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Preacher – Recap & Review – Monster Swamp

Monster Swamp

Original Air Date: Jun 19, 2016

Brianna – Managing Editor

Flashbacks and a few conversations start to pull the connections between a few characters together as Jesse continues his crusade to be “one of the good guys” and in the hour’s final minutes we see just how far he’s willing to go and maybe his mission strategy could be called into question.

We’re given another strange opening scene, where Quincannon men seem to be on a paintball hunt for scantily-clad women (who we later find out work at Mos’) in the middle of the night. As if that gross hunt wasn’t odd enough, one of the final women standing, Lacey, is caught and immediately falls into a sinkhole.

The aftermath of Lacey’s death is terrible to watch as Odin simply chastises the women and men that participated before walking off and leaving a livid Tulip behind with the girls. The explanation for the sinkholes (or anything going on at that processing plant) is still a mystery by the end of the hour and has me wondering if it’s just environmental as the Mayor suggested in his meeting with Odin or if it’s something more to it.

Tulip’s absolute disgust at the whole situation was both appropriate and worth rooting for. She tries to get the girls and the men alike to understand that what happened and how they ended up at a wake (of sorts) for Lacey at Mos’ place with little success and though Mos was against violence, Tulip’s got her sights set on one particular Quincannon employee, Clive. Unfortunately for her, her attempt at retribution involved attacking the wrong man…and accidentally pushing Cassidy out a window, and inadvertently leading him to the place with the largest blood supply in a rural town–a hospital. The fact that viewers know as much and we see Tulip follow the blood trail to that blood storage room was pretty entertaining in a very Preacher sort of way.

Before his run in with Tulip, Cassidy spends a portion of the hour trying to tell Jesse about the men who are actively hunting him down but he doesn’t seem to be giving him the time to explain it all. Seeing Cassidy, a vampire, attempt to get to Jesse out in the middle of the day adds a level of comedy to the scene simply because of his many layers of clothing and choice of headgear on. Meanwhile, the two men that approached Cassidy (now considered to be angels…for now) seem to be simultaneously dreading and awaiting a phone call from some machine they take out. They spend most of the hour just waiting, and entertainingly doing mundane things like watching television and eating vending machine food, until they finally get “the call.” But will they answer?

This week’s Preacher also gave us a few more flashbacks to Jesse’s childhood, including insights into how his father was around him and how dedicated he was to being a preacher in that small town. The flashbacks also provided a bit of a connection to Jesse’s current day situation and explained a bit about why we’re even learning about Quincannon, as the flashbacks revealed that Jesse’s father tried to save one of the Quincannon’s at one point when he was growing up. It’s after that specific moment that things start to click, Jesse’s willingness to embrace his new power and the requests he’s made to Emily in order to bring more people into the church. It seems like he wants to be better than his father was at saving people and he’s willing to use his power to compel someone like Quincannon to forcefully accept the Lord.

It will be interesting to see where he goes from there and if this mission can continue with that kind of close minded determination.

So, did you feel like dots are starting to connect? What about those angels? The odds of Cassidy and Tulip become best friends?

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