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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – Guillotines Decide

Orphan Black
Guillotines Decide

Original Air Date: Jul 29, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

It’s beginning to feel a lot of the end. After tonight’s episode there are only two more left of the series and while tonight some major storylines move a lot forward, the number of stories left are waning. Since many of the storylines weaved together, let’s get the sole stand alone out of the way first.

Helena: After being visited by Gracie last week, Helena allows her to stay but has to clean around the convent. Gracie says Mark died two weeks ago and that she found Helena after all the stories she told about Sister Irene. While Gracie says this, Helena knows she can’t trust her, but does remind Gracie that she still has family – her half siblings who are inside her (if you’ll recall, Gracie’s dad impregnated Helena with her eggs and his sperm). Later, Gracie secretly calls Mark claiming she hasn’t found Helena yet. On the other end, Coady is with Mark and she asks him “Is she lying?” Later, Helena comes back to Gracie saying, “Clean floor, dirty heart.” That’s because she’s found Gracie’s cell phone. Gracie says she told him nothing, but it’s a cell phone, they can track her. Helena says they have to leave and tosses the phone in the toilet. They don’t make it out though. Art’s partner Maddie and her goons grab Helena. Knowing Gracie betrayed them, Maddie shots Gracie in front of all of them. RIP Gracie and pray for Helena’s babies.

Rachel, Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Mrs. S, Delphine: After the events of last week, it seems Rachel will be letting herself bleed out at Dyad until she’s rescued by none other than Ferdinand! Back at Mrs. S.’s home, Kira is back and she’s being sent off to stay with Art’s ex and his daughter along with Charlotte. Cosima and Delphine are reunited while Felix and Adele are reunited with Sarah and Mrs. S! Everyone’s back in the same place. Plus Felix’s art opening is tonight, first in two years and while it seems like a lot of “take a break” from the Neolution fuss, Mrs. S insists that they’ve all earned a break. Alison and Donnie are also chipping in to lend a hand for Felix’s show, for which Alison has a performance idea to go with it, which Felix is not in to.

Before the show, Delphine and Mrs. S find ways to step away from their loved ones to meet up with Rachel and Ferdinand. Seems Ferdinand was Mrs. S. secret source to Coady and Mrs. S is the one who called Ferdinand to save Rachel. Mrs. S and Delphine haven’t forgotten Ferdinand as the person who killed MK, but they put their differences aside to take down Neolution or otherwise they all go down. During a Mrs. S and Rachel one on one, Mrs. S says that Nelotion wants to sell curated commercialized evolution to the 1% who can afford it and live forever, while everyone else would be under Coady’s project and targeted for sterilization. They have all the information about the bribery of foreign governments for DNA samples, but don’t have the evidence. That’s where Rachel comes in. Mrs. S is willing to take a gamble of nature over nurture with Rachel to provide all the supporting evidence they need to back up their claims as Mrs. S suspects Rachel to have kept a “shadow” file now after she left Dyad. Mrs. S reminds Rachel that this take down could make her free for good.

It’s time for Felix’s show and he’s desperately trying to shoo Alison out (Donnie’s manning the drinks) because of clone overlap, but all Felix’s paintings are of the sestras, so why not make it part of the show? Plus, there’s a big wig art dealer Felix invited and he has to be inventive. So with that, Alison is introduced as sister Hestia, Goddess of hearth and home. And thus begins the “clone swap.” Next up is Cosima, who is introduced as Metis, Goddess of wisdom and deep thought and ends up with her dancing on a canvas and I have clone dance flashbacks.

Sarah learns from a rambling Adele that Delphine met with Ferdinand and that he must be the secret source Mrs. S had that led them to Coady. Speaking of Ferdinand, Rachel shows him the files from Delphine and then says that indeed she has a smoking gun, she has names, dates, and amounts of shady payments on a tiny thumb drive in her necklace. Ferdinand is positively giddy about it and ready to extort the board to amass an “obscene” fortune by threatening to expose all their secrets. Rachel offers up a different plan where they just make the information public and go off the grid forever, allowing Rachel total freedom after all her years as a lab experiment. But Ferdinand still wants his dynasty.

Party continues and I loved when Felix confronts Delphine about being up to something with Mrs. S and she doesn’t deny it! It’s good enough for Felix to move on from it. Sarah’s here now, telling Felix about Ferdinand and Mrs. S, but it doesn’t matter, it’s show night and Felix introduces Sarah as Athena, Goddess of war. All the sestra intros were perfect. Also, did one notice Krystal’s painting? I only wishes she was there, too.

Back at home, Mrs. S is putting together a flower bouquet, penning an emotional letter, and clocking multiple guns. Whatever’s going to happen may not end happily. Delphine gets a text from someone saying “we’re in business” and leaves. From Rachel? Art notices and tells Sarah who says shit is going down and then they end up in front of the painting of Beth.

At the board meeting, Ferdinand shows up ready to show the evidence and ask for demands, but when he puts in the thumb drive, it’s got nothing. That’s because Mrs. S has them. Rachel the double-crossed! The Board is upset, ready to take down Ferdinand, but some how escapes, as he always does. It wasn’t the death trap end Rachel had hoped for.

Back at Felix’s show, Mrs. S finally arrives with her flowers while Sarah pounces for information. Mrs. S says Rachel gave them all the evidence about the shady dealings and years of Neo experimentation to go public and we cut to Delphine and Cosima at home in front of the computer. Cosima does the honor of hitting send and sending it to the outside world all the information they’ve gathered. Seeing Cosima in happy tears makes me teary, too.

Felix’s show ends and he intros his real muse, his sister, Sarah. His speech to Sarah and Mrs. S is full of authenticity and really moved me. “We are who we are because she carried two little London urchins on her way to Canada. Watching her raise my sister, watching my sister raise her own daughter, finding my biological sister…has taught me that we are all mysterious works of chance, of choice, of nature vs nurture. So to my galaxy of women, thank you for nurture.”

Ferdinand returns to Rachel, who says she told him what she wanted and Ferdinand wanted something else. Ferdinand tries to choke Rachel to death, but stops short. Right after Rachel calls Mrs. S saying Ferdinand made it out and it seems Mrs. S knew that might have happened and exists Felix’s party. Rachel ends the conversation with a solemn goodbye.

Mrs. S enters her home slowly because she knows Ferdinand is there searching for the evidence. They both have guns pointing at each other, but put them down at Mrs. S insistence. She say all the info is going public right now and that while it’s obvious now that Mrs. S stashed guns around her home, Ferdinand found one or had an extra one because he shoots Mrs. S in the chest. Mrs. S is bleeding out and sits down in a chair and calmly asks Ferdinand to get a photograph she has on the mantel of Sarah and Felix. While he does that, she slowly grabs a gun Ferdinand didn’t find in the chair and shoots him in the throat. Ferdinand dies as Mrs. S holds the photograph and says “Chickens,” and then drops the photograph. Noooooooo!!!

What did you think? I didn’t expect every character to last the whole series and tonight we lost two more. If Mrs. S is indeed dead, I couldn’t have imagined a better way to go for her to go out, so calm, cool and collected. Also, nice to have a Felix centered-ish ep after being gone for a few episodes. Share your thoughts below!

Next week: One Fettered Slave

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