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Orphan Black – Recap & Review – To Right the Wrongs of Many (Series Finale)

Orphan Black
To Right the Wrongs of Many (Series Finale)

Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2017

Jules – Senior Managing Editor

Orphan Black has officially come to an end after five seasons of clones, science, conspiracies, fighting for sestras and one amazing dance party. The series finale can really be looked as in two parts, the battle and the epilogue, so there’s no time to waste as we get to what transpired for the final time with our sestras.

Battle at Dyad: We open the finale with a flashback of Sarah and S in the car outside a clinic. Sarah’s debating whether to keep her pregnancy or terminate it. S wants her to think it through, bringing and raising a child in this world. We then cut to where we left off last week, Helena going into labor. Sarah and Helena find a steam room to hide out in, while we learn Coady isn’t dead, but is really bloodied and John/PT is pissed that Helena is missing. Coady is determined to find Helena and help her deliver the babies and directs Enger and another to go find them. While out, Enger stops the alarm that’s been going off and is knocked out by Art. He then handcuffs her to a stairway, takes her walkie, and calls her a “shitty partner.” Understatement of the year.

Sarah tells Helena that they will have to deliver the babies here at Dyad and Sarah goes to find water and clean sheets, while prepping Helena with a cardboard mat and a screwdriver as a fighting tool. Art ends up finding Sarah as she hides from Coady. They make plans on their stand and Art gives Sarah a gun.

While John gets injected with pharmaceutical-grade methamphetamine, Enger is found and the Neo group goes into radio silence as they know her radio is gone. Coady eventually finds Helena and she calls John, who is ready to come to the basement so he can be there to get finds the basement room where Helena is, but she tells him to stay put. The assistant says the same thing and John kills him. First kill of the night.

Art finds the basement and Helena, but of course is caught by Coady. Coady directs Art that he will be delivering the babies because she knows far too well that getting close to Helena is a bad idea. Helena’s on the verge of delivering and is able to show her weapon to Art secretly. They end of feigning a medical issue about hemorrhaging to get Coady to come closer and Art is able to take her gun and bring Coady in close enough for Helena to drive the screwdriver into her neck for the final blow. Kill #2.

By now Sarah’s returned to the makeshift medical room from before and John is there, too. He says “How fitting you return to your cage. All lab rats do in the end.” Sarah responds that they – her and Helena – were never caged. John reveals they’ve found Helena and Sarah fires a couple rounds through the plastic curtains and one seems to have got him. There’s some silence and then John pounces through the plastic to try and strangle Sarah, but he’s old and sickly and Sarah is able to over power him. Sarah says “I survived you; we survived you. Me and my sisters, together. This is evolution.” John responds with “I made you,” but Sarah tells him to shut up and then smashes a tank into his face for the final blow. Kill #3.

Sarah returns to Helena just in time for her to give birth along with Art. This emotional scene is intersected with flashbacks to Sarah with Mrs. S’s help giving birth to Kira. Seeing the scenes go back and forth between present and past seems so fitting. Helena delivers two baby boys and there is so much crying from all three of them. Helena holding her babies and happy tears all around is how we end the first half of the finale.

Three months into the future: Helena and the babies are living in the Hendrix’s basement, hopefully with no dead bodies underneath. It’s nice seeing that Helena has Donnie and Alison there. The babies don’t have names yet and Helena is calling them “Orange” and “Purple” with their corresponding socks. Alison is prepping an after the fact baby shower.

Meanwhile, Sarah is video chatting with Cosima for help studying for her high school exit exam for which Kira tells her mom to just try her best. The house is also in boxes. When Felix comes back from his show in New York, he’s upset with the “For Sale” sign outside. Sarah’s said that they talked about it and doesn’t know where she and Kira will be next, but that it would be an adventure.

Cosima, Scott and Delphine are working on finding and curing the Leda clones. So far they’ve cured seven, including Tony and Krystal (nice clone shout outs even if we don’t get to see them). They’ve also found a new clone in Colombia named Camilla.

Helena calls Sarah to check in with her as she heads to the high school for her test. We get another flashback to Sarah and S in the car and S saying she’s there for her. Seems Sarah is back to her old ways and regressing instead of moving on like the other sestras.

Baby shower time and Cosima gets the babies a cute science monkey while Helena chows down on “jam burgers.” Art arrives with his daughter and Charlotte. Sarah is the last to arrive, but instead of heading out back, she hangs out in the kitchen with a beer. Delphine catches her and has a few words to tell Sarah about how much S meant to her after her death.

Everyone soon gathers into the kitchen and asks Sarah about her test and she rather change the subject. Helen mentions to Art that she’s worried about Sarah. In the kitchen, the talk goes to the old kid toys Sarah’s brought over and how Helena was giving the babies rocks as toys. Haha. So Helena. Sarah selling the house comes up and Alison says she wants all the cousins to hang out – good to know that the Hendrixes kids are back! But Sarah gets upset saying she can’t have Kira living in the house where her grandmother died. Tense and old Sarah is back.

Later that evening, Sarah’s alone in the backyard and then Cosima, Alison, and Helena come. Helena asks what is going on and Sarah reveals she didn’t go to her test and that she doesn’t know what she’s doing and still carrying around all these mistakes, doesn’t know how to be happy and still a shitting mom. Then Alison reveals a moment when she was a bad mom yelling at her daughter. Helena reveals how she let her babies eat sand and Cosima talks about how she panicked when Felix gave her one of Helena’s babies to hold. Cosima adds that they are all scared and make mistakes (remmeber Alison was a drug dealer!). This sestra time makes Sarah feel a little better about her insecurities. I mean, what are sestras for?

Unbeknownst to the sestras, Felix is waiting someone to arrive and that someone? Rachel! He meets her in a car outside. Seems Rachel has been completely ostracized, now with a glass eye, no friends, and no identity. Felix tells her she can’t go inside and Rachel admits that she doesn’t want to see another face like hers again. She hands Felix an envelope and Felix wishes her a nice life and gets out.

Felix goes to the backyard and has something for all of them ad hands Sarah the envelope. Inside is a complete list of the Leda sisters – all 274 of them, including addresses and contact information. Basically everything they need to find and cure them. It’s a nice shock to the group. Then Helena says she’s finished her book called Orphan Black. Sarah let’s out a Oy that’s weird line, which is all of us when we heard the name of the show. I liked how Alison agrees wih the orphan part but that they aren’t black. Ha. Helena’s first page is the first scene of the pilot. “My story is an embroidery, with many beginnings and no end. But I will start with the thread of my sestra Sarah, who stepped off a train one day and met herself.”

Then we cut to a bit more into the future where the Hendrix’s life seem good and we get one last Donnie strip dance scene. Cosima and Delphine are in Colmobia and we get the last new clone appearance with Camilla as Delphine cures her. Who knew Delphine spoke Spanish? The two seem to be very happy and have a lo of work ahead of them. Helena has finally given the babies names of “real men” as she puts it. They have the “Hello my name is…” sticker of each and they are named Arthur and Donnie. Awwwww!!

Sarah is happier now as she, Felix and Kira head out to a day at the beach. The last shot of the series is of an empty Mrs. S house, which means no moving is happening.

What did you think? Are you satisfied with the end of the series? I quite enjoyed the balance of the first and second half. It’s been an emotional ride for the sestras and it ending on them and Sarah was very fitting as they come into their own. It was always about their bond and not just the science. Thank you for following this ride with me the past few season and clone club forever!

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