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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – One Fettered Slave

Orphan Black
One Fettered Slave

Original Air Date: Aug 5, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

It’s the penultimate episode and things are going down! After last week’s emotional end, this weeks starts emotionally and then gets right into the action packed hour that has the group frantically searching for Helena and getting themselves for what we can only image as the “final battle.” We also get Helena flashbacks that explains a few things, including the bleach-blonde hair.

Helena Flashbacks: Young Helena is at Catholic school hiding in an office stealing chocolates – that’s how you know that’s Helena. A nun sneaks into said office to masturbate and when Helena comes out from hiding to see, and the nun catches her, Helena is called the devil for spying and is punished by having her face and head doused in bleach (explains her hair) and then locked up in a confessional booth. Next we see Helena being let out to go with Tomas – the Prolethean extremist who brainwashes Helena to believe her clones are evil. We see Tomas tell her about the “copies” and that she is special. When Helena is older, we see her go into a church and stab a clone in the back. Once Helena sees her face, she’s in shock. Back with Tomas, Helena’s saying “they look like me” and that “I’m a copy.” Tomas reminds her that she is the original and then begins Helena carving wings in her back.

All the Clones: It’s time for Mrs. S funeral. Sarah talks about how S was a fighter and is about to read the note Mrs. S left, but Kira breaks into years, so Felix reads it. “Just remember my loves, death is nothing at all. I’ve only slipped into the next room, you can call me by my old familiar name, put no sorrow in your tone. I promise we will laugh at this difficult parting when we meet again. All my love, S.” Needless to say, it’s an emotional note. Alison and Cosima weren’t there for obvious reasons and plan to pay their respects the next day. They also comment how Sarah hasn’t cried yet.

At the house, Felix’s painting of S is there front and center while Sarah watches news footage of the Neolution bribery thing happening. Art gets Sarah to eat his turkey chili since it’s clear she’s still in a daze post S dying. Then Sister Irina arrives with Helena’s journal and Sarah realizes that Helena has been taken. Cut to Helena being taken by Coady and Mark into a secluded warehouse to deliver the babies. PT/John is helped by Mr. Frontenac with an injection to help him get better. By the way, John’s hair is a wig! And he’s looking so sickly these days. He’s ready for the babies to be delivered now, but Coady insists that they wait for a natural birth. All the while, Helena is still unconscious.

Sarah thinks Rachel is behind it, so Felix and Art go to see Rachel. The guys think Helena is on the island, but Rachel says they shouldn’t be so certain, but doesn’t say where. Meanwhile, Sarah is still having a hard time with Mrs. S’s death, walking around the house, looking and picking up things that remind her of her mom. Back with Rachel, Art mentions how Maddie went AWOL the same night Helena supposedly went missing. The pieces are starting to be put together, so while the team goes to make a plan, Scott is left in charge to watch over Rachel.

Felix and Art head to his station where he’s met by his Lieutenant, who questions him about his involvement in the Neolution stuff. Seems Maddie is still a Neolution diehard and that there’s an Interpol investigation into two Neo-related murders that he wants Art to look into. What Cosima and the team find out is that there are now only three Dyad board members alive, including the bribe money guy Al-Khatib.

Just as Coady says she will induce the twins, Helena awakes and then promptly spits in Coady’s face. Later John wants wants Coady to put down Mark because there is no need for him anymore. Coady protests since Mark is the last castor clone, but John declares that “the future is female.” Seems Coady had Gracie die on John’s orders and eventually, Coady gives Mark an injection that he thinks is his vaccine. He asks about Gracie and Coady says that he’ll be much closer to Gracie soon. Mark seems happy while both say goodnight to one another and then Mark falls asleep and presumably is dead and now reunited with Gracie.

Helena has still not delivered the babies, but she does have a contraction. She pleads with Coady that the babies need their mother, but Coady says she knows she killed her own sisters, so how good of a mother could she be?

Mr. F and Al-Khatib meet when Felix arrives as well as Art with a gun. Mr. F tries to shoot at Art, but Art is too fast and shoots him dead in the head. We lost some answers there, but then grill Al-Khatib to get answers about Helena’s whereabouts. When it doesn’t work, Rachel is brought in to interrogate, during which Sarah calls to say that Kira feels Helena is in trouble and that they have to help her. Al-Khatib says the person with the biggest target on their back is Rachel, so Sarah says why don’t they give her up?

At some point Helena is left alone and she uses her IV to get a pair of scissors to jimmy herself from her restraints, but when that doesn’t work, Helena gives her babies a talking to saying that they deserve better and that “You will not be an experiment.” With that, Helena stabs her arm several times with the scissors to set her babies “free.”

Al-Khatib calls John to give up Rachel, but it’s really Sarah dressed as Rachel in the trunk of the car Maddie drives to Dyad. Seems Rachel was right about where Helena is. She’s in an abandoned, secure wing of the now media surrounded Dyad headquarters. Seems the plan involves Sarah keeping John talking long enough for the second group to get in to get Helena out.

Sarah is given time with John as they expected. She starts off asking about Helena’s birth, but John says nothing. By now Coady has found Helena bleeding out and hopes to save her. Sarah then calls John father and things aren’t looking goof as it seems Sarah’s slipped. John touches her face and calls her daughter, but then promptly takes off her eye patch. Maddie is there to apprehend Sarah, but not before Sarah busts out her switchblade to slash John in the neck. John grabs Maddie’s gun to shoot Sarah, but Coady conveniently bursts in saying they need a match blood transfusion to save Helena and takes her away.

Meanwhile, Scott arrives with his friend saying they have a live organ, but it’s a computer to get into the secure wing. They get it open and Scott lets in Art as the alarm goes off. Art readies himself for battle and then pushes Scott back to out saying he’s done his part.

Sarah and Helena are now reunited. Sarah gets Helena to awaken and just before Coady tries to give her a C-section. Then Helena claims to have a contraction. Yup, Helena has a plan. Helena gets Coady to give her water, but while she’s drinking it, she bangs Coady’s head repeatedly into the side of the bed now that her arm is free of its restraints and tells her “You are a shit mother.” Go Helena! Not sure if Coady is dead, but the ladies act fast, as Sarah cuts herself from her restraint and is ready to get Helena up and out when her water breaks. They both look shocked and then we end. Noo!

So what next? Will Helena, the babies, and Sarah make it out alive? Will Art? Or John? Or Maddie? Is Coady dead> The series finale airs next week so we shall see. This season has had it’s ups and downs, but the action is definitely picking up. Share your thoughts below before the finale next week.

Next week: To Right the Wrongs of Many – series finale

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