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Psych – Top Ten List – Carlton Lassiter’s Best Moments

psych144On “Tuesday the 17th” (Season 3, Episode 15), most of the focus is on the “Friday the 13th” inspired storyline with Shawn and Gus’ childhood camp, Camp Tikihama, reopening and strange things happening. But this is also the episode in which Lassie’s divorce is finalized. It kind of came out of nowhere for the poor guy. His estranged wife called him to meet and he got all excited, but all she wanted was for him to sign the divorce papers. Coming to the realization that his marriage was, indeed, over, Lassie signed the papers and moved on to a new chapter in his life.

Even though it was a huge moment for Lassiter, it was such a small part of the episode, there is no video available that shows his part. But please enjoy this promo for the episode as a whole. I highly recommend it if you are a fan of slasher flicks.

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