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Parenthood – Recap & Review – In Dreams Begin Responsibility

photo: nbc
photo: nbc
In Dreams Begin Responsibility

Original Air Date: Oct 17, 2013

Jules – Senior News Editor

Having dreams are easy, the hard part is making those dreams become reality. Yes, some are easier than others, and it’s the journey in achieving our dreams that is the story we like to tell.

In tonight’s Parenthood, we look at the dreams for some of our main characters and how the choices they’ve made are defining their journeys and the moments they make along the way.

Drew: Drew’s been he’s hanging out with crush Natalie and after he feigns liking Joni Mitchell and her favorite song, Natalie’s sole response is that Drew’s now her best college friend. Aww. Poor Drew. He goes to Adam to get some Joni music advice, Adam being super excited Drew came to him and not Crosby. Drew’s Joni research becomes void because Natalie only knows that one song, but does ask him to play some more of her songs to her later. They listen to a few songs, but this is Drew and he can’t hold a lie too long. He comes clean to Natalie saying he only said he liked Joni Mitchell because he likes her. Her response? Just happy that she knows the truth and that’s it. Again, poor Drew. This can’t be the “I feel bad for Drew” episode, but in some ways it was. His dreams are not lofty, but they are not fulfilled.

Amber/Ryan/Sarah: Amber and Ryan are moving along with wedding plans. First step, the location. They’ve chosen the lake where Ryan used to reminisce and it’s a small space, but it’s OK because Ryan won’t have any family there and his friends are his groomsmen. Sarah doesn’t like hearing that part and talks to Amber about Ryan’s family. Amber’s not completely a prier, but she’s a Braverman and is interested. When she asks Ryan about it we learn his mom married an ugly man who will ruin the happiness of the wedding day and that his birth father is dead. He does promise to introduce Amber to his parents soon, but now now. Sarah tries to get Amber to change her mind about the wedding location (to grandparent’s backyard), but Amber’s made up her mind to have it at the lake. Later Sarah and Amber have another talk and that’s when they start to irk each other more. Sarah only sees herself in Amber and Amber’s so in love and claims she’s not her mom and Ryan not her dad. I guess we’ll have to wait and see on this one, but I hope Ryan opens up more.

Julia/Zeek/Victor: After some sibling rivalry and a failed in house cleaning punishment, Julia takes Sydney and Victor to Zeek’s for punishment. There he makes them clean car parts with toothbrushes. Sydney’s not excited to be there, but Victor’s intrigued with taking apart a water pump, until he has to read some instructions. Impatient Sydney claims Victor is too slow and reads them herself. Victor’s dejected and seeing this, Zeek gets Julia to tell him what’s going on and he says he’s got her back. And does he ever. Zeek plays on Victor’s interest in the water pump and the car saying he can’t get the work done himself. He eventually gets Victor to help read the instructions since his older eyes and small print don’t go together and he’s got all day to listen to Victor read. You’re a great grandpa Zeek.

Adam/Kristina: Heather’s getting Adam to dig into the Luncheonette’s past clients, including Mistah Ray (you know when Adam dressed up ridiculously for a meeting), to get the big donations they need to sustain the campaign. Adam’s not really into it, but he tries and is completely unsuccessful (so awkward). Instead, Adam gets an idea from Mistah Ray to work for themselves and start their own label. But who would hire them? How about someone who just lost their own label? Yes, so elsewhere at the Luncheonette, lead singer in real life of the All-American Rejects, but now in fake band Ashes of Rome, has label issues and gets dropped while in the recording studio. When Adam presents all this to Crosby, he think it’s ridiculous and there’s no way they can do it, so I’d like to think the idea gets shelved, but I’m not sure.

Meanwhile, Heather’s set Kristina up with a developer guy to get money, but Kristina doesn’t really support his new development project. In the meeting, Heather sells Kristina out saying she supports the project and they get the money, but Kristina hates how she got it. So much that later she tells Adam she doesn’t want the $20K. Seeing this Adam realizes he has to go back to Mistah Ray to get that money. When he mentions Kristina’s campaign about making the schools better, Ray totally gets it, having a son of his own and easily writes a check for $20K, with the caveat that she remove a street bump he doesn’t like down the street. I like when Adam later returns to put a lawn sign outside his gate. And when Max and Kristina have a short talk where he gives his mom the $20 Hank gave him to see if he could shut up for one whole hour. So cute! Max also urges him mom not to drop out and that he supports her.

So not really a teary episode, but we still got lots of emotion out of it. Don’t think the Amber and Ryan stuff will end well, but I hope that we learn more about Ryan sooner than later. I love Zeek and I loved him just being there to help Julia and Victor. And Adam is totally behind Kristina now and it’s soo cute. There’s my thoughts, share your TwoCents below!

Next week: Let’s Be Mad Together

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