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Raising Hope – Recap & Review – Sheer Madness

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Raising Hope
Sheer Madness

Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2012

Rachel M – Senior Staff Writer

Remember! Jimmy and Sabrina are dating. They are dating like junior high schoolers though. Movies, food, PG couch sitting. They are having Chinese food, and both are a bit gassy. It’s awful and embarrassing but it forces them to get things out into the open.

Virginia (and Burt) make a good point. They’re are together and happy after 25 years because they aren’t trying to hide who they are. So Sabrina and Jimmy agree to do the same. Then Sabrina drops a bomb. More after the jump!

With a simple “So starting tomorrow I’m going to go off my meds,” everyone freezes as the possibilities run through their minds. Of course Jimmy and the Chance’s do not have a deep pool of medical knowledge to draw from on this subject.

Virginia is convinces that she and Burt know everything about each other. Burt has a secret. He has hairy feet, he’s been shaving them for years. Weird. When Virginia finds out about Burt’s friend doing it (to secretly test if she’s okay with it) she pretends it’s fine, then can’t stop laughing about it. Burt has to keep his secret awhile longer. The question is, can you tolerate each others quirks.

Jimmy watches Sabrina carefully as she comes down off the mood stabilizers. She more herself I guess. Which means she is more spontaneous and silly I guess. And then…she puts pantyhose over head to sleep because she’s terrified of spiders crawling into her ears and laying eggs. Which means I am now terrified of that. I read a statistic somewhere that you swallow an average of 6 bugs a year in your sleep. That fact is probably completely untrue but it’s always stuck with me. Shudder.

And Jimmy pretends it’s fine but it’s completely not okay. Virginia hears the story and gets paranoid too. Jimmy tries to cure Sabrina by putting tarantulas on himself. This just leads to a lot of screaming. And the screaming leads to biting. Now tarantulas don’t bite, but whatever. They bond over it! In fact the whole family bonds over a fear of spiders.

Well now everyone is crazy! But crazy together. Are you crazy like the Chances? Share your TwoCents!

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