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Private Practice – Recap & Review – What We Have Here…

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Private Practice
What We Have Here…

Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2011

Karen Belgrad – Associate Editor

Forgiveness is a hard concept to master. We can often accept and move past things, but can we truly forgive? That is the question posed tonight by tonight’s powerful episode of Private Practice.

There’s no way any viewer can forget how Lucas came into this world. Violet’s unhinged patient, Katie Kent, cut him from Violet’s body, absconded with him, and left Violet to die. Violet has long since physically recovered, but it was clear that the psychological scars are still fresh.

Katie Kent is suing Violet for breach of confidentiality based on the content in her book. I’m not really sure how matters of public record are susceptible to privilege, but Sheldon and the lawyers agree that Katie’s case has merit. Against Pete’s wishes, visits Katie at her waitressing job (Corky’s, a real restaurant in Sherman Oaks, CA). Katie tells her that the book, even with her identity concealed, has made it impossible for her to move on with her life and have a clean start.

Violet begins to think about pulling the book, but Pete is furious. He’s furious that she went to see Katie. But more so, he’s just furious that Katie is out of the psych hospital after eighteen months. Because no matter what peace Violet makes with Katie, he can’t get the image of Violet bleeding on the floor out of his head. Katie, apparently, is not at peace with her actions either. She comes to see a visibly frightened Violet at the office and admits she hasn’t forgiven herself yet for her own actions and is truly sorry. She leaves the office without incident, but the next day Violet learns the lawsuit has been dropped. However, now the medical board is investigating and may suspend Violet’s medical license. It was very gripping, performance and pacing, to revisit this story. I’ll admit, I expected Katie to commit suicide either in front of Violet or after she left, but I’m glad she didn’t because I’m not sure I’m ready to see Violet fall apart again.

Oh, and Violet and Sheldon have a spat about him dating Marla. She’s pretty petty about the whole thing (oh no, a bad book review!), but after the Katie debacle she comes around and gives him her blessing.

Charlotte is procrastinating on wedding stuff and it’s freaking Cooper out. But what is really adding to his panic is finding out that Charlotte still has an old photo of her ex-husband Billy who cheated on her. He obsesses over the photo and, with Sheldon’s help, decides the best thing to do is find out why Billy cheated. He tracks him down and drags him to see Charlotte (Charlie!). He gets right down to it, he cheated, not because Charlotte wasn’t a good woman, but because he wasn’t sure he liked women. Yep, Charlotte’s ex-husband has come out as late-in-life gay man. She’s initially very angry because she feels lied to, but comes around when he admits he hadn’t even known himself. Then she and Coop mail out the invitations (including Buster’s) and she throws out the photo of Billy.

Addison has just returned from Seattle (which is odd because in the preceding Grey’s Anatomy episode, twelve weeks passed). She and Sam are still at odds over her ultimatum of having a baby or ending their relationship. She firm in what she wants, but he’s still not sure.

There’s only one “patient of the week” during this episode, but it’s loaded with so many anvils of foreshadowing doom, that I needed to duck several times throughout the arc. A career woman, Val, is 25 weeks pregnant and has been diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. She, of course, has to decide between a premature delivery or postponing chemotherapy. And like on every medical show ever, Val opts to continue the pregnancy. Addison advocates for saving the mother, but Sam feels they need to respect her wishes. Then Val drops the bomb that she chose to have an abortion early on in her marriage as it was bad-timing career wise. This baby is basically an apology to her kid-wanting, unaware husband. Addison pressures Val to come clean with her husband, but when she does he’s livid and hurt. Addison convinces him to forgive by pointing out that Val is willing to give her life to give him a baby. He then talks Val into having the baby and beginning treatment.

Amelia wonders if Addison loves Sam as much as she wants a baby. When Addison is unable to answer, Amelia points out that the ultimatum is asking Sam to make that decision. Then Amelia points out to Sam that Addison knows what she wants, now Sam has to figure out what he wants. He and Addison come together at hour’s end where she gives an impassioned speech about her biological clock loudly ticking. He listens without interrupting and then asks: “Are we breaking up?

So, wow. What an hour, right? I don’t think anything was freakier than Val’s SVC symptoms where she turned freaking purple! Kudos to the make-up team, right? And will someone please, please, please give Amelia a better story than listening to everyone’s problems? There’s two shrinks on the show, but all she does is give advice. Like I said previously, I was happy that Katie’s story didn’t end tragically, but I sense a powerful medical board hearing in the future! Lastly, are you team #AddiSam or are you ready for the two to split?

By the way, am I the only one that recognized the actress playing Val (Chandra West) from her role as Sheila in the 90’s made-for-tv classic, A Face To Die For?

Well, those are my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!

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