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Revenge – Recap & Review – Mercy

photo: abc
photo: abc

Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2013

Keith G – Senior Reviewer

During last week’s episode, Nolan had a huge housewarming party, inviting all of the Hampton’s elite. At the party, Emily and Victoria argued and Emily announced to everyone that the Grayson’s were on the verge of bankruptcy. Aiden and Victoria continued to work together to plot Emily’s takedown, but we learned that Aiden was actually working with Emily. At Emily’s suggestion, Father Paul convinced Conrad to confess to his involvement with Flight 197’s crash. Just after Conrad informed Victoria of his decision to come forward, he and Father Paul rush off in Conrad’s car. Shortly after, Emily finds the car in flames.

At the hospital, Emily is distressed to find Father Paul succumbing to his injuries, while Conrad is largely uninjured. Victoria fears that Conrad will be arrested for manslaughter, given that he was not supposed to be driving due to his Huntington’s Disease diagnosis. Conrad concocts a story that Father Paul was actually driving the car. Emily agrees to tell the police that Conrad was nowhere near the driver’s side of the vehicle when she appeared on the scene.

Patrick tries to convince Victoria that she no longer needs Conrad, telling her that she can do whatever she wants, including starting a new life. Later, Victoria heads to an art gallery owned by a friend, and asks the owner (Sheila) to hire her on. Sheila plans a reception for Victoria. Before the reception, Patrick approaches Sheila with one of Victoria’s paintings, hoping to sell it. Sheila at first refuses to sell it without the proper paperwork, but Patrick blackmails her into accepting the sale. Later, Victoria confronts Sheila about the sale, telling her that she was notified by the buyer that someone was trying to sell her artwork. Instead of having Sheila arrested, Victoria demands ownership of the gallery. She later thanks Patrick for his assistance in setting Sheila up for the fall. Sneaky!

Emily informs Aiden and Nolan of Father Paul’s death. Nolan wonders if maybe the accident was related to the Huntington’s medications that Emily gave Conrad, saying “Can we just talk about the elephant in the mansion?” I was glad to see Nolan-ism’s back in this episode, especially after the lack of them in last week’s episode. Emily answers that she had decreased Conrad’s dosage so that he was strong enough to confess.

Emily and Daniel have a huge argument, when she provides details about his drunk driving related accident to staff at Voulez to use in his profile. During the argument, Emily tells Daniel that she did not appreciate the way he handled the accident. Daniel had provided Emily’s statement (and a huge check) to the police without even asking her how she felt about it. She felt he was acting too much like Conrad (lying and controlling). Conrad later admits to Daniel that he was driving the car at the time of the accident. After the admission, Daniel tells Conrad that he helped him for his career, not for Conrad.

At the beach club, Nolan approaches Patrick and they appear to be hitting it off. Patrick tells Nolan that he might be leaving soon, because he doesn’t feel like he fits in. Patrick steps away to go swimming and Nolan steals his wallet. When he returns home, Nolan struggles with how to best gather details about Patrick without using technology. He finally relents to his need to plug-in, and utters the best Nolan-ism of the night “Sweet Cord of Connectivity, come to papa”. Later, Nolan heads to Florida to get information on Patrick (where he meets Patrick’s ex-wife.)

Aiden overhears a telephone call between Conrad and Detective March. Conrad tells the detective that he had the car transferred to a different junk yard and that it will be taken care of quickly. Aiden passes the details on to Emily.

Emily tells Jack that she thinks Conrad will no longer confess. Jack wants Conrad to pay for what he did to Amanda and Declan. He wants to help her bring the Grayson’s down. Emily refuses. Later, Emily goes to the junk yard to try to get evidence from Conrad’s car. Jack is also there, also looking for evidence. He has videotaped the car and has found that there was an airbag in the driver’s seat. This is why Conrad had burns on his face and Father Paul did not. Jack refuses to give the video to Emily, telling her that he is the one that should bring Conrad down. After this, Jack brings the video to a friend who determines based on the video that the brakes had been tampered with. Conrad is not responsible for the accident, after all.

Conrad texts the entire Grayson family, asking them to return to the manor immediately. Emily heads there and confronts Aiden about whether he tampered with the brakes on Conrad’s car. Aiden denies doing this. Aiden is very upset that Jack is now involved with Emily’s revenge plot and that he knows the truth about who she really is. Conrad’s big announcement is that he does not have Huntington’s disease. After the accident, he had an MRI, proving that he was mis-diagnosed. Apparently, stress, and the Huntington’s medications were causing his symptoms. Conrad is ready to take his rightful place as head of household now.

Nolan calls Patrick to his house, telling him that he found his wallet at the club. Nolan tells Patrick that he is intrigued by him and why he is already in a hurry to leave. Nolan tries to give Patrick a kiss, when he turns away. Patrick tells him that it was a bit presumptuous of him and that he had apparently misread the signals. Patrick then tells him that he did not, and gives him a kiss! YES!!!!!! After last week’s episode, I had a feeling that there might be something between Patrick and Nolan. I am not sure if I believe that Patrick’s feelings are true or not, but time will tell. I really hope (for Nolan’s sake) that Patrick really does like Nolan. The bonus would be that it would drive Victoria crazy to see Patrick with Nolan!

Back at Grayson manor, Conrad tells Victoria that she needs to get rid of Aiden. She refuses to do so, because she thinks Aiden is the only thing that can prevent Daniel and Emily’s marriage. Just then, Aiden arrives and tells Conrad and Victoria that he looked into the accident and that Conrad’s brakes were tampered with. Aiden tells the Grayson’s that he thinks it was Jack who did this, because he wants Conrad dead.

This week had quite a bit going on. Overall, I was pleased with the episode. It was good to have some Nolan-ism’s back. It was also good to see Nolan moving on a bit, with his flirting with Patrick. Maybe he is moving forward after Padma’s death. It was also good to see Emily expressing some real emotion again. After Father Paul’s death, it was riveting to see her try to contain her feelings of guilt that she never got to help Paul redeem himself. What did you think about this week’s episode? Any thoughts on where the story is headed? How do you feel about Patrick? What about Patrick and Nolan as a potential couple? Please share your thoughts with me!

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