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Preacher – Top 5 Moments – Pig


Original Air Date: Jul 31, 2017

Brianna – Managing Editor

I’m back with Preacher recaps!

There was a lot leading up to this week’s hour that has left a lasting effect on the trio. This week’s episode also ramped up on the central story, adding a new organization and a new big bad’s mission as he sets his sights on Jesse.

Here are some top moments from tonight’s episode.

  • Tulip’s dealing with the aftermath of being touched by the Saint of Killers. That creepy and ominous sense comes through the most as Tulip presumably wakes up from a nightmare, and it turns out she’s stuck in yet another one. The nightmare scene made the most of the silence and small details that ramp up the anxiety in a way that leaves you just as jumpy as Tulip as she turns around and comes face to face with the Saint of Killers again…just before she jolts awake.
  • Cassidy finds out that his son Denis, whom we found out about last week, is dying and has made a specific request from him: turn him and help him live forever. However, Cassidy vehemently shoots down the idea at the bar. That vehemence seems to lessen a bit by the end of the hour as he ends up in the morgue (again) and walks past seeing a couple tearfully saying goodbye to their loved one.
  • While Tulip, Cassidy, and Jesse are dealing with their stuff in New Orleans, the floating pig in Vietnam is causing quite a bit of a stir. Enough of a stir to bring a mysterious man in an all-white suit to the village where the pig was found.
  • Thanks to a flashback to 2004, we quickly find out exactly who the man in the all-white suit is: Helmut Herr Starr. We see Herr Starr getting recruited into the ominous organization he is a part of, which we later find out is called The Grail, and in classic Preacher fashion, shows all of the twisted ways Herr Starr is perfect for his new role as big bad. From his attempt at the seduction phase of examinations to the way he not only eliminated the man he was competing against and the man who recruited him but Herr Starr is also single minded in his mission to take down false prophets. That is how he ties into the pig we saw at the top of the hour.
  • While all of this is going on, Jesse is still on his mission to find God which leads him to a man who he thinks believes the end is near. The conversation ultimately takes a turn as Jesse pulls a “my friend” hypothetical regarding selling souls and the man leaves him with some ominous words, “if you’re looking for signs of the apocalypse, I would start with men selling off their souls.”
  • Bonus moment goes to Tulip getting reckless and heading back to the bar to get shot in the chest.

That’s it for this week! How long before Herr Starr finds Jesse? What’s Jesse going to do about his soul? How about Tulip’s trauma? And, will Cassidy save his son?

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