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Project Runway – Recap & Review – Around the World in Two Days

photo: lifetime
photo: lifetime

Project Runway
Around the World in Two Days

Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2009

Nicola – Associate Staff Writer

And then there were seven! Everyone is amazed that they’re still there (as am I coughChristopherandLogancough). This week Tim takes the designers on a field trip to Rodeo Drive. Looks like they’re dealing with the big dogs. They head to Michael Kors’ west coast flagship, which Michael and Tim are waiting for them.

The challenge this week is to create a look based on a locale. They get to pick from locations that have inspired Michael. Carol Hannah chooses Palm Beach. Nicolas chooses Greece. Althea chooses St. Tropez. Gordana chooses New York. Irina chooses Aspen. Christopher chooses Santa Fe. Which leaves Logan with Hollywood. This should be interesting.

Everyone seems pretty confident about their ideas at first. Then Tim comes in and plays the crusher of dreams. He is a little discouraged by Gordana’s beautiful collar but non-existent dress (which I agree with). Christopher is preoccupied with his belt. Carol Hannah is straying to the cliched.

All in all, he’s concerned with how slow people are being. They all definitely seem to be dawdling this week.

Irina is still being a bitchface, talking about “they” and “me” as if she’s so high above them.

They all manage to pull through and get out the door on time. Nicolas makes a nice observation that no one is really looking like they’re at the bottom this time. I think that as my hatred for Irina has grown my hatred for Nicolas has lessened. Or maybe he’s just not so much of a jerk.

Logan’s look is sooo boring. But it has suspenders, which makes it hot.

I love Althea’s gold shorts and sheer cover.

Nicolas’ outfit is fierce!

Carol Hannah’s dress is fairly blah. I’ve seen it at JC Penney’s.

Christopher’s outfit reminds me of something Wonder Woman would wear on a day off.

Dang it… Irina’s is gorgeous. I hate her.

Gordana’s is quite pretty but a bit bland.

Althea’s right in the middle so she’s dismissed. They are impressed with Carol Hannah and Gordana. They seem a bit iffy about Irina and Logan, so I can’t really tell who honestly falls in the top and bottom. Christopher is definitely down there, but they have some decent things to say about Nicolas (but mostly negative). It sounds to me like Christopher is pretty firmly in the bottom, and I’d guess that Carol Hannah is at the top.

But I was wrong! Carol Hannah is safe, but Irina wins! Hmm. Gordana is safe too, as is Logan. There’s no way they’ll kick Nicolas off, is there? He’s been in the top too much!

WHAT. How did that even happen? Christopher is in!

I’m sorry to any Christopher fans out there, but I don’t know how this happened. It just feels like he’s constantly down there at the bottom, and Nicolas has been doing so well.

A discouraging episode, I must say. I just wish I had more insight into how the judges kick people off. I know there’s more that goes on behind the scenes. How much is politics?

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