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Previously On…Graceland

photo: usa
photo: usa

So most of our shows just ended and a whole Summer’s length away from returning, but no fear, there are a number of returning series this summer and it feels like forever since some of them have been on our TV screens.

First up is Graceland, which premieres tonight on USA Network at 10PM ET. It’s been nine months since the show aired its finale so below is a handy reference guide along with where we left off with the series.

Major Characters:

  • Paul Briggs – Senior FBI agent; Senior resident of Graceland with past demons and a deep history.
  • Mike Warren – Young FBI agent; Returning resident to Graceland after spending the first season there and then moving to DC. Likes to push the limits to get the job done, often breaking rules in the process.
  • Charlie DeMarco – FBI; Strong-willed chameleon of an agent who is also in a relationship with Paul and is pregnant with his child.
  • Johnny Tuturro – FBI; Fun-loving member of the Graceland group and spends season two undercover with the Solano cartel and starts a relationship with the daughter, Lucia.
  • DJ Jakes – ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement); Independent agent with a short temper member of the group, but always there to help others out when they need it.
  • Paige Arkin – DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency); Smart, but emotional agent who does whatever it takes to get the bad guys.

Of course there was a cliffhanger, this is Graceland, always full of cliffhangers. After corrupt cop Sid framed Mike for the massacre at the Solano cartel, Mike was wounded and ended up in the hospital under a fake name. After Paige figured out what Mike did with Lena, she goes straight to Sid to tell him where exactly Mike is and episode ends with Sid crushing Mike’s breathing tube and Mike flat-lining. Elsewhere Briggs’ cover with Sid was jeopardized, as was Johnny’s cover with the Solanos.

Mike flatlines, but he’s revived. Sid continues to wreck havoc on the group, while Paige apologizes for her actions. Charlie loses the baby while Paul goes undercover…again.

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