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Parenthood – Recap & Review – These Are the Times We Live In

photo: nbc
photo: nbc
These Are the Times We Live In

Original Air Date: Nov 6, 2014

Jules – Managing Editor

The times we live in are not easy. The Bravermans have always known this, but they always manage to either tackle it head on or rise above it. This week we get both and something in between.

As we near the end of the series, each week is a new thing and each week, I don’t want to believe that the end is nearing, but there are some movements in storylines and make me realize that the end is definitely near.

Julia/Joel: The couple is down to separating their assets in preparation for divorce and when it comes down to the house, Joel offers the house to Julia without hesitation. Julia doesn’t dispute it and everything else was smooth sailing. It’s in the elevator ride down where the emotions start. Julia reaches for Joel’s hand and both stand there getting emotional knowing divorce is just a signature away. Later Julia goes to Joel to give him a second opportunity to change his mind about the house and “take the emotion out of it” saying it’s a big asset they both purchased. But Joel stands on what he said earlier saying “It’s not an asset, it’s a home. And it kills me to work away from it, but I hurt you and I own that. I get that. So I don’t want the house. If I can’t have you in it, I don’t want it.” When the divorce papers arrive, Julia seems to have second thoughts as she stares at the papers and loses her train of thought, forgetting a night out with Chris, who is now here and unsure about how to discuss the divorce papers. After a night of wine drinking and minimal talking, he ends up being asked to leave. Joel’s having second thoughts as well after a visit with Zeek to say goodbye. Joel goes to bid a final farewell to the Braverman clan saying Zeek was a role model, but Zeek won’t have any of the goodbye stuff. He tells Joel to fight for Julia and not leave, regardless of what Julia wanted. So with that, Joel hops in his car and at Julia’s doorstep, he finally fighting for their marriage, albeit a year late, but still he’s doing it. “I don’t want to live another day without you Julia, not another second. So I’m fighting for you and I’m fighting for our marriage. I want you back.” We don’t get Julia’s reaction, but I think it’s all in the direction of reconciliation.

Amber: While Adam and Kristina take a trip to Sacramento, Amber watches Nora and Max and has grand plans with both to go on a day trip to Alcatraz. But alas, with Nora playing and hiding the family car keys, Amber’s car unable to hold Nora’s car seat and Max’s incessant-ness about timeliness, the group never makes it to Alcatraz. Max has a complete meltdown and when he sees Amber’s incompatible car, screams that she’s the worst mother in history. Ouch. Sarah soon comes to comfort her daughter while Max pigs out downstairs while watching Chucky. Sarah reminds Amber that kids don’t start out as teens and toddlers and that when they are babies, it’s really all about poop. Plus, Amber won’t be doing it alone, she’s got Sarah.

Hank: Ruby comes into the shop with a teen crisis about a boy she likes. While Sarah goes to her comfort, Hank is just dumbfounded about the situation. Later when Sandy comes earlier than expected to pick up Ruby, she’s not too happy about her daughter watching Fast Times at Ridgemont High, leading to tense moments between the two women. Seeing this and instead of getting involved, Hank just leaves! When Hank goes to get something from Max and the two pace the room together talking about their tense situations, Hank realizes that while they both like being alone and isolated, walking out of that situation was the wrong move. So Hank goes to Sandy and finally tells her that their marriage issues wasn’t all her, it was him, because he has Asperger’s. She’s shocked and emotional about it, but seeing Hank finally reveal this is such a relief and it was needed. He finally is able to say that it must have been hard being married to him knowing what he knows now. In this post reveal, Sandy seems to have turned a corner to get her family back on better grounds by inviting Hank to an outing with her and Ruby to Yogurtland (and when Ruby finally isn’t a moody teen, but an excited one) and yes, Sarah is not invited.

Zeek/Drew: Zeek’s in a mood to create new memories with his grandson, starting first with driving (in the car Zeek gave to Drew) to a local burger joint. Drew thought it was to an appointment and caves just a little even if his grandfather shouldn’t be eating burgers. Zeek calls again for another adventure, which Drew agrees too, despite needing to study. This one ends up at a liquor store parking lot where Zeek imagined more empty space so he could teach Drew how to shoot by shooting cans. However, Drew wasn’t ready for guns and back tracks on the adventure. It’s Natalie that sets Drew on track saying Zeek just wanted to create the same memories that he had with his father. So later, it’s Drew who takes his grandfather out shooting, but this time at a real range and for good measure, he brings the cans too.

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