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Parenthood – Recap & Review – Vegas

photo: nbc
photo: nbc

Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2014

Jules – Managing Editor

Welcome to the last and sixth season of Parenthood! I know it’s hard to think about, but our Bravermans are getting older and having to move on and deal with new challenges.

We left off with lots of changes at the end of season five seeing Sarah and Hank reunited, Zeek and Camille going to a new home, Kristina on her way opening a new charter school, Julia and Joel possibly on the mend and Amber possibly pregnant! And this is only the beginning.

Kristina/Adam/Max: Gwen Chambers Academy is just about ready to open and Max really doesn’t want to go. Kristina and Adam try to bribe him with letting him paint a wall any color, but he rather be home schooled as he doesn’t have to deal with kids who may be mean to him like last year. While watching paint dry, Kristina tries to have a heart-to-heart with Max, but nothing is working, he doesn’t want to go. First day of school is here and Adam reminds Max about what his mom did to get the school to happen and urges his son to go to school not for you, but for your mother. That talk does the trick. Kristina stands outside and welcomes all her students and is moved when she sees Max arrive. Aww!

Zeek: Zeek is surprised by Sarah with a trip to Vegas for his birthday. He’s excited, but it all takes an unexpected turn when Zeek collapses at the blackjack table with Sarah telling “Dad, no!” My heart skipped a beat. He’s still alive and was conscious the whole time, and while hospital tests show no heart attack, they can’t yet pinpoint the exact cause of the collapse and wants to do more tests. Zeek being Zeek is all curmudgeon about being there, while at home Camille doesn’t know what to do with herself and all the kids are worried, too. So Zeek agrees to sign himself out agreeing to refuse hospital treatment, much to the dismay of Sarah. And what does he do after he gets out? Back to the card tables, where he’s found by a worried Adam and Crosby who have flown out to check in on their pops. Crosby caves and just goes in to play some craps. Adam is upset “this family is sick” but has to cave as well. They all survive the weekend and when Zeek finally arrives home, Camille’s already scheduled an appointment with the doctor where it looks like more tests have to be done to get to the root of what happened, something Zeek clearly doesn’t want to do.

Amber: Yup, Amber’s pregnant. Doctor asks her if she wants to keep it and when Amber asks to listen to the heartbeat again, I think she’s basically made up her mind. But it’s not without its consequences in the form of moodiness, including an incident with Haddie. When Haddie later confronts Amber about it, Amber tells Haddie (the first person to know) she’s expecting. The two cousins then go straight into bonding mode and share a nice moment at the high school reminiscing – right where they had their big fight many seasons ago after Amber slept with Haddie’s boyfriend and talking about the future. “Now we’re like old. We’re like real life grownups, dude.” With some convincing from Haddie, Amber eventually tells her mom. Sarah’s first response is “Oh.” Oh?

Hank: While Sarah and Hank work on their new relationship, Hank’s ex Sandy and daughter Ruby are back in the bay and staying. Mostly because Sandy is having a tough time with Ruby, now 15, and being all angry/moody teenager. She is able to make things more awkward when she finds Sarah’s underwear in a drawer and confronts her dad about it while her mom is in the room! Hank eventually tells Sandy about seeing Sarah – she seems fine with the relationship. What Sandy really wants is for Hank to help take half custody of Ruby so they can both handle difficult Ruby together. Hank’s totally up for it and tells Sarah later, who is surprised, but happy about the move.

Julia/Joel: So I thought Joel and Julia was leaning towards having a chance, but really Julia is sleeping with her colleague Chris (Coby Ryan McLaughlin), who we will learn is also her ex from law school. So while that happens, Joel is trying to redeem himself in the biggest way. When he drops the kids off at the Academy, he drops everything for a begging Kristina to help with the school’s plumbing. Later he drops everything again when Julia gets a call about Zeek and even willing to stay and help as long as they know what’s wrong with him. When Julia gets a photo text of the three siblings and Zeek having fun in Vegas, Julia’s relieved and then Joel goes in for a kiss, but Julia pushes back. So no reunion….yet?

Crosby/Jasmine: Aida is walking was the cutest thing. I wanted to see more!

What did you think of the premiere? Loved seeing our Bravermans back? Where do you think this season is headed? I hope for the best with Zeek and probably needed more tissues than I expected tonight. There’s my TwoCents, share yours below!

Next week: Happy Birthday, Zeek

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