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Psych – Top 10 List – Carlton Lassiter’s Best Moments

LassieIt’s over. After eight seasons, Psych and all our favorite characters have sailed off into the sunset. But we have one last list to celebrate. One of our favorite characters is Timothy Omundson’s, Carlton Lassiter. Lassie has had many adventures throughout the years and along the way, he found a begrudging fondness for Shawn. He didn’t believe that Shawn was psychic, but he did believe that he was good at helping solve cases. Though somewhat bumbling at times, Lassie was always lovable. In this top ten list, we are looking back at our favorite Lassie episodes or moments.

Let’s start with an obvious recent favorite, “Lassie Jerky” (Season 7, Episode 3). Do you believe in Big Foot? What about Big Show from the WWE? He plays the big guy in a hilarious episode where the guys go into the woods with a “Blair Witch Project” type film crew on a search for the rumored creature and along the way lose Lassie and later are served jerky that Gus really thinks is, well, Lassie. Damn you, lady hawk!

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