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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil

Orphan Black
Let the Children & the Childbearers Toil

Original Air Date: Jul 1, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

After a week focusing on Alison, this week we are back to our usual fair of Sarah, Mrs. S and some Cosima thrown in and no Alison at all, which was slightly disappointing after last week. But that’s ok because we get a little more history of Neolution, while a few familiar faces return.

Sarah and Mrs. S: Sarah asks Kira about what Rachel is doing, but she says nothing. Sarah then finds a huge cut on Kira’s arm and shows Felix and Mrs. S and thinks it’s Rachel’s doing, but Kira argues she cut herself because she wanted to see how fast she could heal. Mrs. S orders Felix to take Kira for a sleepover as Mrs. S takes Sarah to follow a lead as they only have three days until Kira’s next visit to Dyad. Meanwhile, Mrs. S has Scott and his team continue to find the complete history of Westmoreland and Neolution. Sarah and Mrs. S go to make their mark at a bar – a Dr. Elizabeth Perkins who may have a key to Westmoreland, but first they need her ID. Mrs. S tells Sarah that Perkins has a daughter that she’s suing and it makes for the perfect set up. The mother-daughter duo make a scene that ends with Sarah throwing her drink in Mrs S’s face and taking Dr. Perksins’ wallet in a aftermath. Dr. Perkins offers Mrs. S to sit and have another drink while Sarah goes through her wallet. Sarah returns after the psychologist doctor analyzes their situation and just in time before the Dr. Perkins figures out her wallet is missing.

Dr. Perkins is in town to meet with some case studies, one of which is Neolution defector Alex Ripley at a nearby mental health facility. Sarah questions who is feeding Mrs. S this intel, but she doesn’t give in, but I think we know who right? This probably explains Delphine meeting with Mrs. S at the end of last week’s episode that we haven’t seen play out. Before the pair go to the facility, Sarah takes a detour to a convent to see Helena. Mrs. S. slips off as Helena and Sarah chat. Helena’s writing her memoirs and tells Sarah that she also cut herself when she was small like Kira and stopped once she accepted her sisters. Sarah explains how Kira feels all the sestras as Helena waits for her miracle babies. When the sestras are done, Sarah is met by Mrs. S dressed as Dr. Perkins. They will go into the facility the doctor and a bumbling PhD student assistant.

There’s not much time for the pair to claim a mistake in the scheduling with Dr. Nimitz and patients by assistant Sarah, but they get the guy on duty to issue them visitor badges to walk around the facility. They have 30 minutes to find Alex and interview her and it’s someone both of them know because Alex is really Virginia Coady! She’s currently doped up on something, but Mrs. S wakes her up and now recognizes the duo. Mrs. S tells Virginia they know about Westmoreland, Sarah loses it trying to get information as Virginia says she was put in the facility by a “dear old friend” aka Susan Duncan. Virginia tells them she and Susan shared the same goal once to control human genetics and modify the species, but they they didn’t always get it right. PT and Susan recruited her and their first subject before finding Kendall to start human cloning was a child with a unique genome. Unfortunately, back then the science was crude and he began growing tumors and suffered brain damage.

She never had the guts for the right marker. Who is it? When Castor fell, Leda won. Susan Duncan put her there. PT and Susan recruited her, before Kendall there was their first subject, but too many mistakes were made. Susan wanted to stop and Virginia wanted to continue and as they pushed forward, what they created as a “monster.” Susan never forgave her and eventually they split their science. Virginia took Castor, Susan took Leda and PT kept them apart.

Before the story can continue, Dr. Nimitz shows up to break up. Wanting to escape, Virginia creates a scene by attacking and choking Sarah and stealing her visitor badge that also has a key card. In the commotion, Mrs. S and Sarah sneak away.

Felix and Kira: Felix takes Kira to his place, asks about the cut, but Kira makes him drop it so he can sketch her. They both agree that she’s looking like Sarah in the sketch. Kira says she’s trying to help her sister, but Felix reminds her that Rachel being nice to her doesn’t mean they can trust her and what she wants to do with Kira. Things seem mellow when Adele – Felix’s half sister – shows up at his door. Seems Mrs. S told her most everything about the clone situation and needs her to “follow the money” using her legal background and wants Felix to go with her. Where are they going? To Switzerland where they are a few Neolution-backed corporations. Mrs. S wants them to do it together for the family. Felix is hesitant, but it seems it will move forward.

Cosima: On the island, Charlotte and Aisha find missing pig Daisy with a big gash in the middle of the woods and a tooth lying on the ground. Mud finds them and hurries them back to camp. Charlotte gives the tooth to Cosima and they start talking about that “bear” in the woods. Cosima confronts Mud about it, who tries to lie her way through it, but Cosima tries to get her to talk and all Mud says is that “it’s not his fault.” She thinks Cosima is going to get her in trouble, so what is she so scared of? Cosima follows Mud who’s being grilled about where “he” is and hides. Cosima follows Mud to her helping Westmoreland and then to an underground facility with blood, samples and shackles. Mud minds Cosima and urges her to leave and get out of the house. She does and later Cosima sees Mud carrying clothes and calling out “it’s Mud” in the woods. Then we see what most likely is the “monster” Virginia references earlier, who screams at Mud, takes the clothes and then runs away again.

Susan: So Susan isn’t dead! Westmoreland kept her alive because he needs her. Susan is then reunited with Ira, who asks for explanation of her history with Westmoreland. Susan says it’s complicated and that PT chose another path back in the day with another scientist (Virginia) on how to get to what they wanted, but that they still share the same vision. This explains why Susan locked up Virginia and PT thinks she’s dead. Susan tells Ira that if PT made his breakthrough, it has to be Kira. PT and Susan meet and Susan says Rachel is too damaged to lead the group and that PT would be lost without her help. Susan requests access to all of Rachel’s studies and PT agrees, but he keeps Rachel at the reins. They then toast to the future.

We also learn that PT allegedly was born in 1843, so he’s over 170 years old!

Next week: Ease for Idle Millionaires

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