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Raising Hope – Recap & Review – Spanks Butt, No Spanks

photo: fox
Raising Hope
Spanks Butt, No Spanks

Original Air Date: Mar 13, 2012

Rachel M – Senior Staff Writer

Hope is testing the limits of her new found mobility but throwing things on the floor and getting into all kinds of things she’s not supposed to. Jimmy thinks it’s cute, he’s about to learn otherwise. Virginia is a mess because Hope broke one of her figurines. No one wants to yell at Hope, so they gently suggest spanking.

Young Burt and Virginia had to make that tough decision when Jimmy was early elementary. After one spanking Jimmy turned into a model child. But Jimmy won’t do it, not yet anyway.

I do love Burt and Virginia’s relationship. They have mini-deals, one taking the task the other doesn’t want and bartering so they feel it’s equal. Burt is there to rub Virginia’s nose while she’s upset, and jumps to the task of fixing her figurine. Virginia takes on her traded task of getting the raccoon out from under the house. Meanwhile Hope is becoming a menace.

Turns out Burt lied to Virginia about spanking Jimmy. Burt just covered for Jimmy’s bad behavior. Meanwhile, Virginia has dragged forty-some-odd critters out from under the house. She even got rabies! Sabrina is on her own mental path about the raccoon under the house, finally taking the unfortunate measure of hitting it with her guitar. All this has made Burt and Virginia realize they shouldn’t have split up the bad chores. They work better as a team.

That team decides to start making up for their prior bad parenting. It leads to Burt spanking Jimmy, which actually works to teach Hope to behave better. It’s all about team work in the Chance family! That’s why we love them. Right?

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