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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – Manacled Slim Wrists

Orphan Black
Manacled Slim Wrists

Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Krystal’s back! And she’s helping connect some Neolution dots for the rest of the clones. Elsewhere, Revival gets some news and things start to move as we head into the second half of the season.

Krystal: Krystal and her friend/roommate Bree have been working on a successful online fashion video blog to give tips while also expose big cosmetics. All is going well until an incident where Bree’s hair falls out after using party straws to curl her hair. The ladies go straight to Art and Scott to say that Bree’s been poisoned by big cosmetics. Art calls Sarah, who dismisses the insinuation, until the group video chat and Mrs. S notes that one of the people Krsytal was trying to cultivate as a source owns BlueZone, which just sold to a Dyad subsidiary. Did Krystal stumble into something big again? Seems like it. Art then convinces Krystal to call Len from BlueZone to set up a meeting and he’ll take care of the rest. Aka Sarah will as Krystal. Krystal doesn’t like being left out so she has Bree distract Scott who is watching them and testing to see what may have happened to Bree and Krystal gets away. Luckily for all Krystal is prepared for an interrogation. She has a surveillance on her phone and an ear piece. She’s point; Art and Sarah are back up. Krystal seems set to sleep with Len (played by Tatiana Maslany’s real life boyfriend Tom Cullen), but Sarah and Art in her ear make it an entertaining situation. Len eventually admits he just closed a huge deal and has been partying for days. Krystal blurts out the Dyad sale and Len wonders how she knows since he signed a non-disclosure agreement, but he claims to know nothing and then he sarcastically says how he liked her video blog – making Krystal upset. Meanwhile, Scott is testing Bree and says it’s not poison and wonders if she tried any new products lately and she admits she has a problem with stealing things and stole a facial cream from Len that looks to have been experimental. Scott tells Sarah and Art, who in turn tell Krystal – who’s hold up in the bathroom – but too late as Len as found the cream in Bree’s bag that is in the living room as Sarah and Art look on. He’s curious and upset as Art and Sarah urge Krystal to get intel. Krystal ends up kicking Len in the crotch and jumping on top of time to ask about the connection to Dyad. Len pills that Dyad is looking for a dermal delivery system – hence the cream, which made rabbit’s hair fall out. Krystal ends up taking the cream and rubs it all over Len’s beard and kicks him out.

Sarah, Kira, Mrs. S: Dyad’s come for their next Kira day, but she’s not well, even throwing up on Mr. Frontenac’s shoes, showing it’s real as Mrs. S and Sarah gave her something to induce vomiting and buys them some time. Sarah reveals she knows Delphine’s been by to tell them about Dyad and the whole fountain of youth gene. Mrs. S says how Delphine is on her way to Gena to be with Felix and Adele to follow the Dyad money and reiterates how it wasn’t Delphine who led her to Coady. Rachel eventually comes in person to get Kira for a benign “sleep study.” Kira willingly goes and Mrs. S gives Rachel a warning that there will come a day when you’ll need us. Kira says she’l be OK and still write her story.

Rachel: Rachel and Westmoreland have a phone chat, unusual since PT hates phones. Seems he wanted the hormone treatments to start and that’s why she ends up going to get Kira despite her being sick.

Cosima, Susan: Trapped in the basement, Cosima tries to get Mud to release her by talking to her about her life and telling her about the experiments PT is planning on little Kira. Mud eventually reveals that she’s just a girl from Seattle, a dirt bag junkie who ruined everything and couldn’t even overdose properly when PT found her and brought her to Revivla where she is now. Mud comes with food. Cosima tries to get Mud to talk to her about where she’s from. Mud doesn’t let her out though. Meanwhile, Susan is meeting with PT again, who is on dialysis. He then asks her is she remembers who he was and this is when we get confirmation the PT is not the original PT. Susan says she does and then calls him John. That’s when PT also drops the bomb that Virginia Coady is back and alive! Susan tells Ira about the meeting with Coady, who asks if she asked about him. Seems Ira is curious to learn more about his history. Susan ends up slapping Ira in the face and his glitches seem to be getting worse. Coady ends up visiting Cosima, who calls her insane. Ira ends up visiting Coady, who notices that she’s drawing blood from healthy kids. Coady’s not happy Susan never fixed the castor problem and admits she’s close to a cure, but when Ira tells Susan all this later, she says it’s time to bring Coady and PT down. We learn PT is being kept alive via something they call “parabiosis,” where healthy blood is processed through his body. Then we learn that Aisha’s died. Mud tells Cosima, who is upset, but then Ira comes down saying Susan has a plan and wants them both to be a part of it. Susan poisons PT during a dialysis session with Mud, who blocks his view so he can’t see. Unfortunately for all, Mud ends up ratting them all out to Coady, who pulls a gun to Susan and rips the IV out of PT saying she was trying to kill him. A glitching Ira releases Cosima, who’s plan is to get Charlotte and for everyone to meet at the boat to escape. Before separating, Ira hands Cosima an important envelope that contains a photo of a young Susan with a young PT – see not old back in the 60s! Cosima is leaving the medical building when she’s harassed by Revival villagers believing her to be in on what happened with Aisha and others until she shows them the photograph. And uproar starts as they burn down the village, starting with the medical building while Cosima grabs Charlotte and they plan on leaving. They will have to leave solo as Ira finds Susan dead, injected with the IV that was meant for PT. Ira is bleeding out of his nose and clearly not well. Mud ends up finding the photograph and is likely wondering if she did the right thing.

What are your thoughts? Hoping for a sestra reunion soon. Share your thoughts below.

Next week: Gag or Throttle

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