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Revenge – Recap & Review – Lineage

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Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2012

Keith G – TwoCents Reviewer

Last episode, Daniel made a play for Grayson Global exploiting the initial investment David Clarke had made in NolCorp. After being promised an exclusive story by Emily, Mason Treadwell confessed to murdering Conrad Murphy. Meanwhile, Emily seemed to have forgiven Aiden for his previous betrayals and took him back into her bed.

This week, most of the episode takes place in the year 2006. Emily finds Aiden working as a bartender in a bar that is seems to be servicing Russian gangsters. She is on a mission for Takeda to bring Dimitri (a Russian gangster who traffics in young women, including Colleen) to him. One of the women at the club trying to get employed by Dmitri is Ashley. Emily pays her to leave and never look back after asking her to forward details about when Dimitri will arrive at the club. I liked learning more about Ashley. This is pretty telling and probably explains more about where Ashley’s drive and ambition come from.

At the Grayson’s, Daniel returns home for Thanksgiving, bringing a surprise guest – his grandmother (Victoria’s mother – Marion). Via more flashbacks, we learn that Marion had been very much like Victoria in her younger years, seeking to find a well to do, powerful husband. During this time, she treated Victoria poorly. Victoria relays the story of her and Marion’s last Thanksgiving together to the family, including Marion’s new boyfriend. When Victoria was a teenager, Marion convinced her to shoot her fiancé when he decided to leave Marion. Victoria was remanded to a psychiatric facility for 6 months. When she returned Marion already had a new husband – one who turned out to be a pedophile who abused Victoria. This story disgusts Marion’s companion, who promptly leaves. We later find out that Victoria and Conrad had hired the man to “con” Marion. This is one deceptive thing that the Grayson’s have done that I actually respect, especially if Victoria’s story of being molested is true.

On Thanksgiving Day, Nolan and his CFO (Marco) inform NolCorp employees that they are going public. In these scenes, Nolan is in a romantic relationship with Marco and seems to be genuinely happy. It’s nice to see him feeling so happy. (If you haven’t already guessed, Nolan is one of my favorite characters). The happiness is short lasted. Later, Marco finds out tells him that their Cayman Island account has been emptied of almost half a billion dollars. Nolan tells Marco that the money went to David Clarke’s daughter. David had been the only one to believe in Nolan when he was young and trying to build his business. Marco is furious that Nolan did this and is unwilling to accept Nolan’s explanation. Because of this, Nolan fires Marco.

Back at the Russian club, Aiden and Emily await Dimitri’s arrival. When Dimitri arrives, Aiden pulls out a gun and tries to shoot him. Emily saves Dimitri. This is when we learn that Colleen is Aiden’s sister and he is seeking vengeance for Dimitri’s taking her away. Later we find out that Aiden’s father may have been the baggage handler who had inadvertently brought the bomb on the plane that Emily’s father was charged with destroying. This leads me to believe that Takeda is behind Emily and Aiden being brought together. It seems like way too much of a coincidence that Takeda gave Emily this mission without knowing about this connection.

The episode ends in the present day with Aiden and Emily in bed. Emily appears to have completely forgiven Aiden now. In fact, she almost seems happy with him beside her. She makes him promise that he will never leave her again. She shows him the wooden box that contains everything about the conspiracy with David. It is then that we see that Emily has a double infinity tattoo on her wrist, signifying a journey without end. Foreshadowing for the viewer? Does this mean that we do not have to worry about the show running out of “revengy” things for a long time to come?

At the very end of the show, Daniel, still trying to get his father ousted from Grayson Global, calls Marco telling him that he has a business proposition for him. One that involves NolCorp. Marco seems very interested.

How do you feel about this week’s episode? At first I was a little upset that we were getting more new characters introduced to us, but I don’t think they are substantial characters or anyone that will be around much. What did you think about the time jump? We have had a lot of flashbacks this season, but at first this seemed like a bit much to me. How about you? Was it confusing at all? How do you feel about Marco? Do you think he and Padma are going to be at odds? Does Emily completely trust Aiden now? Or is she using him again? Please join in the discussion!

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