got about following the Neo-money trail that leads to some Kuwaiti consultant. Mrs. S says Kira will find a way to talk to them and eventually, Kira does. Through her drawings and stories, Kira is able to relay to her mom that Rachel is taking her to the island. While that happened, Cosima and the guys found the real PT – John Patrick Mathieson, presumed dead, but no body was ever found. This matches up with Susan last week calling PT John. Cosima calls Sarah and Sarah relays the intel to Rachel, urging her to tell her board, but Rachel calls her the nuisance clone and that it’s out of their hands (knowing PT is listening/watching). Sarah then collapses onto the floor in tears.

Rachel, part 2: Back at Dyad, Rachel is drinking too much and watching old home movies. Kira asks who hurt Rachel and she says all of them. Kira is introduced to PT, who can’t wait to meet her, while Kira just wants to go home. Before Rachel gives Kira the sedative before her surgery, Kira asks her if she liked being studied when she was her age. Rachel claims not to remember. Rachel then sees herself and asks “Why don’t you run?” But where would she go is the response she gets. Rachel then tells Mr. F about the blackmailing and asks him to “take care of” Sarah and Mrs. S, while right after she sends a text to someone saying she’s not joking, but out of eyesight from PT. The message is to Art, who soon arrives at Mrs. S’s to take them out before Mr. F finds them. When he finds no one home, Mr. F calls PT, who asks them to return at once. Meanwhile, Rachel goes to a meditation room, closes her eyes and then puts a patch on her bionic left eye so PT can’t see anything. Despite being inebriated, Rachel is able to get Kira out of the secure room and wheel her off to an elevator to an awaiting Sarah, Mrs. S and Art. Mrs. says mouths a “thank you” as the doors close. Rachel then sends the board the intel about PT really being John, while PT continues to call her with no answer. Rachel eventually takes off the eye patch and in likely the most gruesome moment of the season, Rachel breaks her wine glass and takes the tip to gouge her bionic eye out of its socket as PT watches. It’s bloody and she’s bleeding everywhere, but seems to be alive…for now.

Coady and Castor: Coady brings Mark to the island as her “special guest.” She tells him he’s the last one left and wants to find a cure for him, but she’ll need samples. Plus, Mark has something Coady wants…how to find Helena. Cut to Helena being visited by Gracie aka Mark’s wife.

Alison: So Alison’s back and with shorter hair and purple highlights – she wanted something “creative and free.” I enjoyed Donnie cleaning up the house and tidying everything up before his wife’s return. Alison also has a new tattoo saying “live deep,” although to Donnie it looks like “liver deep.” Alison’s taking a new approach to life now and is ready to clear her craft corner and turn it into a music haven. This should all be interesting.

A lot happened as Rachel’s allegiance has changed and should have more PT consequences. And will Sarah and Kira be safe? What about Helena? Share your thoughts below.

Next week: Guillotines Decide

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