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Previously On…Rookie Blue

RB- FragmentEverlastingSo most of our shows just ended and a whole Summer’s length away from returning, but no fear, there are a number of returning series this summer and it feels like forever since some of them have been on our TV screens.

Rookie Blue, which premieres tonight on ABC at  10 p.m. It’s been nearly a year since the show aired its finale so below is a handy reference guide along with where we left off with the series.

Major Characters:

  • Andy McNally – Police officer at 15 division; Determined to see the best in people (as evidenced in her attempt at training Duncan) and attempts to prove that she’s up for the job.
  • Sam Swarek – McNally’s former training officer, current detective at 15; Willing to go around procedure to do what’s right; future father.
  • Traci Nash – former uniform officer, current detective at 15; Mother to Leo and considered to be the most rational member of the team.
  • Dov Epstein – Officer at 15 division; Gets into trouble at times for volunteering for things and being too involved in certain situations; Chloe Price’s ex-boyfriend, after the body camera incident.
  • Gail Peck – Officer at 15 division; Queen of sarcastic and deadpan delivery at 15, part of her tough exterior that hides her more emotional side; adoptive mother.
  • Chris Diaz – Officer at 15 division; temporarily believed he was a father and left the division only to return and dealt with a drug dependency problem.
  • Nick Collins – Former soldier, current officer at 15 division; The sympathetic cop and friend who is willing to use his military training, if needed.
  • Oliver Shaw – Former training officer, recently promoted to Staff Sergeant; The subtly supportive veteran cop that has helped out all of the rookies at one point or another and still adjusting to bureaucratic life.
  •  Chloe Price – The newest addition to 15 division and Frank’s god daughter; quirky and when teaming up with Gail or Nick, offer some really funny moments. Dov Epstein’s ex-girlfriend.

Though not technically considered cliffhangers, last season definitely dropped a few bombs (besides the ones they were investigating in the final two hours of the season and the one that went off at 15 with Andy in close proximity) on the audience, including Marlo’s pregnancy and Gail’s choice to adopt.

The fallout from both surprising developments will more than likely be felt throughout the season, especially with Marlo’s pregnancy as Andy and Sam are together now. The odds of a few bumps popping up down the line between the pair seems high, if their track record is any proof.

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