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Psych – Recap & Review – In Plain Fright

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In Plain Fright

Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2010

Anne – Associate Editor

Another week, another episode of Psych! Are you afraid of Haunted Houses? Do you like amusement parks? Shawn & Gus sure do. Tonight’s episode has murder, intrigue and ghosts?

Also, what happens when Shawn finally tells Gus that he and Juliet are together? Read on to find out!

Young Shawn and Gus want to go on the Haunted Mansion ride at Scarefest, but are too scared. They both freak out, especially Gus.

Present Day
Shawn and Juliet have been sneaking around and sneaking intimate moments because they don’t want people to know they are together. Especially Lassie. Shawn’s afraid to tell Gus because last time he went on a caramel binge. She surprises him with tickets to opening night of Scarefest, which is back after 15 years. But he’s supposed to go with Gus. He says he’ll go with her and just go with Gus later. Bit when he tries to talk Gus out of going, Gus cries. So Shawn gives in and goes with him.

At the park, they run into Ken, their old assistant. He’s not too happy to see them. They seem to always get him in trouble. Shawn and Gus head for the Haunted Mansion. The operator of the ride is played by April Matson, who I’m very happy to see. She played Lori Trager on Kyle XY, which I miss so much! Her name here is Carol. On the ride, Gus won’t open his eyes. Shawn witnesses a real murder, but of course Gus didn’t see it and nobody believes them. Carol won’t cooperate, she’s too busy texting her friend Todd, who Shawn notices spelled “bitchin'” as “bichen”. He obsesses over this the whole show. It’s too funny.

They go to Ken for his keys to get in the building to search for the body, but he’s reluctant to help. He eventually does and they can’t locate the body. But we do learn that Gus has an intense fear of eye injuries and apparently smells like bacon. They get caught, of course, and Henry gets the call from park security. They are literally in carnival jail. Gus is beside himself with worry. Shawn reassured him, “Gus, don’t be the only black lead on a major cable network!” HA!! The head of security is played by Nora Dunn, of SNL fame. Her name is Eve. She takes their statements and Shawn recognizes the park president, David Wayland, as the man he saw murdered!

Lassie and Jules get called in and Shawn is caught at Scarefest. Jules takes it alright, but wishes he’d just tell Gus already. They locate the body, but not where Shawn saw it placed. He says they now have a bona fide Scooby Doo case. “Jinkies!” The park vice president, Mr. Holloway, comes forward and tells them that he knows who did this. It was Johnny Ricketts! The only problem with that is that Johnny died 15 years ago in a ferris wheel accident. That’s why Scarefest shut down all that time. Could a ghost be guilty of murder? Shawn and Juliet step aside to talk and run into Mesmerado, a park employee who guesses people’s weights. He guesses Juliet’s weight at 145 and she is appalled! He gets everyone else right but her. Oh no he didn’t!

Shawn and Gus argue about the case. “Gus, don’t be the jury summons that I threw away last month…along with something called a W2!” Shawn’s theory is that Holloway posed as Ricketts to be park president. But that theory is proven faulty when Holloway’s body is found near the plume ride. They review the video footage and see Johnny Ricketts on the ride! The same plaid flannel shirt and red hat that is in his picture and that Shawn saw in the haunted house.

Back at the police station, Lassie is confused as to why Juliet seems to be standing up more for Shawn lately…and why Shawn keeps calling him Velma. She fills him in on the Scooby Doo connection and says that Shawn has helped them solve hundreds of cases. He seems somewhat mollified and she breathes a sigh of relief.

Shawn and Gus break into the park’s security office for clues. They find evidence of money transfers back in 1995. One to the Ricketts family and one to someone named Jamie Emerson. Shawn starts to put it together. Eve catches them and when they tell her about the money transfers, she realizes that she’s probably next. When they mention the name Jamie Emerson, she runs. They catch up to her and as she’s talking to them, Carol from the Haunted Mansion comes up behind her dressed in the flannel shirt and red hat. She’s Jame Emerson! She was on the ferris wheel too and Johnny had tried to help her. They both fell, but only she survived. But how could she be in two places at once? She wasn’t, she had an accomplice. Mesmerado! Or actually Todd. After Shawn corrected his “bitchin'” error, they try to attack them. But they fight them off long enough for Lassie to catch Jamie and Jules to punch Todd. Go Jules! She’s still mad he got her weight wrong.

In all the confusion, Shawn confessed to Gus that he and Jules were together. But Shawn was hurt to find Gus very underwhelmed. Gus says that he’s been after her for five years. It’s really not a surprise. But the next day, Shawn and Juliet catch Gus with a bowl of caramels. Shawn smiles as Gus rushes away. Aww!

I loved this episode. It was very funny and the mystery was great. What did you think? I can’t wait for next week’s Twin Peaks inspired episode. Please leave your comments below. I love to get your two cents! Thank you so much for reading!

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